What if Phoebe and Cole's baby had survived somehow, who would that child grow up to be, and how will Phoebe react when she finds out the child she long ago accepted was dead shows up on her door 22 years old, and defiantly not the core of all evil. Do not own charmed or anything else I could get sued for.

P.S the 'defiantly not the core of all evil' has a point other than a typo that will reveal itself later in the story.

"Miss Wolf, what famous philosopher said, "It is in justice that the ordering of society is centered.?" Peri Wolf did not like being called upon by her college law professor. He always seemed to find something wrong with her answers even though he had never been able to give her a failing grade, she knew every time he called on her he was looking for a way to deduct points in group participation. Peri thought this was mostly due to the fact that every student in his classes was somewhat scared of him, except of course herself, but then again what's a harsh college professor compared to a warlock or vicious demon.

"Miss Wolf, I asked you a question!" barked the professor, making Peri snap out of her thought pattern. Oh crap what was the question, Peri thought frantically to herself, oh yeah the Aristotle quote. "Aristotle." Peri's short answer did not seem to satisfy her professor, but it was the correct one, and with a huff he continued on with his lecture as if he had never asked the question in the first place. When the class ended Peri set off to P3 a local club her and her friends frequented, but this time she had a reason other than relaxing with her friends after a hard day, no this time she was going there to fight a demon something she had hoped to avoid, but would not leave her alone…

"How are my favorite girls doing?" Phoebe smiled up at her husband as he bent down to ruffle their youngest daughter's hair, who was currently residing in Phoebe's lap while they read the latest ask Phoebe column which was more of a cover story than a blog now.

"How was work?" Coop had just started as marriage counselor at the community center, after going to college to get his masters in psychology. Phoebe knew how hard it was for him to give up being a cupid, and this job seemed a perfect way for him to get a little of that back.

"It was great, but I really missed hanging out with my best gals. How about you did yeah miss me?" Phoebe laughed, and nodded in the affirmative. While their little girl jumped out of her mothers lap only to jump into her father's arms.

"We missed you all day, do you have to leave again tomorrow to go to your JOB?" The little girl stressed the word job as only a miniature of her mother could, and giggled when her father tickled her sides and hoisted her onto his shoulders.

"I don't have to go to work right now so how about you and I go get some ice cream from the kitchen before dinner?" As Coop and little Angela left to go into the kitchen to spoil their appetite, Phoebe contemplated how lucky she was to have been blessed with such an amazing life, and yet she felt as if something was missing. Though she quickly discounted this thought figuring it was just her old self-destructive trying to creep up on her, and joined her husband and daughter ridding herself of any doubt that could mess up such a perfect moment as the one she encountered in her flats kitchen. Both father and daughter were elbowing each other as they playfully argued over which was better chocolate or vanilla…Phoebe truly had everything she ever wanted, a great husband who loved her unconditionally, a beautiful family that included three daughters, her sisters, nieces and nephews, a job she loved, and for the most part demon free, yet still Phoebe couldn't shake the feeling that their was something or someone. What she didn't know was that someone was closer than she knew, and on her way to P3.

The time-line may be a little off, but I'm going to try and get it as close as I can to the real deal, Thanks for reading will update soon. R&R it feeds my muse.