This idea popped into my head to day so I thought I would see what all you people out there thought so here goes

What if

Summery: what if Gabriella (from HSM) and Tin Tin (from Thunderbirds) were in fact the same person. When the Hood escapes from prison Tin Tin and her mother are forced into hiding that is why they have done so much moving.

Bold Narration

Italics Actions

Normal dialog

Black and white footage memory

Trailer: What if.

What if everything you thought you knew was wrong.

Shows Gaby smiling. Flashes to Tin Tin on Tracey Island and back to Gaby again.

What if he wasn't her first love?

Shows Troy

What if he was?

Shows Alan Tracey

And what if they were torn apart.

(Switches to black and white footage)

Shows Jeff Tracey running onto the beach where Alan and Tin Tin are sitting watching the sunset.

"Alan, Tin Tin get inside now!" Jeff yells

"Dad what's going on" Alan gasps

Suddenly the room the 3 of them have run into begins to shake violently.

"It the Hood" Jeff tells them "He's escaped and he coming after you Tin Tin"

"What? Why me?" Tin Tin cries

"Because you're the only one who can stop him" Jeff tells her

"What are we going to do dad" asks Alan

"The only one thing we can do son, Tin Tin has to go into hiding"

(Switches to colour footage)

Shows Gaby in tears

(Switches to black and white footage)

Shows Tin Tin and her mother looking out of a plane window both with tears streaming down their faces with Alan, his father and Tin Tin's father watching them leave.

(Switches to colour footage)

Her Gift cost her one group of friends

Shows Tin Tin with yellow eyes

She vowed not to let it happen again

Shows Gabi with the wild cat friends

But what if he will not let her keep her vow

Shows the Hood

Now Gabi has to fight for her life but which life will she chose to fight for.

The old.

Shows Alan

Or the new

Shows Tory

What if, a story of love and friendship by Millie 1985

What do you think please read and review, tell me if you think it is worth developing.