Can you believe it? I'm writing another chapter of this?! So weird, ne? (XD)

Sakura and Sasuke walked down the road. Sakura was fully dressed up as a gypsy, having spent time curling her hair and carefully applying make-up. Sasuke, on the other hand, was wearing his normal clothes.

"You're supposed to be wearing a costume!" Sakura yelled at him for the third time that night. They were both heading to a party that was being held by the Konoha 12 plus Sai. They rounded the corner, and they ran into Naruto, Hinata, and their young newborn son. And for some reason Naruto was dressed as a baker, Hinata was wearing something that looked like an oven, and their baby was sleeping peacefully, in a muffin suit.

"No, no, no, no, Hinata! How could you let Naruto do this?" Sakura yelled.

"A-ano…" she shifted nervously.

"What's wrong with this?!" Naruto yelled.

"Naruto, please tell me you are not the muffin man." Sakura rubbed her temples tiredly.

"How did you kn—" he didn't even get the chance to finish before Sakura began banging her head on the wall.

"That is exactly why I didn't wear a costume, Sakura." Sasuke noted, staring at his best friend doubtfully.

"Let's just get to the party before I freak out." Sakura noted, sighing. "Good Night Hinata."

"G-good night, Sakura-chan." Hinata waved. With one hand. Naruto looked puzzled beside her.

"Isn't it a good idea?" he asked, looking at his wife.

"O-of c-course it is." she smiled. "Though it may be a little racy." Naruto weasled up to his wife.

"How 'bout we skip the party and put the baby to sleep, and we have our own little party?" Naruto asked, "I Love you but no,party, now." She announced as she dragged him to the party.

Just a little random thing, and for whoever doesn't understand the muffin-man joke look it up on google and maybe you'll find it. :D I'm hoping you enjoyed this!