Hey everybody.

Just thought I'd clear up a few things.

First off, Backfire is ABANDONED. I can't remember what I was going to do with the fic. I'm not going to be writing any more of it. I am putting it up for adoption. If anyone is interested in a rewrite or continuing the story, PM me and I'll watch you redo my story and offer suggestions. Who knows, I might remember something or find one of my old files on Backfire.

Secondly, I have gotten a few reviews that state that I have my facts wrong about the 8-tails and it's vessel. This is partially correct. Backfire was written before Kishimoto revealed that the 8-tails was an Ushi-Oni. My version has the 8-tails be a Pheonix inside a very blatant OC. Please cease with the "The 8 tails isn't a phoenix, you're doing it wrong" reviews

Finally, Please do not write a review and then take it down so I can't reply to it. I'm mostly posting this here so that EVERYONE can see it and so I can reply to the reviews. There is an unspoken agreement here. I don't take down my stories, however bad they may be and in return, when you review, you don't take it down so you don't have to listen to replies.