The first time Dr. Ellie Satler kissed him, he nearly fell over. Maybe it was because he was squatting in the sand as he inspected a newly unearthed fossil and the force of her lips crashing against his was powerful enough to offset his balance. Or maybe it was because it came from completely out of nowhere. All he'd been doing was yammering on about the impeccable quality of the specimen and what the possible time of burial was to an intelligent and respected colleague who had never shown the slightest interest in him.

Of course, she had shown interest. Blaring, blazing interest. She showed it subtly at first, like half the other women on the dig site who had fallen hard for Alan's intelligence, passion and rugged handsomeness. When he utterly failed to react, she was not disheartened, as the other women had been, but amused, because she knew well that he was not brushing her off. He really was just too humble and too focused on his work to notice, which was one of the many things that attracted her to him. Not that she didn't think there was a possibility of rejection. She just knew it hadn't come yet.

So she tried harder. She'd arrange for them to meet alone, inviting him to dinner, at first using the excuse that she wanted to talk about a research paper she was writing that she needed his input on. When all she got was professional enthusiasm and advice, she stopped adding the "to discuss developments in my paper" to the question "Would you like to have dinner tonight?" Four times, they'd gone out without the premise of an academic need, and she'd outright refused to talk about her paper with him.

She found it endearing when he looked at her in concern and asked whether she didn't want to talk about it because she was afraid it wasn't going well and kindly told her that from what he'd heard so far it sounded like it would knock more than a couple of current theories out of the water. Yeah, she found it endearing. And highly frustrating. Yes, Alan, you're exactly right. I have brought you here, alone, for the tenth time wearing the only remotely elegant t piece of clothing I have because I am seeking academic encouragement in regards to a paper on prehistoric plants. If you were any denser, you'd be a fossil.

It was the day after the tenth 'date' that she gave up and resolved to tell him straight up how she felt. Maybe she had to say it scientifically for him to catch on. That would be fun. Alan, as I am lacking in colorful feathers or interesting vocalizations, I am compelled to tell you outright that I am interested in having sexual intercourse with you. Though I would obviously prefer to engage in typical Homo sapiens courting rituals before hand and do not actually want to have one of my eggs fertilized during copulation at this point in time. This made her snicker as Alan was rambling on about the fossil she'd discovered, and he looked up at her in confusion briefly. She played it off as cough, so all he did was briefly touch her back in concern before continuing on with his giddy analysis of the specimen. As she watched him looking fondly down at the piece of bone, smiling as he spoke, it became too much for her. Maybe she wouldn't use the silly speech, but she would certainly let him know what her intentions were in way that he couldn't skirt around by hiding under by sitting the role of oblivious dinosaur geek. She all but pounced on him.

His eyes widened in shock, though she didn't notice as she had closed hers and began kissing him hungrily as soon as she was sure that she'd hit her target. He steadied himself by placing one hand on the ground, and was further saved from falling over backwards by her hands, grabbing the back of his head and forcefully pulling him back towards her. He remained too puzzled to respond for a few moments, but just as Ellie was about to get really embarrassed and start wondering if maybe he hadn't been oblivious to her affection but purposely ignoring it, his lips began to move against hers tentatively and he brought the hand that wasn't being used to keep him balanced up to her face gently. After another moment, he stopped balancing on his toes and sunk to his knees, pulling her closer.

When they finally pulled apart, Ellie grinned widely and said, "Jeez, Alan, you really don't make things easy on a girl, do you?"

Alan blinked and looked almost hurt. "Oh. I'm sorry. Was I…was it…um?"

Ellie looked puzzled and then laughed. "No! I just meant…well you may be a genius when it comes to science and observation and a whole lot of other things, but you seem to be missing the part of your brain that knows anything about women and signals."

Alan smiled at her sheepishly. "Does that mean you're really not getting nervous about your paper then?"

"No. The paper is going fine, Alan," she said, rolling her eyes. She couldn't help, corny as it was, but think 'And now everything else is too,' as she pulled him in for another kiss. As she did it, Alan was thinking that while he hadn't the vaguest idea how this had happened, he was in no way opposed to this new outcome of talking about fossil quality.

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