Chapter 1

"... This can't be over, it can't be", Drakken whined as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable shut the doors to the armored police van that held Drakken, Shego and all of his henchman.

Ron replied as he shut the door on Drakken, "Dude, it's over". Ron crossed his arms full of pride with a smile on his face. He looked to Rufus who was standing on his shoulder and Rufus closed his eyes and nodded in approval as Ron grinned. Then they both turned to Kim who had her hands clasped together in front of her. Ron was taken away by her beautiful green eyes and her auburn her. She was wearing her super battle suit, not her normal mission cloths, but she was beautiful all the same. For the first time in his life he was actually taking in her true beauty. How did he come to like other girls in high school all this time and have been so blind not to see her?

"You know Ron, we..." she had started but was cut off by a familiar voice shouting at them from behind them in the distant. Ron watched in disappointment as Kim's eyes grew wide and bigger smile than she had been giving him came over her face. Ron just frowned as she shouted back the name that made him want to puke and that broke his heart in two. "ERIC!" she shouted back and completely forgetting about Ron ran past him shoving him aside almost knocking him off his feet. Ron watched in misery as Kim ran as fast as she could into the open arms of Eric and hugged him as tight as she could. Ron wanted to fall to his knees right there and begin shouting her name and begin pouring out his feelings for her.

Ron's frown just became bigger as tears welled up in his eyes. His shoulders, just moments ago squared and proud slumped as his arms hung low to the ground. His goofy smile was now turned upside down into a lopsided frown, never to return to his face, wiped away forever it seemed. His head hung low as he sighed in depression at what his eyes saw in front of him. His eyes, his chocolate eyes once full of hope and happiness always glimmering in the day and shining in the darkness were now full of depression. They had lost there gleam and in an instant, once the beacon of hope for Kim and so many others had been burnt out, taken by a storm that filled his eyes with tears waiting to break free and run down his cheeks freely. His whole face, every part of his body expressed his deep sadness. His beacon of hope had just ran away from him and now his heart, his heart, it felt like she took it out of his hands and to his horror right in front of him ripped it in two, crumpled it up, then threw it too the muddy ground and ground it into the mud with her heel. Then as he looked up all he saw was her pushing him to the floor angrily like he was an obstacle that had finally been removed and put in its place at the side of the road in the dirty mud so she could get on with her life running for the man of her dreams.

He felt horrible as if a robber had just stuck a dagger into his chest, and a robber had just done that, his name was Eric. He was a thief; he had stolen his best friend, there only chance at getting together as a couple and now his life. Without her he felt worthless, in an instant of time everything had been snatched away from him like a vulture stealing a lion's meal. For the first time he felt a throbbing pain in his soul that spread through his whole body. His bruises from earlier began to become sore and his body began to ache from the fighting with Shego and synthodrone 901 earlier that evening. But nothing of the physical pain could compare to the pain his soul felt as he gazed at Kim and Eric embracing each other. He couldn't bare the pain any longer and he turned away squinting his eyes as tears began to roll down his gentle cheeks onto the asphalt of the black road.

Ron had totally forgotten about Rufus who had also seen Kim run to Eric and now he stood on Ron's shoulder tugging at Ron's wet hair and jumping up and down pointing at Kim, "Tel' err, TEL' err" he squeaked.

Ron looked over to his beloved pet but as he looked at him it just brought back memories of him and Kim and so he turned back looking at the ground and then closed his eyes even tighter, beginning to sob uncontrollably, "No little buddy, let her be, I was never meant to be with her, come on, lets get outta here, I just keep getting in her way" he stated sobbing quietly walking away from his life. Rufus's angry expression was replaced by a frown; he had never seen his best friend like this in his entire life living with him. So with a tear in his eye he crawled down Ron's mission shirt and into this pocket hiding.

Ron with his head down kept walking slowly away from the scene. He kicked some Diablo's that had landed on the ground earlier but didn't take much notice of them or the cops and GJ at the seen. Everything around him was oblivious and now he slowly head to his blue scooter, rockets attached and everything. More tears ran down his freckled face, he felt so cold that he felt it he could touch water and it would freeze over.

Ron reached his scooter and looked at closely. He examined it and its old stickers that he had applied to it over the years. He looked at it; all banged up, the only thing making it fun now was the rockets Mr. P had added to it when Kim and he were trying to run away from the bigger version of Diablo's. As he stared at it memories ran through his head he couldn't help but giggle a little and whisper so only he could hear, "piece of junk". Then he took notice of something as he took his blue helmet off the left handle bar and strapped it onto his head loosely. He just stood there and gazed at Kim's blue helmet that was hanging off the right handle bar. He sat down on the scooters rough seat and took Kim's helmet off the handle bar and stared at it and then the memory of Kim riding with Eric on his bike speeding by him, the blue helmet he had given her she was wearing it and she waved at him as she passed. The memory brought more tears to his eyes and he closed them, biting down on his bottom lip trying as hard as he could to hold in the tears but in the end they over powered his desire to and looking away from the helmet that was still in his hands, eyes still closed, threw it into a puddle of dirty water. "Take it KP, you'll ...need it for riding with... Eric on his bike" and then starting the scooters engine and the rockets attached to the side beginning to hum as they began to power up said one last thing, "its time to face the truth Ron, you'll never be with her " he sobbed to himself as his scooter took off and sped down the road faster than any race car could, leaving nothing behind but the odor of burnt rocket fuel and a blue helmet and a heart behind.

Kim was hugging Eric tightly, as tight as she could, nuzzling her face into his chest. It was the real Eric alright, his white prom suit that he had worn earlier that night was still on him and Kim noticed a scar on his neck that had a trickle of blood running down. She let go as she noticed this and pulled away from him, both hands entwined with each other. "Where did you get that scar?" Kim asked hoping he would give a straight forward answer.

"Shego, buts its ok, it doesn't hurt" he said softly and reassuringly smiling. 'Ha, synthodrones don't have blood' she mused to herself. Something in Kim's heart was telling her to turn around before it was too late. But she didn't register it, and it came to her little by little as she touched his face with her right hand caressing it. 'So where's this guys freckles' a voice in her head spoke out. 'Huh?' was the only thing she could do is stare into his blue eyes and his slick black hair. 'Where's that blonde scruffy hair that you were beginning to fall in love with just a couple of months ago? Hmm' the voice kept taunting her and then the voice coming from her heart said, 'turn around before it's too late'. 'Before what is too late?' she asked herself as puzzling look came to her face. She soon became lost in Eric's gaze. 'So where's this mans soft, adoring brown eyes, those big ears and goofy smile, oh I'm sorry, I forgot this wasn't a man its just a guy' the voice continued to taunt Kim giving her a headache. 'What are you talking about?' Kim thought to herself as Eric leaned in for the kiss, then instead of a voice coming to her thoughts it was a memory that was as clear as cable television in her head.


"... There are guys out there that are better for you than Eric, ones that are real..." Ron stated to her looking at her soft gentle face.

Kim responded to him sadly and sounding tired thinking about her selfishly, "You really think there's a guy out there for me".

"Out there, in here" Ron said trying to get through to her that that guy was strapped to a Bueno Nacho cactus right in front of her.

Kim responded with surprise, and shyly answered blushing, "Oh, really"

Ron blushed to, smiling looking down at his feet, "Yeah, you know, guys like... RUFUS!" Rufus had popped out in front of Ron interrupting the crucial conversation between them.


Kim snapped out of the memory realizing what her heart was telling her, 'RON! I like Ron, not Eric' Kim realizing that her lips were about to come in contact with Eric's pulled away letting go of his hands so that his kiss missed her entirely and as he leaned forward to find nothing he opened his eyes again to find her standing a couple feet from him. She clasped her hands in front of her and looked down to the ground, "I'm sorry Eric, and the truth is I don't like you anymore like that, I... I like Ron" she said with a smile. He frowned and she continued, "I hope we can still be friends and all" she asked him.

He rubbed the back of his neck and looked away, "Yeah, I guess" he said.

"Thanks Eric" she smiled beaming at him. An evil thought crossed his mind and he tried as hard as he could not to be suspicious acting revenge on her.

"Yeah too bad though" he said trying to keep a smile coming across his face as he snickered in his mind.

"What's too bad?" she asked confused, puzzled at what he had said to her.

"Ron, you won't be able to tell him, he left already" Eric stated. 'NO!' Kim thought to herself as she turned and ran to where Ron was standing just moments ago.

"RON!" she shouted as everyone that was still there looked at her in bewilderment, she got no answer as she saw he was truly gone, 'no, come back' she thought as she saw in the distance down the road a faint glow of rockets disappear behind a hill miles off into the distance. She began to run after him but to no avail as she knew he was gone. She finally realized what her heart was telling her before as a tear rolled down her gentle cheek. She had hurt him, and not just this time alone or the past few day but for years now. She had never accepted Ron as a guy to have feelings for her in that way other than just being best friends. All those years of not accepting Ron as a guy and pushing him aside for someone else had paid its price in the fullest, he had finally lost it and now he was running away from her, and it was all her fault.

She looked down and noticed something other than the little Diablo's littering the ground. It was a blue helmet, but not just any blue helmet, it was hers. She knelt down and picked it up out of the puddle and examined it closely and just like Ron remember the time when she was holding onto Eric's waist and then they passed Ron on his scooter and she waved back at him not even recognizing or registering the sadness in his eyes as they passed. But now she could see it in her mind and felt the pain he had felt that day. Just now she had screwed up and now the guy of her dreams, the one that would support her through the hardest of times even if it meant death, the one that brought her happiness, the one she had already met and failed to realize that he ever existed was now gone, speeding away because she was still to caught up in the past and the way things used to be. What had he felt when she had pushed him aside for the last time, what was it like to watch the girl of your dreams slip through your fingers and it wasn't even his fault, it was hers and now she was paying the price for it. She lifted her gaze from the helmet and onto the horizon where the road had been. The only scent in the air was that of burnt rocket fuel. A tear slowly trickled down her cheek her green eyes glistening with tears as she looked down the road that disappeared onto the horizon, 'Ron, what have I done, please don't leave me, I didn't mean to hurt you'.

By the time Kim had realized she had pushed Ron away once more and had found the hidden feelings in her heart, it was too late; he was long gone from the scene that had been made. He had driven as fast as he could through Lowerton, Middleton and Upperton through the empty highways. Most people by now were asleep once again since they heard that Kim Possible and 'that guy' had stopped the Diablo's from destroying and taking over the world once more. When they heard Ron's rocketing scooter go by, they thought of the Diablo's but when they went to their windows and looked out, all they saw was a full moon and with some clouds passing by, but they could smell the pungent odor of rocket fuel.

Ron however could care less as he drove away from the last of the suburbs into the hills and soon found himself in the mountains. By now the rockets had run out of fuel and he was running on the last of the gasoline that was left in the tank. He came upon the last intersection for the next fifty miles and turned on it hoping that the gas-station was still open but to his dismay was destroyed, wrecked and abandoned. But instead of going down the highway he continued on the dark and empty lonesome road into the mountains. His eyes are now dry and cold, but he still cares less as his scooter sputtered on. He had no care for anything else in the world, his life was in disarray and there was nothing he could do about. He would just have to wake up to hell the next morning and accept that the rest of his life would be that way. He would accept the horrible truth, he was just a friend, yesterday's best friend and tomorrow's nobody, and he had accepted it nonetheless.

His entire field of view; other than the road was filled with trees and the night sky, nothing else, he had only the stars in his life to guide him. 'I wonder if this is how life is' he thought to himself with his emptied eyes strained onto the road. 'Maybe I was born to be befriended by Kim and then when I realized all I ever wanted was right in front of me, I was tripped and burned' he continued to think to himself trying to focus on the road as his eyes grew weary. Soon the road's smooth asphalt had turned into rocks and dirt, still surround by a dark forest that seemed to be reaching out and trying to snatch him off his scooter, but he could care less, right now he would be happy if a super-villain could jump in front of him stop him and hurt him as bad as they could without killing him, maybe then the pain would go away, maybe he would be reborn with no emotion to life or have feelings for anyone. He could be one of those people who just walked the streets and no one noticed you and you didn't notice them, but no, it wouldn't help. He would still long to be recognized by one person and now that person had kicked him out of his life.

For the first time that night Ron began to take notice of his surroundings once again. He felt Rufus clinging to his shoulder looking at Ron with desperate eyes, pleading that he would go back and intervene and talk to Kim and sort things out between each other. Rufus just wanted to see Ron happy again so they could go on and live their carefree lives once more. Ron just looked away ignoring his friend. Ron took in new features and realized that he was leaving the forest and had entered a small valley between the mountains and just a mile away he spotted a small lake. The moon reflected perfectly off the lakes calm blue waters and Ron's tensions began to ease away, but his heartache still remained. His scooter started to sputter and he realized it had run out of fuel. It came to a stop still a full mile away from the lake. Ron sighed and got off the scooter, not bothering with the kick stand and let the scooter fall to the ground as he walked away from his scooter. He noticed that the forests embrace around him was gone and was replaced by soft gentle flowing tall grass that had swallowed the dirt road entirely. He smiled as the grass rippled and waved in the gentle warm breeze that came in from the south. It tickled Ron's cheeks as it seemed the wind brushed his tears away. For a brief second a small smile crossed his face as he looked out across the small valley of grass that separated the forests grip on the land. To him it looked like a dream, everything was just so perfect, so beautiful, and as a frown crossed his face it all reminded him of her.

As soon as her image came into his mind, her beautiful auburn hair, green eyes, her warm and always comforting smile, tears began to roll down his face once again. His arms began to sag and a downcast look came upon his face. With his head down he began to slowly stroll away from his useless scooter to the lake. He was tired and as of right now all he wanted to do was go home and crawl into his bed under the cozy blue sheets and blankets. But home reminded him of Kim and right now, even though she was in her every thought, he wanted her out of his mind, she tormented his very soul and it affected him to which nobody could ever fathom.

After what seemed like an eternity, he reached the lake and from exhaustion, he fell to his knees and began to sob uncontrollably. He lay on the soft grass the near the shore line of the lake. He scrunched his eyes as tightly as he could, crying miserably. His hands involuntarily began to rip out the grass out by its roots and shred it. He had no care for the world that was around him, without Kim, nothing was the same. Rufus crawled out of his pocket and slowly walked to Ron's face and patted his face.

"Ahh, it ok" Rufus said trying to comfort him, but nothing could bring him out of his fit.

"Stoppable-San!" a voice yelled startling Ron. His eyes immediately shot open and he sat straight up in attention, quickly wiping tear stained cheeks. "Stoppable-San, you have no need to wipe yours sorrows away and hide your feelings," Sensei said warmly as Ron turned toward the lake to see Sensei's ghost, contacting form in front of his field of vision, the old man was smiling down at Ron.

Ron looked down at the ground where he was," I'm Sensei, it's just that, everything's in my life has just gone down the toilet, I've got noth'in left" Ron kept his face down looking at the ground while Sensei looked down upon Ron.

"Stoppable-San, your feelings for Possible-san do not matter as of right now, and neither does she…" Ron was shocked at what he had just heard and looked up in full attention, embers glowing in his eyes as he stared at Sensei.

"WHAT! How dare you say that Kim does not matter anymore, how dare…" Ron paused a moment a puzzled look came upon his face, his eyes widened and the anger that once burned in them seemed to be quenched at the moment, "How do you know how I feel about Kim?" Ron asked shocked that of all people who would find would be Sensei, and yet the other half of him was not surprised by Sensei's knowledge at all.

"It has been evident to me for awhile that the two of you have been developing feelings for each other for sometime, however Possible-san is afraid to show them and has decided to move on from what I understand", Sensei said firmly that made Ron's eyes tear up. Ron's vision became foggy and he wiped away the tears.

"It's okay Sensei, I guess…" Ron was sniffling when Sensei interrupted.

"Stoppable-san, Possible-san has chosen her path and destiny, you must move on without her, something terrible is about to happen and a prophecy clearly says you will stop the great evil that is coming", Sensei said with a tone of urgency.

"Wha… Sensei, I'm nothing but an imposter, just like Monkey Fist said, without Kim I'm…"

"Stoppable-san", Sensei raised his voice, "this is not the time to think about Possible-san. There is a prophecy that states that you and four others will stop the rise of a great evil alliance that will be formed in the stars and…" Ron was now confused and waved his arms at Sensei.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, the stars, Sensei, first how am I going to get past the moon, that's the farthest anyone's ever gone, isn't it", Ron said with a confused face.

"No Stoppable-san, one of the five has been sent years ahead of you to a dangerous place that I do not know of, but I feel you well meet him soon, very soon, you must hurry, it has begun" Sensei said with greater urgency than before. Ron was about to ask a question when Sensei suddenly flickered away and again Ron found himself and Rufus alone. Ron looked down at the ground again and then looked at Rufus.

"What prophecy was Sensei talking, eh Rufus?" Ron asked

"Me dun no " Rufus answered him shrugging his shoulders.

"And what does he mean someone else has already been sent out before me, and years ago, this is all just so confusing, I mean can't he just tell us the… BOOM!" Ron shut up as he turned to look into the dark forest towards the west where he heard the explosion. As he did he saw a huge fireball emerge from the treetops near the mountains base and dissipate as it rose into the night sky where there were thousands of stars.

"Com' on Rufus, lets go check that out, maybe it has to do with what Sensei was telling us", Rufus nodded and as Ron ran away from the lake he grabbed onto the edge of Ron's pants and climbed up to his shoulder and held on looking out into the distance as they continued to run into the night.

Kim had ridden in the back of a police car all the way back to Middleton, she hadn't said a word and instead of going back to the prom, she had told the police officer to go to one place in particular.

"Turn here Miss Possible" the officer asked Kim bringing her out of her daze as she looked out the window. She was silent the whole trip, she didn't want to talk, she felt horrible and as she turned to the officer in the drivers seat in front of her she nodded to him in the mirror.

"Yes officer", with that the officer turned off the main road and onto a smaller one and traveled down it. Kim looked down into her lap where she held the same blue helmet that she had picked up on the road back at the Bueno Nachos H.Q.. She looked at the blue helmet wiping off a little dirt off the top and she sighed.

"Is this the address ma'am?" the officer asked as he parked in front of a yellow house that Kim had come to know very well during the past twelve years.

She quickly took the helmet under her left arm and opened the door stepping out onto the sidewalk, "thanks for the ride" she said shutting the door before that officer could say anything in reply. She ran up the familiar walkway to the yellow house and up the steps and rang the door bell. 'Good thing I still have my battle suit on, it's cold out here… burr' she thought to herself waiting.

The door soon opened and Kim found Mrs. Stoppable standing in the doorway looking at her inquisitively. "What's wrong Kim? And why are you in that suit?" Mrs. Stoppable inquired.

Kim looked down at the ground, shuffling her feet, "long story, can I talk to Ron, I need to tell him something really important?" Kim asked.

"Uh, Kim, Ron's not here right now", Mrs. Stoppable answered a now confused Kim.

"Do you know where he went, I really need to talk to him, I… I", Kim didn't want to think about what she did because it hurt her.

"No Kim, Ron never came home, the last I saw him was earlier this evening, he said he had to go do something at the prom and go confess his feelings to someone special, I hope he's okay, I don't want my little Ronnie getting hurt or something", Mrs. Stoppable said bringing her finger to her chin thinking.

Kim thought about this long and hard trying to process what Mrs. Stoppable had just said 'Ron not coming home, now that's weird, oh Ron, where did you go' Kim thought. "So he never came home tonight?" Kim asked.

"Nope" Mrs. Stoppable said, "Do you know where he is? I'm getting worried and it's almost midnight", Mrs. Stoppable said worriedly.

"No, but I'll try and find him, I'm sure he wasn't hurt too bad", Kim said trying her best to force a smile and it worked because Mrs. Stoppable smiled back until Mr. Stoppable yelled her name from somewhere in the house.

"Just a minute hon", Mrs. Stoppable yelled back into the house and then back at Kim and smiled. Kim returned it as best as she could and then turned around and began to walk away. "Kim!" Mrs. Stoppable shouted out to Kim who was already half-way to the street. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at Mrs. Stoppable, "Thanks for being there for Ron and being his friend, sometimes I don't know what he'd do without you", Kim smiled and nodded as Mrs. Stoppable smiled back at her.

Kim then turned back toward where she was walking and frowned whispering, "If only that was true", and continued to walk across the lawn and down the street until she was out of the Stoppable residents sight. She took her kimmunicator out of her pocket and turned on the screen and Wade appeared.

"Hey Kim, great job on busting Drakken's plot", Wade said as he fumbled around with some equipment trying to fix what the Diablo's had damaged.

"Uh thanks Wade, but we have a problem; can you track Ron down for me?" Kim spoke urgently going into a mission mode.

"Yeah, just a sec", Wade smiled and then began typing away on his computer. "Got him, he's in the Middleton Mountain State Park about sixty miles north of you", a puzzled look came upon Wade's face, "Why is he all the way out in the middle of no-where?" Wade asked Kim with a puzzled face.

Kim looked at him with a serious face, "No questions Wade just get me a ride" Kim said firmly, she still hadn't really told anyone her new found feelings that she had harbored for Ron for sometime, but she wouldn't surprised if he knew. She also didn't want Wade to know that she had hurt Ron and it was her fault his running off.

"Okay, ok", Wade said smiling and then began typing furiously, "Got it, your ride will be there in five minutes, and why your waiting let me give you the download. Ron's heading toward the base of some mountain that has an enormous energy signal coming from it, whatever it is; it's using a lot of power. If he is heading for that area and that's what I'm guessing, you'll get there about four minutes after he does."

Kim looked at him satisfied with results, but why was he heading to a place with something weird going is what she couldn't figure out. "Wade, can you figure out what the energy source is?" she asked.

"I have no idea, but Ron still hasn't changed course, I'll try to make sure you get there as soon as possible", just then a hovercraft lowered to the ground and dropped a rope ladder.

"Wade, my rides hear", Kim stated running to the ladder with haste.

"Hmm, there faster than, maybe they didn't have to refuel", Wade smirked and pointed to Kim.

"Later Wade, update me if you find out anything", with that Kim pocketed the kimmunicator and climbed up the rope ladder into the hovercraft as it began to fly away from the her neighborhood. The only thing on her mind at that moment was Ron.

Ron had run into the forest away from the lake and the small clearing without ever stopping to take a breather. His mind was focused on two things, one was Kim, but she was in the back of his mind at the time being. Thing at the forefront of his mind was the explosion that he had heard just moments ago and what had caused. He must have been running for at least ten minutes because his legs were tired and he felt like collapsing, but something within him urged him not to slow down but to run faster and he did. Beads of sweat began to run down his face as tree branches brushed against his face. Finally he could see light coming from a clearing and he made a dash for it as soon as it came into view. He was about to run out into the clearing but a familiar voice made him stop dead in his tracks. He jumped behind a bush and at the edge of the clearing and listened.

"Is that best you can do, I told you I vwanted it put on the setting you put it on nine years AGO!" the familiar voice yelled out. Ron peeked out over the hedge and saw two scientists and a familiar short but stocky man.

"Dementor", Ron whispered silently so only Rufus could hear him. Ron continued to watch as the two scientists who were sitting in ordinary metal fold-up chairs slouched, cowering beneath Dementor's ominous black iron mask.

"I…I…I'm trying, it's just that you have to get it…it exact or there could be…uh…complications" the scientist whispered under Dememtor's red eyes.

"I don't care, I just want it done, ve well soon find out if the family you sent nine years ago through that PORTAL survived because you chipped HIM!", Dementor yelled at the top of his lungs pointing over to what was a large hollow metal ring. From what Ron could make out there was some sort of ray gun that was pointed toward the middle of the hollow ring. Then something shiny seemed to shimmer within the barrel of the ray gun, it was yellow and had two green rings which showed that it had been activated, the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer. Now Ron knew he had to stop from whatever was happening before Dementor did something that even he would regret.

Then one of the scientists said something that put Ron into action, "Sir, we have the correct setting, you may proceed with the operation sir", the scientist said without looking up from the computer, disappointed that he let his country down. Dementor walked over to a panel and held up his index finger above a green button.

"Today gentlemen, is the moment of truth", Dementor spoke roughly never taking his eyes off of the green button which his index finger lightly touched like a feather, "Today is the beginning of MY RULE!" he shouted angrily but with joy. Ron hadn't hesitated for another second; he had jumped from his place while Dementor gloated about his glory and his rule. Ron sprinted, but not toward Dementor, but to the ray gun that held that held the Pan-dimensional vortex inducer. Memories filled his mind of when Drakken used a similar gun and how it nearly destroyed them in the cable universe, the consequences of such of thing in reality was beyond comprehension to Ron; his goal was to save the world and most of all, Kim.

'Maybe this is what Sensei was talking about', Ron thought to himself as he ran as fast as he could using all his energy to get to the gun while Dementor ranted about his visions of the future. 'Maybe its time for me to step up and save the world, and Kim', then something crossed his mind, 'but what did he mean about the stars, ahh, this is all so confusing', Ron thought this over trying to process what Sensei had told.

He never got the chance to finish thinking his thoughts as he was thrown back by a massive shockwave, "FINALLY, HA, ha, hahaha", Dementor shouted and laughed aloud as the ray gun charged up and fired a sick greenish beam of energy into the hollow ring. Ron was thrown into the air and went flying through the air at least twenty feet before he hit the ground hard. He landed on his side and rolled a few times before coming to a stop on his back.

Ron slowly got up rubbing his head, "Ahh", he groaned in pain. As he got to his feet his eyes shot open from the pain, but it quickly subsided as his vision took in what he was seeing.

"No way", was all Ron could say as he watched the beam from the gun shoot into the silver which turned it into some kind of portal. Dementor laughed maniacally lifting up his head and looking up into the sky. Then just as suddenly as he began to laugh he abruptly stopped. Clasping his hands behind his back he looked at the two scientists who were cowering in there seats, even though Dementor was fairly short, he still stood over them.

He looked them squarely in the eye, "What are the life readings from the portal, are there survivors?" he asked them inquiringly with haste.

The scientist turned to there monitors frantically looking for any sign of a survivor of the family they had sent through the portal nine years earlier. He searched for any sign of survivors from the family they had sent long ago. He looked and looked, but found nothing. He slowly turned to Dementor, not yet ready to face his wrath. He looked up at Dementor with pleading eyes for mercy, but he knew it was over from the look Dementor was giving him. He opened his mouth to speak, "The…"


The Scientists eyes shot wide open as he swerved around in his chair to look at the computer screen and see a message come up with words that brought him mixed emotions. Coming from the portal was an energy signal from the tracer chips he had implanted in the people they had sent years ago, the computer had found one. A wave of happiness hit him, he was relieved that at least one of the family members; God only knows how, survived. He brought up the tracers file and sighed, 'it was probably the dad' he thought to himself, he knew the dad had the best chances for survival. A wave of anxiety also hit him, since there was a survivor, that would mean Dementor could take the device and enter the portal and continue his evil scheme which he had no idea what it was.

As he continued to search for the file, the other scientists peeked over his shoulder and all were shocked when the file came up. The only survivor was the eight year old male child of the family. "Vell?" Dementor asked aggravated, he was impatient and growing angrier by the minute as the scientists postponed his triumph, "Before I grow old".

The scientist turned to face Dementor but with his face down so Dementor could not read his emotions. He had decided on a course of action and had not yet told his colleagues, he had to stop Dementor. He slowly looked up trying to hide his fear from Dementor, "Th… there's one…sur…survivor", he stuttered as he uttered out the words. Dementor began to laugh maniacally and the scientist began to muster up all of his courage and looked up to Dementor, ready to attack him. He froze and so did the rest of the survivors, out of no where, standing in front of Dementor, were two large, muscular henchmen. To his horror they both held laser pistols to his chest.

Dementor stopped laughing and looked directly in the eyes of the scientist, "Do you think that I didn't think that you might try something heroic, hmm. DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M STUPID! NO is the correct answer, now dispose of them", Dementor motioned to the body guards with little pity for the scientists. The henchmen smiled wickedly at the three scientists, but none of them had noticed Ron was taking the Pan-dimensional vortex inducer from its place in the ray gun.

"NOOOOO!" one of the scientists shouted at the same time as Dementor did with wide eyes in horror as Ron took out the Pan-dimensional vortex Inducer. Dementor ran as fast as his little legs could run; his eyes on Ron, the Pan-dimensional vortex Inducer, and the portal. But no one had noticed the red headed teenage girl in a new battle suit land in the clearing only a few yards away.

Kim had watched the events unfold as soon as the hovercraft came in view of the clearing. She saw the ray gun fire into a ring and make a sickly pale green colored portal of some type. What ever it was it screamed pure evil. She made her way from her seat and walked to door of the hovercraft and opened it. "Thanks for the ride Mr. Randol", Kim shouted out to the pilot who was lowering the craft.

Before he had any time to respond to her gratitude she had already jumped out of the vehicle. She did a triple summersault and landed perfectly on her feet like a cat. She stood in horror as two of Dementor's brutes pointed pistols at one of the scientist's chests. She then noticed Ron and Dementor fighting over the Pan-dimensional vortex Inducer near the portals edge. She knew on what course of action she had to act on. 'Ron, please be careful, I'll just be a minute', Kim thought to herself as she ran over to the two henchmen who were threatening the very existence of the scientists life. She performed a perfect hand spring and summersault in the air bringing her foot out into a lethal kick.

As the henchmen looked up he had no time to react as Kim's foot struck him in the nose. Kim used the force of the blow to hop of the first henchman and in front of the second as the first toppled down to the ground. He tried to bring the pistol up to Kim, but was shocked to see Kim kick it out of his hands. Kim then delivered a fatal uppercut to the man's jaw and then another hook to the left side of his face, spinning him into the opposite direction of her. He fell to the ground slack-jawed, knocked out cold. Kim turned around to face the scientists who were all in shock of what had happened.

The scientist who had the gun to his chest held out a hand to Kim and she reached out to shake it, "Thank-you Miss Possible, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you", he said gleefully shaking her hand vibrantly.

"No big, is everyone okay?" everyone nodded their heads, Kim nodded back, "Alright, I'll be right back after I deal with Dem…", Kim was cut off by a scream of pain and terror that sent shivers up her spine and drove a blade though her heart. She slowly turned around to see Ron fall to his knees at the mouth of the portal and Dementor holding a laser pistol in his right hand and the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer in tucked up under his other arm. Kim did only one thing, run, run to Ron and help him.

While Kim had been saving the scientists, Ron had taken the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer out of its slot in the ray gun shutting it down, but shortly after Dementor had tackled him to the ground, wrestling with him. They rolled right in front of the portal which was getting weaker and weaker, slowly closing up. Ron through a punched Dementor in the face and then pushed him off towards the portal, coming close to falling in. Ron slowly got up, "At least I got… what the?" Ron looked inquisitively at his hand which held nothing but air. He frantically began to look around him for the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer, but found nothing.

As he turned to face Dementor a look of horror came across his face. There stood Dementor with a wicked smile crossing his face. He had the Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer tucked safely under his left arm. Dementor had brought up his right hand from his side and in it held a laser gun, pointing it directly at Ron's chest. "Vell sidekick", Dementor smiled sinisterly at Ron adding bit of emphasis at in 'sidekick'.

Ron's face turned pale as he chuckled nervously, "Well, at least you know part I play", Ron said trying to lighten the mood. He had been brave enough to stand up to Drakken earlier that night, but Drakken didn't have a gun pointed at his center of mass.

"That is not the POINT. I have what I want and once you are out of the way, nothing well stop me from getting in this PORTAL!", Dementor shouted sending droplets of spit into Ron's face.

"Ewww, stop that", Ron said wiping Dementor's spit off of his face.

Dementor looks at him confused, "stop vwhat?" he asks with a puzzled expression.

"Stop spitting while you talk", Ron told him sternly with annoyance drawn all over his face. But soon fear came back to Ron and his stern face melted away as Dementor put his finger on the trigger.

"So long, sidekick, hahahahahaa", Dementor laughed and then pulled the trigger. As soon as Dementor had pulled the trigger, Ron tried to avoid being hit by the shot by diving to the left. As he did the shot hit his left shoulder and Ron stopped right there grabbing his shoulder screaming out in pain.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" he fell to his knees at the mercy of Dementor. Ron looked up at Dementor who turned around putting his left foot into the portal. Dementor looked over his shoulder to find pain in the boy's eyes.

He snickered to himself, "So long, too bad your little girlie friend wasn't here to help…" Dementor froze in mid-sentence as he heard someone shout in the distance. He looked over to see his arch-nemesis Kim Possible running to the sidekick's aid. Although she was still a good distance away from the two he shouted at her before jumping into the portal headlong. "Not this time Possible, not EVER!"

As Dementor jumped into the portal, Ron slowly got up to his knees, wincing in his pain. More pain came as the physical pain reminded him of his heartache as did Dementor's words. 'Kim's here' the thought antagonized him as he began to walk to the portal. Sensei's word ran through his head over and over again, 'this is not the time to think about Possible-san...' the very words Sensei had told him taunted him. As he neared the portal he heard Sensei's voice again, but this time it wasn't memory of him back at the pond, these words were new. It was like Sensei was actually in his head and the words repeated themselves over and over, 'this Stoppable-san, this is your destiny'.

Ron stood in front of the portal as it slowly shrank to his height. He looked down at his pocket where Rufus was shuffling, then poked his head out looking at Ron with a frightful look. "Well, I guess this is it buddy, are you ready to go?" Rufus quickly shook his head back and forth. Ron sighed looking back at the portal, "me neither", he said wincing again as he clutched his shoulder.

"RON!" Ron looked back to see Kim running toward them and an idea popped in his head.

He looked down at Rufus, "Rufus, I want you to stay with Kim, look after her for me, I don't know if I'm coming back or not". Rufus disagreed and folded his tiny arms in defiance. Ron took Rufus out of his pocket and set him on the ground. He squatted down to be closer to Rufus, "I know it'll be hard, but it's for the best", Ron said with tears brimming in his eyes, Rufus began to whimper and shed tears as well. Ron smiled at Rufus warmly as a tear rolled down his cheek, "besides, I doubt there's any Bueno Nacho where I'm going."

Rufus's eyes shot wide open and Ron chuckled, he knew himself that if he went, he would miss home as well, but he also wanted to get away from it. He felt Rufus hug his leg and so Ron patted his head and stood up turning back towards the portal squinting his eye's shut as tears leaked out onto his cheek.

"Good-bye ole buddy", Ron whispered in anguish as he blindly put his right foot in the portal. The feeling in his right leg tingled as it disappeared into the sick green portal.

"Ron", Ron's eyes shot open as he heard Kim voice whisper right behind him. He then felt her hand touch his hand that was still clutching his shoulder, it sent shivers up his spine. He closed his eyes and then slowly turned his head as he removed Kim's hand. He looked into her eyes; they were, like his brimming with tears. Rufus was in her right hand that was held tightly to her chest.

Kim looked at him, she could tell that he was sad and there were things rushing through his mind. His once goofy smile was gone and his eyes were shedding tears. 'I did this to you, didn't I' she thought to herself. Tears began to run down her cheeks just like his. She glanced at his right foot and saw that it was already in the fading portal. She whispered to him in a shaky voice, "Ron, don't…" Ron cut her off shaking his head back and forth.

"I…I've gotta do this Kim", he told her in a downcast voice looking away from her. He couldn't stand to look at her anymore; it just hurt him even further. "Well, I guess this is it, see ya Kim", and with that he turned his back to her. Before plunging into the portal, he said one more thing that hurt Kim to the very center of her soul, "have fun with Eric", and with that he walked into the portal, disappearing.

Kim wanted to follow, but the portal quickly closed up and all she could see now was and empty large ring with a view of the woods. She collapsed to her knees and put her hands to her face and began sobbing hysterically. She couldn't believe it and she didn't want to. He was gone, forever, and there was nothing she could do about. 'No, don't go, come back, I can't live without you.'

Ron fell into the abyss not ever stopping after he went through it. It was like a roller coaster, it was the fun but absolutely terrifying. He tried to look back, but every time he did his head was snapped forward. He screamed but nothing came out of his mouth. He tried again as he continued down into the tube that didn't seem to have an end. Now tired, he tried onw last time, but nothing came out as he continued to fall, everything began to turn black.