25 Days, 25 ways to say 'I love you'

I'm sorry, I had to do this for the Christmas season. There will be a one-shot posted everyday possible until Christmas, and if I miss a day I'll write an extra chapter the next day, promise.

If I owned Naruto, you think I would be here?

"Sasuke-kun!" our favorite cherry blossom yelled.

"What is it, Sakura." he tried to make it come out as a question but since he was already rolling his eyes at her it wasn't his fault it came out as a phrase.

"Let's go Christmas shopping!" she smiled, rubbing her bare hands together for warmth.

"Sakura, there's twenty-five days left until Christmas."

"And by the time it's within five days there's nothing good left!" she whined. "It's harder to find the perfect present!"

"Maybe you should start out by buying some gloves…" he noted, glancing at her red hands.

"I'm fine." she replied. "But we're losing daylight! If you don't come with me I'll drag you along."

"Like you could…" now I must say, for an Uchiha it was a humbling experience as Konoha's cherry blossom picked up Uchiha Sasuke and carried him to their first destination. "What do you want for Christmas, Sasuke?" her face lighted up as she examined a menagerie of choices.

"How about you to disappear?" he stated calmly.

"That's not very nice!"

"I really didn't know that."

"Fine, I'll get Naruto to help me, he actually appreciates me." she sulked, beginning to walk towards the door. "That's cute!" she froze and admired a tea set.

"Only little girls play with tea sets, Sakura."

"You don't have older sisters do you?" she sighed shaking her head. "I've dragged my little brother into tea parties so many times… Don't forget when Ino-pig taught me how to throw one. Good times, good times…"

"Wow, I'm so happy you're hear to waste my time, can I leave now?"

"No." she replied firmly.

"And why not?" he rose one eyebrow at the pink girl's reply.

"Because I like having you with me!"


"This is the part where you reply…"

"I don't care. Just let me leave."

"Fine, I really will go get Naruto, maybe Sai too." she noticed that the Uchiha's eyebrow twitched at Sai's name. "Sai may be an unfeeling bastard, but at least he will attempt to compliment and be friendly, unlike Mr. Emo Prince-cough- Sasuke –cough-"

"What did you call me?" he twitched again.

"Emo Prince." she heard a low rumbling from the back of his throat. "What? Is that demeaning to you? How about Emo King?" The rumbling got louder. "Oh no! I'm so afraid of Emo King and his growling!"

"Sakura I-

"I love you too, Sasuke!" she smirked as she skipped off, leaving the Uchiha in her wake.

"What?!" he yelled, running after her.

"I love you!" she smiled again. "Even more than I love Naruto-kun…" He hit the wall by her head.

"You better love me more than that…" he stopped his words.

"HAH!" she pointed in his face. "You admitted that you like me!"

"No I didn't." a stoic expression was forced onto his face by himself.

"Yes you did."


"YES YOU DID!" she yelled in his ear.

"If I say that I did, will you shut up."

"Yep!" she chirped.

"Then I did… not!" he ran off leaving her in the dust.

"THAT'S MEAN SASUKE-KUN!" she ran after him shaking her fist.

"I said what you wanted me to didn't I?" he questioned.

"Well yes but… YOU STILL SHALL DIE!"

"Oh crap!" the Uchiha ran for his life, realizing that Sakura was definitely willing to kill him at that moment.

"HAHAHH!" her maniacal laughter was heard through the trees.

Wow, crack-shot. XD It's not me fault they're so funny to write so OOC. Cha!