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Summary: Ron has a problem, the washing has already been taken and he has a pair of particualrly dirty Quidditch robes. How can hermione help?

Disclaimer: A girl can dream, can't she?

Laundry day

A pair of Quidditch robes. I can't believe Quidditch is causing me so much agony!

No, actually it's not Quidditchs fault, more like the house elves.

Those little midgets are way too dedicated to their job.

I got back from Quidditch practice late and they had already taken the washing down!

Now what am I suppose to do? I have a pair of dirty, muddy and stinky robes and I can't get them washed!

I hate house elves.

I hate Laundry day.

I hate….. I'm just in a hateful mood ok?

Hmmm, maybe Harry or Neville are yet to have there washing stolen yet. Then I can just throw mine in with theres!


I am a genius!

"Hey Harry!" I shout across our dorm, "Do ya still have your washing basket?"

Please still have it, please.

"Nah, mate the house elves took it, gotta love em' they really are great little fellas"

Merlin hates me.

Stupid house elf loving Harry.

Oh well, maybe Neville still has his.

I stroll over casually to his bed, still dripping mud and sweat, Neville looks up at me with an amused look.

"What's up Ron?"

Why does he look like he is about to laugh, I mean, this is not a laughing matter!

I have a pair of grotty robes that desperately need washing and my washing basket has already been collected and on top of that, it only gets collected once a week!

"Do ya happen to still have your washing basket?" I ask while holding my breath.

Neville just shoots me a grin and shakes his head.

"Sorry mate".

SORRY!? Sorry? Is that all he can say? This is a catastrophe!

I slump down in a chair by the door.

I have to play a game in three days time against Ravenclaw and I have no way of getting my damn robes cleaned!

I suppose I could try to charm them clean, but last time I tried to do that my robes caught fire. Not a good idea.

I can't just play in these! I mean they are the most disgusting piece of clothing I have seen in a long time.

If Harry hadn't decided that today we would be doing barrel rolls and feints, which include falling off my broom into the mud multiple times, then maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Stupid house elf loving Harry.

I think Seamus must have noticed my internal battle because he is looking at me funny, I just pout at him and harrumphhh.

"Ron, if you are so desperate to get your clothes washed why don't you just throw your's in with Hermione's, she has special permission to take hers down personally because she has that thing against house elf labour." Seamus told me in his loveable Irish accent.

Why didn't I think of that!?

I strip off, much to my dorm mates surprise and disgust, and throw on some clean robes. I dash out of the room and down the stairs clutching my dirty, dripping and purely disgusting items of clothing.

I scare the life out of some third years as I bound down the stair case and through the common room with force and speed.

Now, the hard part, how do I find Hermione before she leaves to take her washing down.

Uh-oh, a terrible thought just struck me, what if she has already taken it down!?

Just as I was about to crumble at the bottom of the girls staircase in defeat, something hit me in the chest with a large force.


Looking down and over my large pile of clothing, a girl with bushy brown hair was seen lying on its back with items of clothing strewn all over the ground around her and spilling out of an over turned clothes basket.

Hang on, that girl was Hermione.

"YAY!" I announce loudly with a large grin on my face.

However, looking at the dire expression on her face, my smile quickly disappears.

She raises an eyebrow up at me "Yay?"

Well, I suppose 'yay' isn't the best thing to announce after you just knock over the love of your life.

Wait, did I just say that.

Bloody hell, I suppose I did.

Love of my life.

But it is true, ever since third year she has been absolutely stunning.

But I don't like her just for that, after all of the stuff that we have been through, she has always stuck by Harry and I, even in the final battle at the end of our sixth year. I just couldn't help but fall for her.

I mean, look at her with her big brown eyes, pouty lips, red lacy hat….


Lacy hat?

I look at her 'hat' more closely and jump back in surprise. My eyes bulge out of my head as I eye the item.

A bra!

It must have been flung in the air from the basket when she fell.

Hermione sends me a questioning look.

Apparently I am looking at her weird, well if drooling and staring at her head counts as weird, then yeah, I giving her a very weird look.

"Ron? Hello?"

She's standing now and waving her hand in front of me, but all I can see is her lacy underwear everywhere!

Well of coarse doofus! It's her laundry! It's gonna have undies in it.

"Ron? Are you ok?"

I blink a few times and pull myself together for the sake of Hermione, she might get a little embarrassed if she catches me ogling her green boyleg knickers.

I take a deep breath and try to seem cool, calm and collected as I talk.

"Hermione, I'm so sorry, but I was actually looking for you!"

Crap! My voice shook!

"It's fine, but why were you looking for me?"

I shoot her a grin to try and ease the situation a bit, and was it just me or did she just sigh?

"Well I came in from Quidditch late and the blood- I mean the house elves had already taken my washing for the week, and well as you can see my robes are a bit dirty…"

Few, got that out without, making a huge idiot of myself, yay!

"Oh, well umm, I suppose you can add your's in with mine" She said warily.

My eyes flash back up to the top of her head; the red lacy bra is still there, clinging to her bushy hair for dear life. God knows I would do the same; I would kill to see her in it.

"Ugh, Ron?"

Damn, she's caught me daydreaming.

"Anything wrong?" she asks slightly amused expression on her delicate face.

"Umm, no. Not at all" I lie through my teeth, I just can't bring myself to tell her "And thanks for taking my washing."

I hand over the dirty pile of washing and she adds it to the basket of her clothes, she gathers her stuff up with a pink tinge in her cheek as I pass her a black G-String with a cheeky smirk.

Truth be told, I would never have guessed her as one to wear something like that. But now that I know I am grateful.

She muttered a goodbye as she held the basket under arm and made her way out the portrait hole, turning to wave tentatively at me.

I was just about to make my way back to my dormitory, where I would woop in joy and recount all of her different underwear in my mind over and over, when something caught my eye.

It was red.

And lacy.

Strolling over I almost did a happy dance.

Merlin loves me!

It's the red lacy bra that was attached to Hermione's head, it must have fallen off!

Gathering it in my large hand I run my fingers over the lace, looking left to right to see if anyone was watching, I pocket the bra and grin to myself.

God I love house elves.

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