Hurray for Valentine's day! You actually get another chapter of this. XD Well, anyways… Enjoy!

I have always acknowledged three things, one, you can change the future, two, you can't change the past, and three, you have to deal with the present. So when Sakura Haruno showed up you can imagine the surprise that rocked through me. She was unusually outgoing, and made too many friends to count. But her best friends were Tenten, Hinata, and Ino. But when she came out with something extremely unusual in our dull, normal school, (aside from her bright pink hair and black eyes), you can just imagine the uproar that occurred.

"Hey guys…" she asked at the table where me, her best friends, and their boyfriends all sat. "What would you say if I was a time traveler?" A friendly glint sparkled through her eye.

"Umm… Well… Are you crazy?!" Ino asked, her loud voice echoing of the ceiling.

"Troublesome…" her boyfriend Shikamaru muttered.

"What was that?!" Ino began to yell at her boyfriend, and once they had settled down, Sakura had then turned to look expectantly at Tenten.

"Hmm… Well I'd probably think you're crazy." she noted, scratching her chin. Her boyfriend Neji nodded. Then Sakura turned to Hinata.

"Eep!" the timid girl jumped. "W-well… I-I w-would probably m-might t-think you're a l-little c-cr-crazy…"

"Dattebayo!" her boyfriend Naruto agreed. Then she turned to me.

"What about you Sasuke-kun?" she asked, smiling.

"…It'd be cool…" I noted, thinking the precautions of what she just said.

"Okay." she noted with a huge grin on her face. On thing I wouldn't have guessed was that on Valentine's Day she would give me chocolate that would send me into the future. Oh no, that was the last thing I was expecting.

"Woah, I didn't expect you to actually eat it." the pink-haired girl noted.

"Wait, what?!" I asked.

"Well, you don't seem like the type to eat the chocolate you get…" she trailed off, thinking to herself. I refrained from telling her that it was because it was her that had given it to me. "Well, since you're here, you ought to go see your future self." She noted with a big smirk. She grabbed my hand and led me off. So when we reached the Uchiha compounds, you can imagine the surprise on my face when she walked straight in and called, "I'm home!"

What seemed to be her split image, aside from the fact her eyes were green called back. "Welcome ho—" she cut off abruptly when she saw me. "Amaya…" the pink-haired woman trailed off dangerously. The smaller of the two giggled sheepishly.

"Amaya?" I asked. Then, all of the sudden I poked out of the kitchen.

"Amaya's ho—" his (or is it my?) eyes landed on me. "Oh, so this is when I was taken into the future."

"Wait, I'm confused." I noted to the black-eyed girl.

"Woah, honey, you're saying more than one word sentences." the pink-haired woman smiled at me. I watched with wide eyes as an older me blushed and muttered, "Shut up."

"Well…" I turned my eyes back to the girl, "My name is really Amaya Uchiha, I'm your daughter, I was using my mother's maiden name in your time." She smiled, dimples appearing in each cheek.

"And I bet you pulled it off too." Sakura noted, not as angry at her daughter anymore.

"Yeah, I mean you'll be showing up, what, the day after Valentine's day?" Amaya asked Sakura.

"Well… Yeah." I watched as she disappeared into the pantry. When she returned she held more chocolate. "Here." she handed me some chocolate. "If you eat this you'll return to your original time, and it'll all seem like a dream." I looked at the chocolate, then at her, then popped it into my mouth. The family of three waved as two more children with black hair and green eyes popped up. My eyes widened, as they both glomped their mother.

I yawned as I got up, then I felt disoriented, when had I been in bed, who had put me here and… As I shivered, who had put me in my pajamas. Then, the dream I had had the previous night returned to me. I shook my head drowsily as I got ready for school. When I arrived, I asked around and no one knew who I was talking about. This puzzled me, then Kakashi finally showed up, and had a pink-haired girl beside him. She was about the size of Amaya and wore glasses and her long hair was in two braids. And her eyes were a bright shade of green.

"Class, welcome Haruno Sakura." Kakashi announced. After home room was over I was the first to her.

"Hi, my name is Uchiha Sasuke." And I'll fall in love with you one day.

Haha, that was fun to write. You all are so proud of me. I can just tell. It wasn't too funny, but it was unusually long and one-shotish. Hurray! (Even though Sasuke was waaayyyy OOC in the end XD) Anyways, peace out, since you won't be getting one of these for a while. (Gomen –bows-)