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As soon as we arrived at the Cullens, Alice was outside to greet us. She had a grouchy look on her face.

"What took you guys so long? It feels like I have been waiting for years. Are you ready for a day full of shopping Bella? I thought we could take a drive over to Seattle. The have the best stores there!" Alice said all of this in a rush, meanwhile jumping up and down with excitement.

My response was to groan and throw my arms around Edward. I looked pleadingly up at him.

"Don't worry," he murmured. "I'll be right there with you the entire time."

Edward, Alice, and I then piled into Alice's yellow Porsche. Edward and I sat in the back while Alice drove. We made it to Seattle in a little less then an hour (Alice's car goes faster then Edward's.) Our first stop was a huge shopping mall, with hundreds of stores. I stopped dead in my tracks as soon as I caught sight of it. I attempted to turn around and walk the other way, but two pairs of strong, cold arms stopped me.

"Oh no you don't Bella! We have a ton of shopping to do and you can't run away because its your wedding." Alice screeched smiling.

I sighed and gave up my futile attempt to escape as Alice grabbed my arm and dragged me into the nearest store.

Finally, twelve hours and who knows how many thousands of dollars and complaints later, Alice was finished and content with her shopping extravaganza. We had gotten anything and everything a person could think of to get for a wedding -dresses, shoes, table settings, decorations, even centerpieces with Edward and Bella engraved on them. The only thing that stopped me from screaming out in protest was Edward. I knew all too well that he would enjoy having a nice wedding. He did deserve the best.

Again, it took us less then an hour to reach the Cullen Mansion. As soon as we got there, Edward scooped me up and smuggled me up to his room before Alice could protest. I giggled happily. I guess Edward had heard her thinking about a large quantity of things for the wedding she wanted to talk to me about.

Once in his room, he shut the door and threw me gently on his rather large bed. Then, before I could blink, I heard his rather playful growl, and he launched himself across the room at me. He landed softly on me, but hard enough to make me fall back onto the bed. I giggled again.

I felt his cool hands around my waist and his ice-cold lips on my neck. Eventually, his lips found their way onto mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as passionately as I could manage -I was already breathing hard. I knew it would be a matter of seconds before Edward broke away so he could protect my virtue -once again. However, I was mildly surprised when he didn't break away. He kept kissing me like the end of the world was coming. Finally, he broke away because I was breathing so hard.

While my breathing slowed, Edward chuckled and said, "I thought you deserved a treat after enduring the wrath of Alice all day."

I grinned at his serious face. "Thanks! I'll put up with Alice anytime if my reward is that."

"I heard that!" Alice shouted from downstairs.

At that, Edward and I laughed hysterically.

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