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Laundry day

Rons POV

There I was lying on my stomach relaxing into the fluffy doona looking at a certain red object, when a god almighty banging was heard.

"Bloody hell!" Harry yelled falling off his chair.

(Tehe, I have to remember to mock him for that.)

I stashed the red garment under my pillow.

What was that god awful sound?

It's hurting my ears!

It sounded like a heard of angry hippogriffs, but that was just my opinion.

I was now sitting up on my hunches and cringing at the racket, who ever it was they were really worked up and wanted blood.

I wonder who its for though? I am they are flogging into our dorm room door, so it must be for someone.

I crack a large grin at the thought of someone in here getting their ass fried.

Ha ha, I pity whoever it is though; I sniggered at the thought of one of my roomies having to face such an angry person.

However, my grin soon washed off when the banging stopped and I heard a recognisable voice from outside the door bellow.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley!"

Ah crap.

What did I do?

Merlin hates me.

I glance around the dorm to my fellow seventeen year olds and they just sent me sympathetic looks. I suppose that I can't be too mad at them for that, I mean I would have done the same thing.

Getting up off my comfortable, not to mention safe bed I made my way solemnly towards the door.

I guess that I must have looked like a man on death row because Seamus came up and clapped me on the back muttering something like "Can I have your broom?"

Stupid Irish git.

The rest of them had their hands on there hearts, like they were honouring me or something.

They are all terrible people.

Now I know that I am going to die.

One last glance at my so called mates, I gathered all of the confidence that I could muster and rose myself to a full height and opened the door.

I fully expected to see someone like Minnie or Snape standing there wand raised, but I must say I was surprised to see Hermione at my doorstep looking flushed and sending me the death glare.

What could I have possibly done that make her so mad.

Maybe she was angry about having to take down my washing….. Damn house elves.

I am about to apologize for my washing when she burst out in an angry tone.

"Where is my bra?"


I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead!

At this point I swear that I could actually feel the colour in my face leaving and retreating to the refuge of my ears, which I am certain are red and rosy by now.

Oh merlin, what do I say?

"Hermione, I stole one of your bras because I am madly in love with you and not to mention the fact that red lace is hot."?

I don't think so!

She's giving me the death stare again!

Say something Ron!


Ugh, ummm.


Ahh crap.

That was not what I meant by anything

Hermione is now giving me a weird look, its kinda like a cross between angry and amused.

It's actually a really funny expression, the two emotions mashed together like that.


Ok now she back to being angry again.


"Ron, tell me where my bra is!" she said is a restrained voice.

Oh crap! If I tell her where it is, which is under my pillow, she will murder me as well as thinking that I am a complete perv….. which I am, but only to her.

"ummm" I manage to stutter out.

She growls and pokes me in the chest.

"And why do you have it to start with?"

Oh no! She's cornered me! Abandon ship! Everything for them selves! Make a run for it!

Around this point I am sweating profusely and eyeing off the exits calculating the distance and chance of making it to them.

What do I do? What do I say?


well, I suppose that I had better tell the truth.

I know what you are thinking, 'The mans gone crazy!'.

But I have to tell her, if not now, then when…. And also, she might make my death less painful if I tell the truth.

She is looking at me patiently waiting for my reply.

I take a deep breath (most likely my last one) and look her in the eye.

"Hermione, Yea I did take your bra, and yea it happens to be under my pillow right now, but before you hex me into oblivion I just have to tell you that I took it because I like you…. A lot."

Ok, so far so good.

She looks slightly shocked, that can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

Maybe if I talk some more, she wont kill me yet…

"Hermione, I wanted to near you, know everything about you, and when I saw that red lacy bra on the ground I couldn't just leave it there, it would be lonely and well I am a bit of a perv, but mainly because it was yours and I wanted to be near you."

Feww, glad I got that off my chest, now about those emergency exits….

Now it was Hermione's turn to looked shocked.

Yay! Score one for Ron!

She opened and closed her mouth a few times, her eyebrows knitted together in confusion or was it anger?

"Yo- you l-like me?" she stuttered slowly.

I narrowed my eyes, maybe it's a trap?

Oh well, I nodded in reply.

Suddenly to the surprise of my suspicious mind, Hermione's face broke out in a sheepish smile.

Her already flushed cheeks were now covered in a blush.

She muttered something to her feet.


"I said" she started "That I like you too…. A lot"

I stood there in shock, did she just say that she liked me too?

Wow, this is either a really good dream, or she really did say that.

I felt my face break out into a huge cheesy smile, my eyes crinkling in delight.

Before she could say anything else, I don't know how I got the courage to do it, but I pressed my lips down on hers.

It wasn't the best kiss ever, because we were both giggling and smiling so much, but it sent firecrackers off in my head.

Suddenly Hermione broke off.

Awww, I was having fun!

She said softly and slightly out of breath.

"Do I get my bra back?" With a cheeky smile on her face.

I matched her expression with my own and began pushing her back towards the supply closet behind her.

Just as I was about to close the door I whispered in her ear.

"Not a chance".

I love laundry day.

And that concludes the laundry day ficlet.
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