Of Bloody knives and Difficult charges

Peri wasn't one to back down. Period. Even so as Jack came closer she couldn't help that for every step he took forward she took two back. The bloody knife was held non-threateningly at his side, and Peri paid it no heed, no her eyes were only for the figure slowly advancing on her. He looked exactly the same, jet black hair perfectly trimmed, striking blue eyes, lean athletic body that seemed to move more like a cougar than a human, the only difference was the twisted grin that had taken the place of the warm smile Peri remembered. This frightened her more than the knife, more than the strange parallel world he seemed to have brought her to, and more than the threateningly slow pace at which he stalked her, not because of the look he was wearing, but because of who he was. She had only seen Jack look this...feral...once before, and for whatever reason he now wore it for her.

Seven years earlier:

Peri was living in the attic of an elderly couple for 100 a month, she paid this by working as a mother's helper for 4.50 an hour for the couples granddaughter. Jack was still on ice with her after he so abruptly entered her life five months passed, and she couldn't help, but resent his presence especially since she felt she didn't need him as oppose to when she did, and he wasn't there. Jack understood this even though she didn't verbally tell him, but still he persisted even as she pushed him farther and farther away, it wasn't long before Jack started orbing in every day if only to watch as she nervously paced around her small attic room.

At fifteen Peri looked and acted like she was much older not that she had much of a choice especially since she was on the run from not only demons and the underworld, but the government as well since she escaped from her demonic foster parents.

For Jack this is what drew him to her more so than he had with his other charges she had been thrust into the cold world with no soft places to land nor a strong hand to fall back on, she spent her days working tirelessly to make ends meet and study for her GED so she could go to college, all without complaint. This alone wasn't something abnormal after all witches and magical creatures were often thrown into things they didn't necessarily choose or want for themselves just the same as mortals, but what made Jack stand up and take notice for Peri was that she didn't ever once resent her powers, herself, or her circumstances. She always seemed to take everything in stride, no hurdle was too high, and no amount of work deterred her if she wanted something, or was forced to handle a situation she set to work at it immediately chipping away at the problem till it was solved. Not to say she didn't have her problems and issues, and that wasn't really the point Peri was by no means perfect in fact it was that she was so imperfect, and such an anomaly that made her able to do all these things most would have balked at.

So when on one of Jack's daily visits, this strong willed independent woman sat wringing her hands in her lap and biting her lip like a small child whose waiting for their father to come home after getting into a fight at school, he knew something had to have gone horribly wrong.

"What happened, Peri?" Jack asked getting to the point as fast as he could; afraid some invisible something was terrorizing his charge, and at any moment things could go bad, fast.

Peri's head was down, her hands nervously picking at her shirt hem, and sitting rigidly at the foot of her twin bed, when she finally met Jack's eyes he saw the tears shimmering behind them refusing to fall refusing to fade away.

"I never wanted...I never told you... I never intended to. Oh god what am I going to do?" Peri asked the cycling, as she held her head between her hands.

Peri's serious yet cracked tone made Jack even more nervous, but instead of voicing this he simply crossed his arms and waited for her to continue, ready to spring in action if the need arose.

"I don't like you, but not for the reasons you think. I mean you are an arrogant jarhead, and you tend to be an overbearing presence in my life, but this is nothing I can't handle, and under different circumstances we might have gotten along as witch/demon and whitelighter. Of course now I'm going a little off topic aren't I?" Jack waited while Peri gathered her thoughts something she seemed to be having trouble with. He couldn't say he was surprised by Peri's summation of him though it did chafe a bit that her opinion of him was so low, after all the hours he put in trying to convince her otherwise. Though that may have been the problem perhaps he was trying too hard to earn her trust and acceptance, but now he was getting off topic, and as he watched Peri rise shakily to her feet and gently pad around the room seemingly deep in thought he was brought back to the problem at hand. For some reason his charge was nervous, and uncertain of herself, and perhaps just a little bit scared?

"Whatever's wrong we can work it, but have to tell me what happened?" Peri paused her pacing for a moment and looked at him with an expression Jack would describe as conflicted, but before he could question it she resumed her pacing, and continued though this time without pause or break in her speech.

"I need you to teach me how to drive."

Jack tried he really, really did, but it wasn't long before he was on the floor laughing harder than he had in...well longer than he could remember. He knew this probably wasn't the best tact after all she did seem to be having a lot of trouble with this, but the idea that he had been waiting for some 'evil incarnate' to come busting in at any minute only to realize that the evil had four wheels and an engine was...adorable.

Peri on the other hand did not find her whitelighter's behavior in the least bit amusing and adorable was only sort a up there on the list accompanied by jackass, and a few other colorful pet names.

"Are you going to help me or not!" Peri asked, her voice strained with some mixture of rage and oddly enough happiness. For it was almost impossible not to feel some semblance of joy as she watched her whitelighter the serious, soldier boy, crusader of good, and constant annoyance in her life, roll on the floor in what had turned into a fit of laughter like an overgrown kid.

When Jack finally did recover Peri looked very close to socking him, but before she could lift her hand against him, he grabbed hers in a reassuring gesture, and said with what Peri would call his most charming smile "Come on darling, we'll go to the drive through and I'll give you a few pointers." Peri almost growled, "Ooo feisty, by the way do you have a car?" Jack asked, to which Peri playfully but painfully gouged her elbow into his rib, to which he let out a very unmanly yelp.

Laughing at his pain Peri told him where she had put the old ford truck she had been stashing away till she got the courage to ask about the whole driving thing.

Soon they were whirring away in a glow of blue orbs, what they found when they're bodies met they're destination was far worse than the beaten down ford Peri had been anticipating...

This chapter was hard for me, I couldn't really get the words out, and since I've been working a lot of long hours, I've had to rewrite a few incoherent sentences, but hopefully it came out enough where you can get the gist. I really want to tell the story of Peri and Jack, but they have so much to tell, and are in quite a pickle in the time of my story. So it will probably come out in bits and pieces as the story continues.

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