The Annoying Metal Box

Which Contains the Undead

Beating Heart of

A Squid Man.

(BAM! That be the full title!)

Summary: Michaela and Rebecca are back for the exciting adventure ahead of them. How will separation from each other hold up as things keep going wrong? How will the ending make our new characters feel? Hmm…

Chapter One: The Flop(Remember this nickname, it'll be brought back in AWE!)


The sun didn't shine over the harbor of Port Royal today. It was mid afternoon and rain pelted the ground. It didn't just rain on the ground, it rained on someone's dream to be wed to the man she loved. This woman sat where the should have guests, which didn't arrive due to inclement weather, but the weather wasn't the only reason. Elizabeth Swann got up to find the should be guests staring at her soon to be husband, to top it all of, in irons next to a shorter man in a wig.

"Will," she mumbled to herself walking over to her fiancé.

"You look beautiful," he replied.

"It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding—." A shouting man joining the fiasco disrupted their thoughts.

"What are you doing," Governor Weatherby Swann shout as he came over to the ruckus. His youngest daughter, Rebecca and her best friend, Michaela Turner, followed him. The two girls wore identical olive green dresses with matching gold shoes. Their hair was done exquisitely; in a way Michaela never knew hers could look, attractively curly. It would have been perfect if only the gloves were added. Elizabeth wanted all of the women to wear long white gloves, but four days prior, Michaela had managed to find a way for her hand to wind up under the wheel of a cart. On top of having a completely broken hand, Michaela didn't look a bit above thrilled to be standing there in the dress. Her right thumb, index, and middle finger were bandaged together along with metal splints she complained for her brother to make for her. Since her arrival in Port Royal she had only worn a dress in an audience with the queen, Captain Norrington's promotion, and a hanging. It took Will more than asking nicely to get his sister into the dress. They finally agreed that if Michaela wore the dress an entire day, she could sleep late and have Will do whatever she wanted him to do (to an extent, Will's definition of "whatever" was definitely much different from his sister's) for a whole week.

"Governor Weatherby Swann, it's been too long," the shorter man stated.

"Cutler Beckett," the Governor asked in apparent shock.

"It's Lord now, actually," Beckett corrected.

"Lord or not, you have no reason and no authority to arrest this man," Weatherby shout.

"In fact I do," Beckett pointed out with a sinister smile, "Mr. Mercer." The Lord put out his hands and his assistant handed him documents, "Here's the one for William Turner." Weatherby examined the piece of parchment, Rebecca and Michaela peered around him and looked as well.

"Unless your brother changed his name, I think it's for Lizzie," Rebecca whispered to her friend.

"This one's for Elizabeth Swann," the Governor stuttered.

"That's annoying, my mistake, arrest her," Beckett ordered with no emotion. Rebecca gasped and nearly fainted, her sister was being arrested before her own eyes.

"On what charges," Elizabeth shrieked. Will tried to prevent his fiancée from being clapped in irons as well, but it didn't work as planned.

"Three remaining," Beckett stated, "One for a Miss Michaela Turner—." Michaela's eyes widened as her brother turned to look at her; this was a dead giveaway to the soldiers; they immediately grabbed her and managed to purposely grab her right hand while clapping her in irons as well.

"Rebecca Swann," Lord Beckett called out. Rebecca went down with no effort of resisting and the four stood shackled as the wedding guests stood staring at them.

"And one for a James Norrington, is he present?"

"Commodore Norrington resigned ages ago," Weatherby replied.

"I believe that's not the answer to my question—."

"What are we charged with," Michaela and Rebecca shout in unison.

"Lord Beckett, in the category of questions not answers—."

"We are under the jurisdiction of the King's Governor of Port Royal and you will tell us what we are charged with," Elizabeth finished.

"The charge is," Weatherby read, "Conspiring to set free am an convicted of crimes against the Crown and condemned to death, for which the punishment is—."

"For which the punishment is regrettably death," Beckett added nonchalantly.

"Perhaps you remember a certain pirate named Jack Sparrow?"

"Captain," the four snapped together.

"Captain Jack Sparrow," Elizabeth stated.

"I thought you would."