Well, if you've seen the summary and bothered reading this, I'll try to make it work your time. Now I'll get to the point and explain my decision.

Writing for me is purely for fun. I enjoy reading far more than writing, sure, but sometimes I get the bug to develop an idea I got. This is how this story got started.

As years advanced, my updating speed decreased. I planned for more, learned more, got distracted by more stuff to read. School is also important, since I simply can't afford to fail. Summer? Work. 12 weeks. And distracted by new series on my free time too. Still tried to add words at time to the next update.

But when I took time to write, opened the page for my next chapter and I couldn't write anything, despite knowing what I wanted to do, that's when I saw there was something seriously wrong going on.

The reasons? First, I think the primary cause is my complete and total loss of interest in Naruto. Second? I reread my first chapters and wondered what the hell I was thinking back then. Especially as I didn't know as much about Touhou as I did now. Third, when thinking of updating seems like a chore instead of fun, then, like I said before, something is wrong.

Fourth is important too. I got more ideas for future fics. But I didn't really want to start them until I finished this first. But I was still stuck and uninspired. So I came to the decision that either I sit and type, or end this now. I tried writing and I was still stuck. So, enough is enough. I said I would finish this but looking back, it was nothing more than an arrogant promise when I thought myself better than those who gave up. But, as I learned, I really should have punched myself for thinking that.

So I'm finally pulling the plug on this, for those who wanted to know what came next, don't worry: the least I can do is write what I had planned for the rest of this.

Sorry about those who hoped for me to finish this, but beating a dead horse here will just produce an uglier corpse.

Here's the end of the note. Rest of this is what I had planned.

First, Naruto wouldn't have spoken for Hinata. With all the lessons he got on control, he feared that he would lose control on himself. When the fight (or more like torture) ended, the rail Naruto gripped would have been distorted and almost about to snap. Mood would have been down, Gai would have been angry.

Last match: Lee versus Dosu. No longer in a good mood, Lee isn't taking Dosu's taunts, remove his weights and show that he can indeed punch him out faster than he can use his arm to mess him up.

Finals? First match would have been Kiba versus Neji. Then Naruto versus Lee. Second part is Shikamaru versus Shino and Sasuke versus Gaara and Kankuro getting a pass for first round. Kiba is getting his shot first but if he loses, then Lee and Naruto decide that their match will decide who get to finally teach a lesson to Neji.

And yes, Lee versus Naruto. Isn't everyone tired by now to mostly see Naruto versus Neji again and again?

Training month after that. Kakashi can make time for both Sasuke and Naruto. However, he can't train both at the same time and while he won't dismiss Naruto if he ask for training, it's a fact that Naruto has many to turn to for that (and Sasuke has pretty much no one else). And even Naruto can agree that Sasuke will die if he's not ready to face Gaara. But because of a party for Naruto's victory last night, Yukari is now deeply asleep and won't wake up for a while. Naruto would then go see Youmu for training, as she can make him used to fight someone really fast.

Meanwhile, Remilia eventually learns what is going on and send Meiling, as she already know him, to train Naruto's opponent so that the fight will be 'fair'.

Also during that month, Naruto confronts Neji and ask why the hell he hurt his cousin so much. Neji then say that someone clearly favoured by Fate would never be able to understand, which pisses Naruto further (since he knows Remilia's power, he know Fate is anything but unchanging). Neji leaves after saying he expect him to win against Lee without much trouble.

Now the finals. Sasuke discover to his horror that there's really something that always make Kakashi late. Yukari, Ran and Chen are watching from a place none can see. Yuyuko and Youmu have a spot in the stands next to the other genin watching (when asked why here, as she is clearly no ordinary woman, Yuyuko answer that she simply don't want to deal with stuffy nobles. When making a comment that she maybe should have brought a snack, Chouji offers a bag of chips. To Ino and Sakura's complete shock, Yuyuko is happy and kiss him on the cheek.

As for the fights, it should not be surprising that I planned for Neji to win against Kiba. Then comes Lee against Naruto. Blow are exchanged, but Naruto has trouble keeping up with Lee. Until Lee ask why Naruto is holding back, as Naruto moved much faster against Tenten. Wouldn't they give their all here to see who would be the best to face Neji? Naruto, who still preferred to fight using only his human side, understand and starts fighting with the strength of a half-youkai. Gets back the advantage and Lee decide to use the move he learned during his training, a combination of Reverse Lotus and Mountain Breaker. But Naruto manage to painfully gets back on his feet and Lee see that Naruto is stronger than him, taking even his strongest attack. He falls unconscious and Naruto is declared the winner.

Neji, observing this, ponder a bit about his ways. There is no denying that very few could have taken Lee's last attack like Naruto did.

Then Shikamaru and Shino. I admit, I still am undecided who would win between the two. What would happen if Shikamaru took the insects's shadows anyway?

Finally, Gaara and Sasuke where crap happens. As the genjutsu is cast, Yuyuko is perfectly alright as something designed to affect the senses of the livings is useless against the deads like her. However, she does complain that Youmu need more training against subtle attacks, as only her ghost-half is awake.

Anyway, same group is sent to get Sasuke back before he gets to Gaara (what was that guy thinking sending Sasuke alone anyway?). Yuyuko eventually have someone wakes up Youmu and send her after them too, saying they'll need more strength if the confrontation is inevitable. On her way, she cuts down those trying to intercept the group.

Meanwhile, the Third is fighting and Yukari is perfectly happy to simply watch. Until Orochimaru make the mistake of summoning dead souls to fight for him. And that's a big no-no for Yukari, considering who her best friend is. She enters the battle and while keep the previous two kages busy while the Third deal with his student.

Naruto's group finally reach Sasuke and Gaara. With Naruto and Youmu, Gaara is pushed back and transform to overwhelm everyone. At the height he is, hitting him with danmaku just isn't possible. Youmu forms a plan: she will cut the sand tanuki's arm and Naruto will climb up as fast as possible while it's distracted and doesn't realize someone is on him (because then said person would be engulfed and very painfully crushed). It's close, but the plan succeed.

Meanwhile, Yukari is tired. The two kages earned their title for a reason and while she has not much trouble countering them, she simply can't use bigger attacks, as it would be hard to explain to Naruto why she killed his grandfather figure. Finally, she murders one of the Sound Four holding the barrier to let the ANBUs him and Orochimaru is forced to retreat before he is overwhelmed. The two undeads are quickly dispatched.

Arc ends on a meeting between the Third and Naruto. While he can't promote Naruto, as field commanders need to be more than keep fighting until opponent is down (being loud and showy didn't help either since stealth is also important at times), he reveals to Naruto who is parents were. Before, he couldn't tell it since Naruto was young and not great at keeping secrets. Now however, he knows Naruto can defend himself in the case this went out and someone tried to get revenge on his father. He also writes him a scroll about one of his father's techniques, the Rasengan, with the promise to burn it after he learned it.

Itachi and Kisame still come, but I am still unsure how it would go. Naruto is safe in Gensokyo while this happens.

Time passes and next arc would have been a Gensokyo arc, Yukari spending time with Naruto. There would have been a fight between Tenshi and Naruto (Tenshi wants to fight Yukari, Yukari doesn't and tells her she'll fight if she defeats Naruto first. Naruto manage to pull a win, using the Rasengan he made into a spellcard. Then both have a small trip on the Outside, with Yukari showing Naruto a bit of her world and explaining the differences between the three worlds he know of.

Final arc is the rescue arc. As Yukari doesn't see the situation changing, she decides to push Sasuke a bit more towards defecting. The rescue team is set up after Sasuke leaves, but Shikamaru was unable to find Naruto, as he doesn't know about the gap inside the place leading to the Yakumos.

Eventually, Naruto arrives and learn what happened. He immediately starts running after them. Not sure how fights would have happened in the meanwhile, but it ends with Naruto finally catching up to Sasuke, where he see his friend left ton his own will. Naruto then propose the stakes. If Naruto wins, he's bringing Sasuke back to Konoha. If Sasuke wins, then Naruto will let him go. As fight goes, both learns how each wanted to be like the other. Naruto wanted to be great at learning and admired like Sasuke was (except the jerk part). Sasuke wanted to be able to have a family like Naruto gained. He's also jealous of the techniques Naruto gained. Naruto reply that if he wanted to learn something new so much, why didn't he simply ask? It's not like he can't understand how pissed Sasuke is at Itachi for murdering his family. Not completely, but he can see how he would have reacted too. End in a draw as when both are unable to continue. After making Sasuke admits it, Naruto lose consciousness. Sasuke is annoyed, but isn't sure what to do now since Naruto can't exactly do anything to stop him. Eventually, he's annoyed and decides to bring him back himself: it's not Naruto bringing him back but Sasuke deciding this on his own.

And the last part starts as Naruto is visited by Hinata. While trying to stay hidden, Naruto sense her and invite her inside his hospital room. After a while, she asks why he's so nice to her…

There was a critical weak point in Yukari's argument back then: Naruto remembers how hard his life was back before. He knew how weak he was and how many would have given up. How the hell would he even mock someone in trouble like Hinata when the same could have happened to him if he just had a little less willpower?

What follow is Naruto being really pissed off at Yukari. Yukari, seeing what's going to happen, transport both her and Naruto at a wasteland. When Naruto ask for answers, Yukari gives them: She never really cared about Konoha and would rather prefer to have Naruto stay in Gensokyo full time. Then Yukari state that if he doesn't like it, they can fight her without trouble.

Naruto to so, going all out and using everything he learned. But after a while, Yukari state that enough is enough and counterattack. It doesn't take long before the point is made that Naruto has no chance to defeat her. She then state that she'll simply be on her way and drop him and Konoha and won't have to see her again.

But Naruto manage to get up and hugs her from behind, surprising Yukari. He says that while he hates what Yukari did, she is still someone important to him as with others he met because of her. That she could have forced him to stay in Gensokyo or influenced him much more, maybe even going back in time by playing with boundaries of past and present but didn't do so. But she'll have to take the bad with the good: Naruto works for Konoha and it will stay so until he feels it's time to go. And it's not like he has nothing to complain about Yukari either.

Of course, Naruto ask her to apologize to Hinata. Yukari doesn't want to and pouts.

Epilogue, happening weeks later, was to be with Sasuke going to the Underground at Naruto's request. He heard from Yukari that something strange was happening but she said he wasn't allowed to go. She has plan to bug Reimu into going alter, but Naruto go gets Sasuke, who now also know danmaku, and send him with something so he can help like Yukari plans (learned while she was testing it with him) to do with Reimu. Sasuke is however defeated and sent back by Yuugi (who enjoyed the fight and invites him to come back again) and despite being annoyed by his loss (and Naruto saying that he sucks), know he still has a long way to go.

Why end this here? Because I don't want to get into the rest of Naruto. In theory, Yuakri can nuke the whole Akatsuki group anyway.