Ok, so this is my first fanfiction; sorry if it turns out absolutely horrible. :P

Here's to hoping it's at least tolerable. Cheers.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest Moon or any of it's characters, plots, etc. This fanfiction is merely for recreational purposes.

Spring: Day 1, Monday

"Ugh." Claire's hand landed on her alarm clock, ending that annoying beeping which, unfortunately, came every morning. Well, except on Sundays. "Great. Another day, another boring seven hours spent at work. What a drag," she mumbled to herself. Claire reluctantly heaved herself out of bed and went to get the paper before heading off to work. As she sat down with the paper and a cup of coffee, an ad stood out to her.

"Tired of the boring city life? Just want to get away from it all? Why not try your hand at farming? Located in scenic Mineral Town, this farm is the perfect getaway. Call 1-800-MOO-FARM if interested."

"Huh," she said to herself. Claire chuckled as an image of herself busting her back over a couple of turnips popped into her head. But the more she thought about it, the more she began to think of how much better it would be than living the rest of her life out here in the city, where she couldn't walk down the street without having some pervert slap her ass.

"OH MY GOD!" she yelled, soon after having an epiphany. Right away, she called the number in the ad. The farm was still for sale. "I'll take it!" She hung up the phone and started to get packed. "Oh wait," she said, once again picking up the phone, and punching in seven numbers. "Yes, is Harry there? Oh, right, this is Claire Dylan." Claire was put on hold for a couple minutes, so she idly started twirling a strand of dirty-blonde hair around her index finger.

"Oh, hello Harry, this is Claire. There's this one thing I need to talk to you about. You see, quite frankly, I have decided that the city life just isn't for me, so I'm quitting my job and moving out. ...EXCUSE ME?! Yeah, well you can go screw yourself!" she told him, and quickly slammed down the phone. "That was strangely exhilarating," she muttered, before going back to rummaging through her closet, pulling out what she needed to pack.