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He felt something odd.

That's the only way Naruto Uzumaki, young blond boy who started his last year at the Academy since a few days ago, could describe what he was feeling while eating his lunch. He also knew it wasn't the first time it happened, but he never found out who watched him.

Since morning, Naruto threw a glance behind every ten minutes until Iruka caught him and told him to concentrate on the lesson. That still didn't stop the uneasy feeling. He also decided it might be the reason he hadn't tried any pranks that day. After all, it wouldn't be good if someone warned the others of a prank he made.

"What the heck is wrong with you?"

Naruto turned to see who had spoken. Kiba was looking at him, with Akamaru perched at the top of his head.

"Don't you feel like someone is watching us somewhere?" Naruto asked. Since he couldn't pinpoint where that person was, he decided to swallow his pride and ask someone else to help. No sense in staying uneasy for the rest the day.

"What are you talking about? Akamaru, do you smell anything?"

The dog lifted his head and sniffed the air twice. He knew his master wasn't speaking about that white-eyed girl hidden behind a tree at the moment since he said to find something unusual. After searching for a few more seconds, he barked his answer back.

"He doesn't smell anything. Are you sure you didn't hit your head or something or are you finally going to admit you're crazy?"

"Shut up, dog-boy."

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm not the one having a paranoia attack right now. If there was someone nearby doing something suspicious, Akamaru would have smelt him."

"Say the one who walked around with a sign on his back for 4 hours."

Kiba was going to say something, but held back his words, remembering the humiliation from last year. He still hadn't figured out how and when Naruto managed to put "I love wearing skirts" on his back that day. Nobody had said a word and it wasn't until he was a home that he finally knew something was wrong when he saw his sister on the verge of laughing openly at him. To make matters worse, the lesson that day was about being aware of changes in your surroundings. So he wasn't surprised the next morning when Iruka told him as soon as he entered the class to pay attention to the lesson instead of goofing off.

It took around two weeks to salvage his pride from that prank.

It wasn't the first time she observed him.

She found him by chance, when she travelled to see if anything was worthy of her attention. She wondered for a moment why a young boy was being so cheerful one moment, when he was with someone else just to start being depressed as soon as they left, when no one else but him and her, hidden, was there.

She left then since nothing else was going to happen. Then she came back the next day, wondering how he was. She found him running from another man, a ninja she learned, that looked like a bucket of paint fell on him. Then she saw him deciding it he enough of running and transforming into a very… well-endowed girl which sent the ninja unconscious from a nosebleed.

She actually let out a chuckle at that. She wondered if that would work where she came from.

Since then, she came back once in a while to watch him. She, of course, saw how well he was treated by the others and she herself could sense something unusual about the boy. She gathered information about him and found out he was quite more interesting than what she first thought. She never thought before an human could be this interesting.

"After all, not everyone is the jailor of a demonic Nine-tailed fox."

As soon as she learned that particular information, some things made sense to her while others didn't. She knew humans could be silly in the way they glared at someone who was totally innocent about what happened when the demon attacked them. Not only the real target of the glare couldn't see them, but she was sure it wouldn't even be bothered by it. But she wondered why no one bothered to train the boy. With that much power inside him, the boy could be a living juggernaut.

But no one bothered to research the seal to strengthen it, to make sure the demon would never get out or avoid side-effects from using it or help the boy get past the trouble he had from his special condition. She knew humans wouldn't dare mess with the work of a being higher than them, but the lack of attention was simply infuriating.

That problem was also something that was on her mind. The boy grew up alone, lived alone and, unless she missed some since she wasn't watching him all the time, she could count on her hands the few persons who would actually care much if the boy went missing.

She knew of no human who could live like this, alone and being glared as if his existence was a sin, and not go insane. She knew that even she would be at the very least irritated if almost all the people she knew avoided or ignored her for as long as this boy had suffered.

So she decided, that day, to act that night. She was sure the boy would be a very interesting addition to her family. She also knew some people who could help with his foxy problem. She wanted to see how strong he could become if someone intelligent, like she, took care of him.

And she doubted he would refuse. He wanted attention. He wanted to escape the almost permanent solitude he was living in. He wanted someone who would help him become stronger.

She was already grinning in anticipation of the meeting.

The rest of the day ended quietly for Naruto. The weird feeling he had went away during the afternoon and he decided it was too late to plan a prank. After classes, he simply went home quickly after spending some time at Ichiraku eating ramen.

He was about to take a shower then go to bed when suddenly, the air in front of him opened. When he recovered from the shock, he stared at a weird purple hole with eyes inside that was hanging in the air. The gap itself expanded and he saw a woman come out of it. She was a strange pink and purple dress and also had a weird white poofy hat with a ribbon on it. Her hair, which he thought must be long, was coiled up into the hat. She also held a pink parasol, but he had no idea why she had it since it was already night.

In his opinion, she was one heck of a weird lady. Then he remembered she came out of that strange gap but when he looked again, it was already gone.

He had no idea who she was, how did she do that and what did she want. So he asked the first thing that passed his mind.

"Who are you?"

The lady made some steps and took a chair that was next to her. She sat on it and looked at him. Then she answered.

"My name is Yukari Yakumo, Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto knew that things could be strange sometimes. He wondered why people glared at him for no reasons. He wondered why they said bad things about him. He also wondered why his chakra control was so bad. It wasn't like he wasn't trying. But seeing a lady pop out of nowhere and knowing who he was now the strangest thing he ever saw.

"How do you know me? Did we meet before?"

Yukari smiled a little before answering.

"No, we didn't. I've simply been observing you for a while."

Naruto, who could be downright dense sometimes but also clever once in a while, finally understood who watched him.

"You're the one who watched me? How did you do that? Are you a ninja?"

"No, I'm not. And this is not a bloodline either, before you ask." Yukari answered, enjoying keeping Naruto in the dark for now.

"Huh? But I don't know anyone who can't do that…"

Naruto was utterly confused. Who the heck was she?

"Maybe that's because I'm not human."

-That- got Naruto full attention.

"Huh? What are you if you're not human? And what do you want with me anyway?" Naruto didn't think she was here simply to talk. Except for old man Hokage and Ichiraku and his daughter, nobody would come to talk to him.

Yukari closed her eyes a second, before reopening then and talking.

"First, I am a youkai. I observed you for a while. I heard what they say when they whisper. I know that you're lonely. I know you hate being alone. I know you want to be stronger. And I know you want to be acknowledged."

Naruto wondered first if she just wanted to lure him to use him for something nefarious… like eating him. He shuddered, but then he thought that if she wanted to do something like that, she wouldn't even have bothered to talk to him.

She rose from her seat before disappearing for a second as a gap opened under her. Naruto wondered where she was, when her head appeared next to him through another strange gap in the air. She leaned her elbows on the border of the gap and rested her chin on the back of her hands.

"I want to offer you an invitation to a special place called Gensokyo. I know people who can help you. I know people who won't mind spending time with you. I know people who can train you. I also know people who would love to help you with your pranks." She didn't bother to say that she was amongst those who loved good pranks.

When she said nothing else, Naruto decided to speak.

"Gensokyo… What's that? And why would I want to go to a place I don't know?" Naruto said. But he was tempted. She looked nice. But then again, he knew looks weren't everything. She already admitted she wasn't human, after all.

"It's simply a legendary land with humans and youkais living in it. Of course, I know it sound strange to you. How about coming for a week then, to learn and decide after if you want to stay? I promise I'll bring you back safely after if that is what you want."

Naruto decided then. He knew she wouldn't have promised if she was just lying. And it wasn't like he would mind that much missing a week at the Academy. It also sounded interesting. Maybe he could learn a jutsu there that would finally prove that he was way better than Sasuke-teme! Then Sakura-chan would see how cool he was and finally go out with him!

"Alright then! When do we leave?"

"Right now."

"Huh…? But shouldn't I warn old man Hokage or something before? And I should also ask old man Teuchi to water my plants… And also…"

Yukari laughed a little before answering.

"Don't worry. I'll grab your plants right after so you can continue to take care of them. I'll also leave a note here about you."

She held out her hand before continuing.

"Now hold my hand and don't let it go. It will only take a few seconds."

Naruto did so and a gap opened beneath them. The last thing that was heard in the apartment was Naruto saying how cool the weird space he was in was before the gap closed.

A few hours later, a few ANBU ninjas were in the Hokage's office, waiting with dread the reaction he would have from the report.

"So let me get this straight." He started, turning to look at them. "Naruto disappeared, with no traces of a break-in on the door or the window and no chakra sensed. Nobody at the gates saw them and you haven't seen or sensed anyone strange in the village in your night patrol. Yet not only Naruto disappeared, but the kidnapper also took his plants, kami-sama know why, along with him and nobody saw anything or anyone strange at all?"

The leader of the night patrol was afraid, for a very good reason.

The Hokage was grinning. Not a happy grin, of course, but more like a grin a deranged or a very pissed off person would have. He already knew which one it was. The again, he wondered if it could be both.

"And not only that, but they left a note along with it."

Sarutobi took the note, reading it out loud for those present who hadn't heard of it.

To the "Hokage"

I took Naruto to make him visit a special place. He will be back in a week if he wants to."

Yukari Yakumo

The ANBU gulped. It was clear the Hokage was very pissed off by the events. Naruto disappeared to an unknown place and nobody had heard of this "Yukari". He knew how much his leader liked the boy.

But it wasn't like they knew what happened either! They did their patrol as usual and truly didn't saw or sensed anything out of the ordinary. And it wasn't like any ANBU was stupid enough to just conveniently forget to check on him. They lost many ANBUs when the demon attacked and all those who survived remembered what it could do. They weren't foolish enough to believe something stupid like he was the demon or something like that.

"So what explanation do you have then?" The Hokage said, bringing the ANBU away from his thoughts. Said ANBU could only gulp, since he had nothing to say and was as confused as Sarutobi about how Naruto disappeared.

They said that after the meeting, which ended with a rarely seen angry Third Hokage, one ANBU fainted and two couldn't sleep for the night, still scared from the meeting. But no matter how much time they spent in his office, no answer could be found from Naruto's disappearance.

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