Chapter 3

Veronica was sitting at her desk in a state of complete shock. In the years she had known Logan she would have never guessed he had feelings for her, especially after the reaction he's had after Lilly's death. No, he was playing a game once again, he was trying to mess with her head like always, he was good a lying. These letters were probably part of an elaborate plan, one meant to humiliate and hurt her. She wanted to be shocked and surprised by Logan's plan, but she could not, by now she was so used to his stupid hoax that nothing could surprise her anymore. Using Lilly to hurt her was new low, even for him, not that it was surprising coming from him. Angered by his use of Lilly's name she grabbed her leather jacket and the other letters, she went into the living room and told her father she had a few errands to run and she would be back soon.

"Are you okay?" Keith asked her. Veronica smiled and told him she was fine, just tired. Not wanting to get into an argument with his daughter he just nodded and told her not to come home too late since she had school the next day.

"Okay, I'll see you later."

"Drive safe."

"You know me."

"That's what I'm saying."

"Very funny dad."

"Just be safe."

"I will, don't worry." Keith nodded and watched his daughter leave their flat, surprised by his daughter's behavior. He sighed and sat on the couch, so he could watch the end of his game.

"Logan Echolls, Neptune's biggest jackass!" Veronica shouted as she opened the pool house's door of his house. Logan looked at her surprised before smiling at her; he dropped his game controller on the floor and turned to look at her.

"Well Veronica Mars, what a nice surprise, what are you doing here, and by here I mean in my house, uninvited."

"Nothing you see yesterday someone gave me this." She said showing him the letters. "I didn't know what to do with them until an hour ago when I saw them at the bottom of my bag, so I grabbed the first letter and read it. You know I never thought you would sink so low as to use Lilly the way you did but I guess I was wrong, you're just some stupid jackass who's ready to use my dead best friend just to hurt me. Seriously, what's wrong with you, are you that heartless?" she yelled, as she threw the letters at him. He caught them and saw that only one had been opened, he turned around to look at Veronica who was apparently not done ranting. "I know you enjoy smashing my rear mirrors and my lights among other things but this, it was a new low, even for you."

"What are you talking about?"

"The so called love letter written three weeks before Lilly's death, if I didn't know you better I would have almost believed you. But the thing is I know you and how your sick mind works, that's why I didn't go further than the first letter, I was too afraid to throw up. I don't know how Weevil got a hold on those letters but man that must have taken you weeks to pull together such a prank. You're getting better but unfortunately for you so am I, that's what happens when you know your enemy as well as do with you."

"Have you read the other letters?" he asked her as he looked down at the letters in his hands.

"Didn't you hear me? The first letter almost made me sick, I'm pretty sure that if I had read another one, I would have thrown up, you're getting better but not that good. I just wanted to give you your shitty letters back and yell a little and man that was good." She said with a smile now that Logan had lost his. "If I were you I would burn these letters, you wouldn't want your friends to see or worse read them. Well, I should go."

"Wait! Don't go yet."

"Why not, it's late and I've got school tomorrow." But Logan wouldn't let her leave; he stood in front of Veronica and prevented her from getting out of the pool house. He caught her by the hand as she was about to open the door and brought her close to him and before she could say or do anything he kissed her. As shocked as she was, it took only a few seconds to Veronica to kiss him back, and when they pulled apart and she realized what she had done, she shook her head and slapped Logan before running out of the pool house, leaving a hurt Logan behind her.