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In a Different Point of View


Summary: Book One. 15 year old Gil Grissom killed his step-father from beating his deaf mother. He exposed the body, cutting his organs and selling them though the black market to get money to pay off the hospital bills to save his mother from her failing health. Read his dark thoughts that helped lead the man that we knew of what he became...

Chapter Six

"sign language"


Jim hung up the phone, and just as he was about to turn to find Gil he heard a whine coming from the living room.

He looked up as he saw what looked like a dirty dog lying on its back on the couch, as if owning the place. He stood there, trying to comprehend that he was not imaging things. If he remembered correctly, Gil did not have any pets, if you don't count insects and rodents in cages in his room.

Just then Gil came back from the hallway. "What did your brother say?" he asked him.

"What's up with the dog?" Jim asked, as if he was not hearing the question.

Gil sighed. "It was the old man's dog that I told you about. Nina (1) needs a home, so I took her in." the dog, Nina looked up at Gil when she heard her name called.

"You named it already?" Jim asked, not surprised.

Gil rolled his eyes. "What did your brother say?" he repeated the question.

"Oh, he says no problem. But he also said if he gets arrested again, it'll be my head."

Gil nodded. Adam Brass, the elder brother, was a junky that was trying to keep clean of any drugs and anything gang related. So far in his five years probation that he is on (got three years to go) he had failed many times. Gil knew that Adam knew people that would help him get his mother in the hospital without getting deception from the doctors and the police. Adam never admits it to anyone, but Adam also knew people from the black market.

"When is he getting here?" Gil asked Jim.

"Within an hour."

Gil sighed in frustration. His mother is dying and he had to wait an hour for the jerk?

"So, what's the plan? After we get your mother to the hospital?" Jim asked him.

"I need some money." Gil told him as if the most obvious thing in the world was.

Jim shook his head. "Don't look at me, Gil. My family does not have money tree in the backyard."

Gil rolled his eyes. He motions his hands towards him. Jim, a little confused followed Gil outside to the pickup. He watched as Gil opened a cooler. It was covered in dry ice.

"What's with the-" Jim started to ask, when Gil moved some of the dry ice and picked up a jar that was filled in blood and handed to him.

Jim's eyes widen. "Oh my God, is that a fucking kidney!?" he yelped. Gil snatches the jar back into his hands not wanting Jim to drop it.


"What are you doing with all these organs?"

"With your brother's help, we are going to sell them. I looked it up in the Internet. A heart could sell between 10 grand to 50 grand each.

Jim whistled. 10 or 50 grand? And what does he mean 'we'?

"What the hell do you mean about 'we'?"

"I need your help."

"Come on Gil. I am not just some person that you use and throw away like trash! I have a life; I am planning on joining the Marines and after that join the law enforcement. How can I do that when I am locked in jail?"

"Good luck on that." Gil said. Jim glared at him. "Don't worry. If we get caught, I will get the blame. No one will know that you and your brother help me."

Jim looked at the younger man. "You swear?"

"I swear on my mother's life that you and your brother will not be blamed."

Jim slowly nodded. He felt he could trust Gil.

Gil and Jim sat in the living room. Throughout the whole hour, Gil went back to check on his mother. She was starting to get worse.

"How's your mother?" Jim asked after the fifth time Gil came back from his mother's room.

"Not good. I think she's dying." Gil said putting his hands to his face as he sat down the sofa.

Jim didn't know what to do. He and Gil aren't friends, so it was hard to comfort him.

Jim's thoughts broke as both the boy heard a knock on the front door. Jumping from the couch, Gil stood up and walked up to the door looking through the tiny hole. There stood Jim's brother who looked behind himself as if he was hiding something or that someone was after him.

Gil unlocked the door and as the older boy walked into the house; Gil grabbed him by the neck and shoveling him to the nearest wall.

"Hey!" Jim yelped seeing Gil grabbing his brother.

Gil ignored him. "What took you so long, Brass?" he sneered at the young man.

"Easy there, punk. I'm only here because my little bro here said you need help. Bro and I have a deal. Not my fault that it took me a while to shake off the cops down the street."

Gil let him go. Adam rubbed around the red spot on his neck. Man, he has to watch out from this kid, he has a strong grip.

Adam nodded at his brother. "So what's the big hurry that you needed me for bro? My gal, man, she just called me. Do you know what I'm missing? She had one big ass—"

"We don't care about you love life, Brass." Gil interrupted not liking the way Jim's older brother was talking about his girlfriend. He gets a different one each week.

Adam nodded in understanding. "So what got up your ass, fishy?" he smirked.

Gil growled at the nickname that Adam seem to like to call him.

"His stepfather ran off, his mother's dying in the room next to us and we need money." Jim said. Gil looked at him again thankful enough that Jim didn't tell him brother anything.

"Yo bro I don't have any money."

"We know that. We just need you to take us to the Black Market…"

Adam suddenly raised his hands in front of him, scratching his nose. "Yo man, I don't do that kind of stuff anymore. You hear?"

"I highly doubt it," Gil said. "Your eyes are avoiding eye contact and you're touching your nose."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Adam demanded.

"It means, Junky that you are lying."

"Adam, Gil enough." Jim said, knowing that anytime that both his brother and Gil would start a fight.

Gil nodded. Why is he trying to start a fight when his mother is in the next room fighting? "Jim, tell him our plan. I'll get mother."

Jim nodded.

Gil quickly left the two brothers alone.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,303

(1) Nina: Short form of names that end in nina, such as Antonia and Giannina. It was imported to Western Europe from Russia and Italy in the 19th century. This name also coincides with the Spanish word niña meaning "little girl".

Words: 1,266

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