I wanted to do another Signing up for the Akatsuki chapter but I didn't get any inspiration until I started watching Death Note, which has the character L. I then thought of a one shot in which L is made into a plot of the term URL, which is 1337 for web address.

I then thought, why not incorporate it into this story somehow, so here it is. Signing up for the Akatsuki, with guest star, L Lawliet!


Chapter 4: L and the URL

"I'm bored," said Sasori. "I wish we had something to do."

"I know what you mean," said Itachi. "Ever since we went to Orochimaru's house, there's been nothing to do."

"Hey guys," said Kakashi. "How about a StarCraft Tournament?"

"No," said Naruto. "I don't want to be Zerg Rushed by Sai again."

"Naruto, I only Zerg Rushed you about…" Sai paused to count on his fingers. "307,851,203 times."

"Hey," said Sakura. "How about we check on that one fanfic that Sasori was reading."

"Good idea," said Sasori. "We can see if they added me."

About 5 minutes later they had reached the person's profile where the story had been added.

"Woo! Here he is," said Kakashi.

"Yeah, but it was kinda hard to find the guy because he changed his name to Renji9031 as opposed to Sasuke9031," said Kisame.

"But dude," said Itachi. "Didn't he do that before writing THIS fic?"

"I don't know Itachi," said Sakura before slapping Itachi upside the head. "AND THAT'S FOR USING AMATERASU ON THE FOURTH WALL!"

"Sorry," said Itachi.

"ITACHI! GET YOUR TEAM DOWN HERE!" screamed everybody's favorite royal Pain.

"Coming," said Itachi. "And by the way, Sakura, didn't I already say that I couldn't really do Amaterasu?"

"Right," said Sakura.

Down in Pain's office, Team Itachi was met by a very nice version of Pain.

"What do you want, Pain?" asked Itachi.

"I just realized," started Pain. "I never formally accepted you guys into Akatsuki did I?"

'Did Pain finally get some brains?' thought Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori simultaneously.

"So here goes. You are now official members of Akatsuki. Here are your cards and your cloaks," said Pain.

'So much for that theory," thought the Itachi, Kisame, and Sasori.

"Thanks for the cards, but about the cloaks, we're all right, thanks," said Kakashi.

Pain looked and saw that they were all wearing the trademark Akatsuki cloak.

"Where the hell did you get those?" asked Pain. "Have you been raiding my stores again Itachi?"

"Actually, sir, we got them off of eBay," said Itachi.

"Oh, well, so did we."

"You mean you don't actually sew these?" asked Kakashi.

"Yeah, well, the thing is… Kakuzu can't sew," said Pain.

"But he's made out of thread."


"So you would think… Oh screw it," said Kakashi.

"YOU MEAN FUCK IT!" yelled Hidan from the next room.

"We're going back to our rooms," said Itachi.

"Yeah well take this spy with you," said Pain.

Later, in Sasori's Chill Zone, Team Itachi was sitting next to the so-called spy, a man with a hunched back and unkempt hair.

"So, let me see, so your name is..." Itachi looked at his name. "What's this? The letter L? OK, so apparently your name is the letter L."

"Yeah, it's L," said the dude, whose name was apparently only one letter long.

"Of all the letters, why L?" asked Kakashi?

"Because it sounds cool," said L. "And you know what else sounds cool? Believe it."

"I TOLD YOU!" screamed Naruto.

"Shut up, Dickless, nobody gives a shit," said Sai.

"HEY! WHERE'D RENJI9031'S PAGE GO!" yelled Sasori.

"I don't know," said Kisame. "Do you remember the URL?"

"Yes. Yes I am L," said L.

"No, not you, L," said Kisame. "The URL."

"I know I'm L," said L.

"L, we're not talking about you, we're talking about the website, OK?" asked Itachi.

"Fine," said L.

After finding Renji9031's page again and reading the story, they had discovered 5 chapters, but Sasori was still only in one paragraph.

After attempting to complain again, Sasori was met by a message.


"Hey dude, let's watch some NTAS!" said Naruto.

"Since when did you watch NTAS?" said Itachi.

"Since Shikamaru showed it to us three weeks ago," said Naruto. "Now come on. I didn't get to see episode 5 yet."

"And why not?" asked Itachi.

"Because the Self-proclaimed King of DDR decided to RickRoll our readers rather than give us another episode and we haven't seen one since."
"DDR?" asked Sasori. "Where?"

"What did I tell you about Sasori and DDR?" asked Itachi.

"Oops, sorry," said Naruto. "Now type in that URL for YouTube and let's do this."


"God. Can I come back to the Leaf?" asked Itachi.

"No," said L.

"Do you even know what the leaf is?" asked Itachi.

"No," said L.

"Then shut the fuck up and never speak again or else I'll be forced to use my Mangekyo on you."

"But you said that it didn't…" said Naruto before being punched in the face by Itachi.

"He doesn't know and I'd like to keep it that way," whispered Itachi before sending Naruto flying.

Meanwhile, back in the Sand Village…

"Who the hell is Gaara of the Funk?" asked Gaara.

All of a sudden the room started to change colors and the ever-popular "ncha ncha ncha ncha GAARA OF THE FUNK" song came on.

Yes, I know. It's the most pointless fic ever, but it's supposed to be.

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