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Strange Days

Chapter 00

By: Cory D. Rose




Amy shuddered as she floated through the ether of space around her,

tears came to her eyes as she recalled the memories of her youth. It was of a time she had hated the most in her long life, of the betrayal of her parents to the years of pain that followed. Just thinking about what happened back then was enough to make her cry. She had been so filled with hate and anger. Everyone that knew her had felt her pain more than once. How she survived the time was still more than a little surprising. Now this had happened, she wasn't even sure how, but she new that after all this time another chapter in her life had started. More pain, more anger, more hate, a never ending circle that never seemed to stop.

The mental and physical torture that she survived had eaten away at her mind like a disease until she snapped. In her youth it had taken her years to over come her fears and mental scaring she had received at the hands of her parents, this was just as bad as what happened them. She had turned to martial arts and spiritual healing to help her deal with the problems they caused to her, it had taken years of pain and sacrifice to rise to her feet again, but she had triumphed over the odds. Now this situation had arisen and brought all those horrid memories back to the for front of her mind, only this time everything that had been done to her had only made her angry, very angry, but she had no one to take her vengeance out on currently.

Her kidnappers must have studied her for a very long time to be able to

hurt her this much, she was practically invulnerable. She tried to look around her cell, but knew instinctively that it was impossible, she could see nothing but black for as far as she could see. They had tossed her in some kind of weird room. She knew that much, but what kind was a bit of a mystery. She had never encountered anything like it before. There were no walls, no floor, no ceiling, just an unending plane of black that stretched on forever.

Even more strange was the fact that she could feel nothing, no pain, no pleasure, nothing but a kind of numbness that filled her body. Pain, it had been a constant friend for as long as she could recall and that made her worry a little, she was Martial Artist and had been studying for years. Whoever had taken her had tortured her for days on end. They had asked few question and some kind of magical shock rod that tapped directly into the neural pathways of the brain to bring out the maximum amount of pain possible every time it hit her skin. When that had failed, after several hours of constant screaming and tears, they had used more primitive means. There were clubs, knives, fists, drugs, and pressure points to try and make her work with them. Had she answered their questions? She didn't know, the pain had gone on for days and days, into what seemed like infinity that her mind had surpassed much of the event.

When they had finished with her 'questioning', they had dragged her bloodied carcass through the halls of her prison and dropped at the feet of a man named Siefried. A monster of inhuman power that was able to take on human form. He, if that term could even be used, had stood over 12 ft high and had enough power to level entire cities if it wanted to. Their kind was just one of the things she was supposed to fight against and she was helpless before it, but her pride would not let it have the satisfaction of seeing her admit defeat. She would go out with her honor intact and her mind free of guilt.

Amy had smirked at him from the floor, he was far to dangerous at the moment. There was nothing she could do about it, but if she lived through this she would have her revenge if at all possible. But right now she was like a bug in its grasp, she had been by the guards for the fun of it and to break her even more, shattered every bone in her body, ruptured organs, and flung at the feet of a monster.

Siefried hasn't even spoken to her as he lifted her off the floor by her neck. Instead all he had done was poke and touch her body in a few places just to cause her more pain, then with an evil smirk he had carelessly tossed her across a dimensional barrier as if he was tossing out the garbage. If Amy had thought her torture was painful before, it was nothing like this, nothing at all. The transfer had been unplanned and meant that she was cut off from the majority of her power as the new dimension forcibly warped her body and mind to suit the new environment.

In the back of Amy's mind she could still feel the presences of her two closest friends, they had worked far beyond the call of duty to try and save her from being killed at the hands of that monster's minion. They had been the first victims of Siefried's attack, since they were a pair

of crystal entities set into the bracers on her arms, they had been nullified and drained of all power in a matter of nano-seconds. They had recovered slightly during her torture and had weakly helped to modulate some of the pain, but they had been powerless to stop Siefried's tortures from doing something even worse than the torture, it had dived into her mind and removed the memory blocks she had placed to protect her mind from fracturing into insanity.

Memory after memory had been ripped from her mind and used to hurt her in even more subtle and evil ways. Tears ran out of Amy's eyes as she again recalled everyone she had ever loved, she watched as they died of old age or were murdered before her eyes. Amy's eyes cracked eye as she suddenly sensed something, she noticed a light nearby, nothing very fantastic, but enough to catch her attention in this depthless black that surrounded her. It was soft blue glow, she reached for it, and found herself gliding toward her goal, her spine screamed in agony as she stretched.

The glow seemed to be a part of the dark mist around her, but it was bright enough for her to just make out the cracked crystals on her arms. This caused more tears to form, Midory, the green crystal on her right arm, must have been in as much pain as she was currently. Crystal entities were very hard to hurt physically, they were rumored to be one of the hardest substances in the know universe. They couldn't die, they just continued to exist eon after eon, bonding with new hosts every now and then for companion ship and a change of pace. The blue crystal on her left arm, Aho, was in a similar condition and in even more pain.

Soothing thoughts from her friends made there way into her brain and she knew that Midory and Aho were still functional. She just needed to find a way out of this place and a powerful source of bio energy source to fuel her powers again. Focusing through the attered remains of her spine was far more painful than she had expected, but she had to do it to survive this. There was no other option to take, she just hoped that some of her natural abilities gained through martial arts were still functioning enough to let her get out of this fix. Her trained senses spread out and instantly latched onto the blue glow as a source of energy. Midory pulsed once as she focused with all her might, nothing happened for a few seconds, then she felt it and screamed...


In another world, just a little jump away, someone else was finding out something he hadn't expected. He was wearing a pair of black kung-fu pants tied at the ankles and a red Chinese shirt and went by the name Saotome Ranma and he had finally been allowed to learn the final techniques of his school and eventually win the right to become a master of Anything Goes Martial Arts. It had taken several beatings of both of them to get them to work with him after the Saffron battle, but he had eventually triumphed. So now he was out here on the side Mt. Fuji being trained in the final Techniques of his school, some of the most dangerous skills ever conceived in any school, according to his idiot father. These were the ones that even the old pervert was afraid of and respected, though he wouldn't admit it, ever.

They had been out here for nearly 2 months since this started and Ranma was getting a little frustrated, he hadn't been shown anything that wasn't just a technique he already knew in a slightly altered form. He had finally gotten the old pervert to really teach him, after yet another beating, and left on one of his panty raids while Oyaji was instructed to demonstrate the Ultimate Technique...

Ranma glared at his old man and launched himself upward and through a series of punches and feints directed at his father as they spared several meters above the camp site. As usual, Ranma seemed to be winning, but his father was beginning to take the upper hand in other areas. Like being able to block anything Ranma could send at him, how this was possible, Ranma wasn't sure. He had been beating the baka Panda for the last few years, whatever it was though, Ranma was secretly pleased. This meant the old man had more to teach him and perhaps the moron wasn't as useless as he feared he was.

Block. Feint. Punch. Dodge and spin before landing for a brief second to smile at his old man, before launching himself back at his father and another attack. Genma, for once, was quiet instead of throwing verbal insults like he usually did in these sparing sessions. It was a little unnerving, so Ranma tried to ignore it and picked up the pace a little, his blurring speed turning into unseen movements.

Genma's eyes narrowed and he did something that he hadn't done in a long time, he exploded into action, 30 ft above the ground. 10 years on the road with Ranma had taught him several things about Ranma, the most noticeable was that he tended to become too complacent with certain situations and he got sloppy. He had tried to break him of the habit, but it had a nasty habit of popping up when least expected. Like right now, Ranma was using predictable fighting techniques, the same ones he always used against him when he though he was on the verge of winning a match. Genma's surprisingly quick attack blasted through his son's defenses, his large fists slamming into the boy with full force, and sent him plummeting into the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of him and cause the ground to crack al around him. It was not unlike Akane's damned mallet attack that was always planting his head through the floor of the Tendo home.

The air exploded out Ranma as he hit, only 10 years of all out fighting with his father allowed him to roll out of the way as Genma landed and punched the ground where he had been, shoving his hole arm into the solid stone beneath. He was back to his feet in an instant and turning towards Ranma and staring at him emotionlessly. Ranma grinned in pain as he came to his feet, it had been awhile since he and the old man had gone at it like this, the dishonorable bastard hadn't been much of a challenge in a long time.

Ranma wasn't sure how far this battle was going to go, but he had a feeling that he was going to be shown this Ultimate Technique that his father disliked so much. The one he had been avoiding for years now. Pushing the battle to the next level, Ranma grasped his Ki and started to glow in a aura that surged around him a halo of blue fire. His concentration was enough to make his aura lift the rocks around himself off the ground and toss them around helplessly. His Ki was also strong enough to cure him of any pain he was feeling from that hit, his breathing soon returned to normal as he powered up even more and smirked.

"Lets see you do that old man!" Ranma shouted.

Genma scowled and decided to show his worthless son just what his old man could really do, he hadn't trained under Hopposai for no reason. They had been on almost equal footing for years now as he pushed his son harder and harder to master the Art. Genma growled at his son as he took basic crouch and reached for his Ki, it had been years since he had really needed it for a real battle, but this was an all together different matter. He usually only used it for keeping up with Ranma and surviving some of the 'specialized' dangers of the road, but the Master had given his orders and Genma would obey this order.

"Ranma, the old Master may be the ultimate pervert, but he has some of the most fearsome attacks I have ever encountered. Behold the Saotome School of Martial Arts True Final Attack...Ascension of the Dragon God!"

Ranma gasped in shock as Genma's Ki suddenly started to rise at an impossible rate of speed. Within seconds he was glowing orange and there was a dust cloud forming all over the area. Rocks, twigs, and other various items began flying at him from all directions. Using the chestnut fist Ranma blocked most of it from hitting him, but most of all he was staring in awe at the old man. To think that the old lay about could do something to surprise him like this was an amazing feat in itself, maybe he still had things he could teach him after all. (Of course his aura would be orange; Genma was a Glutton after all.)

Genma's Ki attack had drawn in power from all over the area and added it to his own power. This had the curious effect of turning an overweight old man into a buffed up fighting master as his body was forced to adjusted to the sudden increase in power. The fat was gone, in it's place were muscles filled with Ki, Genma had grown at least a foot and was glaring at his son in the most evil manner. His glasses had fallen off and his eyes, normally a deep brown had started to glow a faint orange color.

Sweat was dripping off his chin, a sure sign that he couldn't maintain whatever he had done, in Ranma's opinion anyway. He smirked and nearly laughed at his father doing something like this and nearly exhausting himself before they had even started, but that turned to shock as Genma vanished before his eyes and even his well honed battle senses, this wasn't one of those stupid thieving techniques either. A millisecond later Ranma doubled over in pain as Genma punched him in the stomach, a burst of orange Ki fared around his fist.

"You will learn, Ranma, not to underestimate me in this form. I am ten times more powerful and have access to enough power to level this entire mountain in a single blow." Genma growled.

The blow sent Ranma flying into the air and he watched in shock as his father's aura exploded outward and he actually launched from the ground like a bullet out of a gun. His pain filled mind barely had time to register the fact that his idiot father was flying, only having a second or two to react before his father caught up with him. In an instant Ranma shock turned to delight as he reached deep within himself and located the strength that he had used to fight Saffron over a year ago.

For the first time in years he was actually using his full strength against his father, he had almost given up hope of the old idiot ever showing him something new again. They swung at each other and sent shock waves across the area. Trees began to shake as the super powered Martial Artists commenced to beat the crap out of each other. This was something that Ranma loved, a great battle, a chance to learn new techniques, and to show his Oyaji that he wasn't as weak as the thought he was.

Neither of them noticed the world around them as they taunted each other and fought with a new level of power and respect. Neither of them cared that they were affecting the weather patterns. Ranma was still smiling as he enjoyed a fight with his old man for the first time in nearly 3 years. Though in the back of his mind he wondered why it had taken so long for the old man to pull his head out of his ass and start training him seriously again. Ranma shrugged it off and enjoyed the fight, there was a pattern to Oyagi's aura that he was beginning to copy instinctively and he could feel his power growing even as they tried to kill each other.


Genma was feeling a number of emotions that he hadn't felt in years either, exhilaration was the most notable one, then came pride, in himself and his son, then fear and shock at what he had done. Over the last half hour he had been tearing into Ranma like a man possessed and watched in pride as his son went to his knees, only to stand back up, smile, and continue the fight. Long ago when The Master had given him the scroll that detailed how to draw Ki directly out of the environment and add it to one's own Ki all those years ago, Genma had horded the knowledge like one possessed, not even his friend Soun had known about this. It had taken almost 18 months of practice and intense training to perfect even the most basic aspects of this powerful technique.

He noticed that his son was fighting him at ever increasing levels of power. Slowly altering his own Ki to match his own as they fought. His son could learn new techniques just by watching them in action and trying to puzzle his way through them. He had a genius for Martial arts that went way beyond even a gifted fighter such as himself. Ranma's aura was growing and his focus was growing stronger and stronger, his muscle definition was more distinct as the extra power was added to his natural attributes. Even his normally blue eyes were beginning to light up with power. Genma flared his Ki into a new pattern and watched Ranma copy it before picking up the pace of the fight and slamming into the boy's defenses without mercy.

As their sparring picked up pace as Ranma counter attacked and copied what his father was showing him, he barely noticed as energy used to block his father exploded out and a nearby tree simply detonated into billions of small pieces of shrapnel splinters. Although neither one of then even noticed this because they were already several hundred blows into their fight. They were slowly accelerating to ever higher levels of speed and determination. Ranma's blood was singing in ecstasy as they fought, he loved every minute of it. This was what Martial Arts was all about!

High above them the clouds were being affected by the high intensity energy being put out by both fighters, the weather being affected for miles around. Small sparks of lightning formed and arced from cloud to cloud as they darkened at an amazing speed. They rumbled and shook, growing bigger and darker by the minute as they formed into a storm front of massive proportions. Neither Ranma nor Genma were powerful enough to push the clouds away, not yet any way, but they were strong enough to affect their environment on a massive scale.

Then it happened, a massive bolt of lightning lanced down and split apart a tree several hundred yards from here Ranma and Genma were fighting, the clap of thunder startled Ranma and Genma and they flared up to protect themselves from an un expected attack. This had an unexpected effect, one that saved their lives, but they didn't know that. All their energy flared out of control, was grabbed by some invisible force, and sucked out of them in an instant. They blinked in surprise as they fell out of the air landed on the ground of the slightly devastated forest glen.

Thunder and lightning rolled over the area. They looked up and saw a blue light of some kind forming with in the clouds to the west of them, it slowly grew in size and brightness until a good portion of the sky was glowing. Then like a cannon shot, a blue bolt of power shot out of the clouds, and impacted the side of a nearby hill with a blinding flash of light.

Sounds seemed to vanish in an instant and the world went bright blue as enough energy to equal a half kiloton bomb rose into the atmosphere and spread over the area like the wrath of god. Ranma and Genma barely had time to do much of anything before the shock wave hit them and rolled over the area. Trees were up rooted and the very ground seemed to turn into water as it flowed and heaved under the stress of the impact. Wood, dirt, even animals fell from the sky and rained down on every thing within a mile of the impact, Ranma dove for cover while Genma bellowed in fear as a number of trees fell out of the sky to land around his cowering form. Thought vanished as survival took over...


The Youma was nearly 12ft tall and had pink skin, bone like scales, and was vaguely female. It was somewhat pretty, but had evil eyes that looked right into ones soul. It stood above the remains of the cotton candy cart and wondered briefly why this particular item had been chosen

as a template for it to occupy. After several seconds of blushing in mortification, it shrugged and decided that it had a job to do. It would have a little talk with its master later about proper kinds of host bodies.

Looking around at the shocked faces of those around the carnival, it decided to work quickly, its master didn't seem to be around and that meant that it was on its own. It was programmed to handle this situation and make its own decisions so long as it took the time to do what was sent out to do. Holding out a pink hand, with manicured fingernails no less, it started to fire off a number of energy spheres that impacted in the dirt at the feet of it's nearest selected targets. They screamed as their life energies were removed and quickly sucked up and stored within its body. For everyone live that it took its power seemed to increase, it moved away from the cart and started picking the panicking people off at random.

It cursed to itself when it realized that it had no way to send the collected energy back to its master an creator. It would need to drain at least 100 humans before it had enough to open a portal home and transfer the stolen bio-energy. Looking around for the fastest way to do this, it spotted the main tent and grinned as it detected the life energies of nearly 400 humans. Its Master would be pleased with his work. They were already just sitting there waiting to be drained. All too easy, for a pink skinned monster that looked 'cute', him and the master were really going to have little chat about this when he got back.

As it walked towards the tent, it continued to fire off the random shot and drain a human here and there while all of its attention was focused on the tent. As it reached the main entrance, it stepped in side, looked around, and grinned evilly (something really hard to do as a large pink colored girl with nice finger nails). So many humans just sitting in seats designed to hold them in place, even if they panicked and started to run they wouldn't get too far, they were pinned in and at its mercy. It's arms came up and fired out hundreds of shots and the humans were panicking instantly, it didn't care. The bio-energy was being sucked up almost like water and it knew that within a few moments...

"Stop right there creep!" Yelled a female voice from behind it.

Turning around it spotted 5 girls in bathing suits and really short skirts. The pink monster saw this and started to snicker and soon fell the ground laughing its head off, it had heard that it would be in serious danger if the scouts showed up, but if this was them it...was the most ridiculous thing it had ever seen. It continued to laugh as all 5 girls sweat dropped and started to give off battle auras they realized that this monster was laughing at them, loudly!

"Stop laughing!" One of them yelled.

"I a-always wanted m-my own ch-chearleader squad!" Pinky said and giggled some more.

The girl's screamed, raised their arms and yelled some stupid phrases and launched a massive magical attack. The giant pink monster was laughing to hard to react and died laughing at its foes. It exploded into dust and vanished almost instantly, this released all the stored up energy and sent it back to those it had stolen it from. It was a bad day to possess a roll of cotton candy and steal energy this day.

Satisfied with their kill the Scouts took some time to calm the crowd down before they ran off. The police showed up a little later, but all they could find was a number of people passed out and a crowd of on lookers that were all talking about the Sailor Scouts again. Getting information was impossible since they were just urban legends and they had no proof one way or the other that they had actually been there. At least that was what the police told themselves back at the police station. When the Sailor Scouts had shown up a few years back the crime rate in Juban had dropped twenty percent. Those girls worked better than a neighborhood watch.


The endless white plane of mist and smoke surrounded the tall stone doorway. This door was nearly 20 ft high and made of the purest quality marble and looked as new as the day it had been created. When this was is a bit of a mystery since the door itself sat outside the passage of time, forever immune to its power. This door had stood on this endless plane for untold centuries, nothing was connected to it in any way. You could walk around it in less than a minute, and yet it was one of the most powerful magical artifacts ever created. To most people, if they could get here in the first place.

It was just a large stone door placed in the middle of nowhere; unless one had the key that is. Then this impressive stone door covered in carvings and symbols could be turned into the most magical devices in existence, so powerful that it could affect the very nature of the universe for good and evil. It was simply called the 'Time Gate' and had been used for centuries by the last remaining survivors of the Moon Kingdom in an attempt to save their lives and history from total destruction.

At least that is what they had told themselves in the beginning anyway, over time things had changed a little, subtle shifts that no one noticed or cared about. In the last hours of the Moon Kingdom's life, it's dieing Queen had sent the souls of her beloved people into the time stream to be reborn upon the Earth below, into happier times. (Everyone knows this story!) The last surviving member of this kingdom had been chosen to guard the Time Gate from those wishing to use it for evil. This woman had stood here in front of the gate for thousands of years, alone. She had gained a type of immortality by living outside of time to guard the Time Gate.

This was a bad thing for someone who was originally mortal. Immortality can weigh one down even more than duty. Duty, that was this guardian's other curse, she was so weighed down by both that she had eventually broken under the massive strain. It didn't show physically or even mentally, but she wasn't quite normal anymore. She had given that up so that she could stay true to her oath of office and to her dead Queen. Now it was her duty to perform and she had spent centuries doing it without complaint. To guide the souls of those sent forward out of the time stream and to be reborn in the here and now, it had taken over 10,000 years and most of her humanity to do it. The crushing weight of loneliness had shattered her to the point that nothing was left but her duty.

10,000 years is a long time to be alone. Her name was Setsuna or Sailor Pluto and she had been forced to stand on this empty plain for as long as she could remember. There was noting but her and the door, no radio, no TV, nothing but her, the door, and an endless plain of mist and shadow for as far as she could see. The novelty of the job had worn off in about ten minutes. Then it was time to get out the deck of cards and have a rousing game of solitaire. She stood over 6ft tall, had the body of a Super Model, had red eyes, dark skin, super long dark green hair, and had an air of power around her that could be felt at a distance. She was also the poster child for the most bored woman on earth.

Luckily she had the key to the Time Door to play around with. This had allowed her to watch events in history like a large TV. Not as good as the real thing though. She had watched all the wars, sub plots, and assassinations several times over. Gazed upon the world and watched as countries formed though slaughter and guile and eventually collapsed. Learned all that history had to offer and even broken some of her rules to meet certain people through out mankind's history. She had done this to keep from going insane from loneliness. The Time Gate was her friend, her entire existence. So long as she continued to think like that everything had worked perfectly, but not in the way she realized. She was too close to the source of her torment.

Sailor Pluto smiled as she watched her princess battling her way through the new enemy's Youma. She looked magnificent, daring, and breathtaking to the eye in her form fitting fuku. Behind her, watching from the shadows was her protector, Tuxedo Mask (what a ridiculous name, she thought). The fight was going about normal. Her princess was a total klutz and was tripping and falling her way through the battle with a strange kind of luck.

She had watched this happen hundreds of times as they fought and defeated the evil Queen Beryl, the Doom Tree, and several others. Each fight had been worse than the last, more dangerous and the price for victory was far to high. Then some thing caught Pluto's attention and looked up as she sent her magical senses out into the featureless void around her, they picked up on something, something wrong or out of phase.

She looked around, it felt like an attack of some kind, and yet she could see nothing out of place, just fog and silence. Her time senses were looking into the possible futures when she saw a possibility, then she screamed in agony and grabbed her head her time sense flew out of control. The giant time key staff flared with energy as she staggered around. She barely noticed when the Time Gate slammed shut with a creaking shudder. The echoes reverberating over the misty landscape like a death knell. Sailor Pluto screamed again and fell to her knees, with a loud moan she fell over and passed out from pain, her Sailor fuku shimmered and vanished as she lay there naked, twitching in agony...the foggy plane shifting and rumbling for several seconds in the throes of an earthquake. Or in this case a time quake.


In the bay area of Tokyo a rather weird looking monster made up of pieces of baby toys was giggling quietly as it channeled it's newly collected energies to it's Master. It had been able to get more energy than it knew what to do with, sucking the energy out the kids in a toy store without draining them dry. It had sensed that Pinky, formed out of a large wad of pink cotton candy at an amusement park or something on the other side of Tokyo, had fulfilled its purpose just as it was designed to do. Distract the Scouts as several other parties collected energy from other sources quietly. Tiny amounts of energy went undetected as the large ones were dealt with, it wouldn't work for long, but it would net them huge amounts of energy over the next few weeks. That was more than enough time to do what they needed and then the Scouts would be taken care of.


The debris shifted and collapsed to the side as Ranma stood up unsteadily and looked around in shock at the devastation around, everything was almost completely unrecognizable. The entire side of the mountain had been laid to waste, dust and smoke were filling the air around him making it almost impossible to see, but he could see a large fire raging away in the distance, further up the mountain. Shaking his head, he wondered if anyone else was in danger because of this. He concentrated and sent his senses out and tried to look for any signs of life, at first he could find nothing. Then he got 4 distinctive life force signatures. They were two several miles away he could feel them heading in this direction, but they were still healthy. The third was nearby and he recognized it as his father, he was unconscious a few yards away, buried like he had been.

The fourth one though was barely registering, it seemed on the verge of death, he paled as he realized that the life sign was coming from where the impact had originated from. Ranma didn't even think as he started to run and hop his way up the devastated hill. The Ki signature was fluctuating wildly and he knew that this was serious. Ki did not fluctuate like this unless someone was dieing. He moved with amazing speed and easily launched himself over obstacles that would have stopped anyone else or completely destroying what ever was in his path. It only took a few minutes for him to arrive at the crater and he gasped as he saw the quarter mile wide hole where the small foot hill had been a short while ago. His senses were scanning wildly, guiding him right to where he needed to be. Several hundred feet from the center of the impact crater was a body, Ranma ran over and knelt down to exam it.

His mind quickly tallied all the needed information for him. The body was female, early 20's, red hair the same color of his girl side, her clothing burnt to shreds around her, massive scaring all across her body, multiple broken bones, laying a growing pool of blood, silver bracers on her forearms, each one inset with a different colored crystal. There was a Green crystal on the right bracer, and a Blue crystal on the left. Both crystals were cracked and glowing faintly.

"Son-In-Law? What are you dong here?" Asked a voice from behind him.

Ranma spun around into a combat crouch, but he relaxed a little as he noticed that it was only Cologne and Shampoo. "You two must be the two that I sensed heading in this direction a little while ago."

"What happened here Son-In-Law?"

"I'm not sure, a meteor or something hit the mountain, this girls seems to have been caught up in the after math of the strike."

Cologne was hopping down the slope and making her way over to him as he turned back around. He pulled his shirt off and pulled a canteen of water out of nowhere and set to work cleaning the girl's injuries as efficiently as he could. Cologne took several seconds to look the girl over before she joined him, binding her wounds by ripping his shirt into strips an wrapping them carefully. The old woman was surprised to note that Ranma didn't seem to be all that nervous around them like he usually was, but shrugged it off. He had always been hard to read, though at times really predictable.

Shampoo watched carefully and felt a quick surge of anger as she saw Ranma touching the naked girl, but then she took note all the blood an decided she was being silly. She hurriedly bounced over several logs and dropped her pack beside Ranma as she quickly pulled out several items to help Ranma with cleaning the injured girl's wounds. Cologne found that she could only stare at this strange girl's body as she worked, she could feel the girl's Ki fluctuating all over the place and knew that she was fighting death to stay alive. Though it had been some time since she had seen a Ki signature quite like this one, it showed incredible power and experience. It was also obvious that the girl was fighting to stay alive with all her might, she seemed to have a will of iron if she could do this while unconscious.

"Shampoo, go and collect the materials for a litter, we will have to move the girl here out of the area. There is something about her that is activating my danger sense, even in this state and that is very puzzling."

"Yes Great Grand Mother." Shampoo said and ran off.

They worked for the next few hours, quickly sewing up wounds, using pressure points, lending her their Ki, and bandaging her wounds as best they could. Ranma explained to Cologne what had been going on as he and Genma were training, not mentioning just how they were running at such strong levels. Cologne decided that she would not bring up the subject since they had obviously been training in their schools secret techniques, but they would talk later about what they had been doing.

Shampoo had all but given up hope of ever capturing him after the incident with Saffron and her enslavement by Kima. For old times sake and fun she glomped him as soon as is guard was down and nuzzled his ear before giggling and squeezing him somewhere she shouldn't have. Sweat popped out on his head and he began to panic, then it happened as if by fate, pouring rain came out of nowhere and drenched everyone. Ranma shivered as the curse changed his sex and she screamed as Shampoo went from beautiful sex goddess and turned into a real sex kitten. 0 to 180mph in 2 seconds flat, Ranma vanished from sight screaming in moral terror, Shampoo hanging on out of sheer maliciousness and a broken heart. She didn't want to give him up, but even her great grandmother was telling her to pack it in.

Laughing out loud, Cologne turned back to the girl and noticed something out of place. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was though. Watching for several seconds produced the answer and her eyes tripled in size. She leaned in close and watched as the scars along the girls face slowly closed, sealed into scars, and then vanished, leaving perfectly healthy skin behind. Moving down the girl's body, Cologne could see that the broken leg had reset itself when she was watching Ranma and Shampoo, and the process was slowly spreading through out the girl's body as she watched.

A collapsed lung healed and filled with air, her shattered spine pulled itself back into place and stiffened, broken ribs popped back into position, and crushed finger joints seemed to just reform from thin air. The process lasted for hours as she watched, she didn't even notice, never had she heard of a healing ability like this. How was she doing it? Was it a Ki technique she had never heard of before? What was she if it wasn't?

Ranma, after running all over the area at an insane pace, finally lost Shampoo-cat and calmed down as she made her way back to where she had left Cologne and the injured girl. She saw the old ghoul just sitting there looking at the naked girl, a strange look on her face. As Ranma got closer she took a closer look at the injured girl and sighed when she noted that she wasn't as hurt as she had thought. Cologne nearly jumped out of her robe as she jumped back in surprise, she grabbed her heart and gasped for air in shock. Ranma fell to the ground laughing hysterically, it was the funniest thing she had ever seen when dealing with Old Ghoul.

Of course she stopped laughing when Cologne thumped her over the head with her staff to quiet her down.

"What'ja do that for you old ghoul? I was just laughing..."

"Look at our girl here Son-In-Law, what do you see?"

She looked down and confirmed what she had noted earlier. "She wasn't as hurt as I thought she was, now we can move her out of the area."

"You saw what she looked like, look at her face. Where are her scars, look at her broken leg, it simply vanished. Can you explain that Son-in-Law?"

"Hey, your right, what happened to all the scars...I ain't your son in law, Old Ghoul!" Ranma yelled back as he realized what the old bat had called her again.

"They vanished even as I watched over her, the bones reset themselves silently, her burnt skin healed and turned into healthy skin. I think that by the time the sun goes down she will be on her feet and perfectly healed. I'm not sure what is going on, but I plan to find out, I have never known anyone that could survive that kind of damage and survive, let alone heal themselves back to perfect heath in less than a day. Especially spinal cord injuries, I have never known of anyone that could heal those while they were unconscious."

"I'll take your word for it then, I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Where are you going?"

"To get my back pack, salvage my camping gear, and dig Oyaji out of that hole he's stuck in. I had thought that with that technique he was showing me that he would have dug himself out by now, but he must have passed out for some reason so I have to dig him out instead, the baka. Also, when she wakes up, she is probably going to want to wear some clothing and I always carry a couple extra sets with me cause of the curse." Ranma said as she launched into the air and bounded away over the fallen trees.

Cologne was glad the boy wasn't there to see her blush in embarrassment as she realized that she hadn't even thought to cover the girl up. With her body healing itself, she could now see that she was a very beautiful young girl too, perhaps enough to temp the boy if she wasn't careful. She had perfect skin, hair as red as Ranma's female half and in a style quite like that Tendo sister, Nabiki.

She had absolutely no body fat and a lightly defined muscle structure, about the only flaw she could see was that she had small breasts and even those seemed to be perfect for the girl's body type. Beyond that everything looked perfect, and Son-In-Law had been ogling her for hours now...sigh. Reaching into her sleeve, Cologne pulled out a small blanket and laid it over the pretty girl and wondered when or if she would awaken.

To be continued...