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Chapter 1-The End.

She anxiously awaited the key to turn in the door, the alarm to be turned off and the inevitable "Honey! I'm home!".

Oh how she despised those three words and his patronsing 'We're-A-Happy-Couple' tone.

She despised everything about her husband, apart, of course, from his wealth and the pre-nup she'd made him sign.

Oh, her husband loved her alright. She just didn't love him.

Not that you'd ever of known it, mind. The picture of a perfect wife, a successful professional wrestler and a joint CEO of a huge world famous enterprise.

She'd built everything up from nothing, not her husband. He bought her silence with expensive gifts and trips away to far flung corners of the earth, where sometimes even the paparazzi didn't find them.

Not that she minded that-the press attention did get too much for her and her stupidly famous husband.

The wonderful, gullible and handsome John Cena.

Lying back into her bed and staring at the wall, she recounted the week that she and her second husband had shocked the world.

This wasn't her first day at work, but it was her first day after coming clean about her relationship with John Cena, one of the top Superstars in the company.

She was expecting a barrage of insults, cat calling and snide put downs. What she got was silence and a note on her locker room door that Vince wanted to see her.

"Vince" she nodded and sat down opposite the desk.

"Elodie" Vince adressed her with a slight smile "I'm going to talk to you about that letter you sent to me two days ago."

"Okay. I presume you have a problem with it?" Elodie raised one perfect eyebrow and maintained eye contact with her boss.

"Read throught it" he pushed her letter across the desk to her "And tell me if you mean it"

Mr V. McMahon,

At this time in my life, I wish to no longer be contracted to World Wrestling Entertainment. I feel I have accomplished all that is possible for the time being and do not wish to ruin my star quality by re-appearing in the same old storylines.

I will, of course, drop the title to either Melina Perez or Becky Runnels, as I see only potential in those two women.

Maybe in the future I shall return to the company, but right now I wish to focus on Corporate Chaos.


Elodie E. LeRoux Reine-Taylor

"I don't see the problem, Vince. I want my release so then I can work in my company. We just started a new branch in the business and I need to oversee it" Elodie stated, pushing the letter back to Vince.

"Your relationship with Mr Cena will suffer because of the distance you know." Vince tried one last time to make her stay

Elodie simply smiled "I think you'll find an email from John which ensures that it won't"

Vince frowned, but turned to his computer and selected an un-opened file. His face began to turn red as he scanned through it "Is this your doing?"

"No. It was all John's idea. He hates the schedule, the travelling and the wear and tear on his body." Elodie's voice was steady, but had a hint of a mocking tone woven thorugh some of the words.

The printer next to her whirred into action and John's email spat out of it-Elodie deftly catching it as it shot out. She had not read John's resignation before; he did not want her to see it.

Not that he could stop her now.


In order to spend time with Elodie and live a long life, I am asking for my immediate release from the company.

I will probably regret this decision whilst I'm in between movie scripts, but right now, I've got 5 sat on my desk that I'm willing to star in.

I've had good years with the WWE, but it's time to move on now.

I hope to marry Elodie and have children with her-don't worry, I'll send them your way as soon as they can walk.


John Cena.

Elodie's eyebrows shot up as she read and re-read the last part of the email. If he wanted to marry her, that was fine.

It fit exactly into her plan.

Not that the poor soul knew of Elodie's grand plan, only Charlotte, Elodie's younger sister knew almost every detail.

She didn't know everything, of course. Elodie was many things, but stupid was never one of them.

"I'll be leaving now, Vince. You can reach me on my cell if you need any details. I'll appear on RAW tonight and vacate the title." Elodie left Vince's office with a smirk on her face, money in her pocket and lunch with her sister on her mind.

Charlotte blew the foam from her coffee as her sister spoke-her soft feminine voice becoming harsh and quiet in a way that nobody expected her to be capable of except Charlotte, who expected nothing less at times like these. She surveyed her sister's appearance, fully aware that Eadoin was doing the same to her. Taking in her sisters aviator sunglasses, fine bone structure and loose curled hair, you'd of thought her to be a model, not an Entrepreneur with a deadly and sinster mind. Eadoin was Elodie's real first name, with Elodie being her middle name. She never had liked it, or known the meaning of it.

Charlotte smiled. Her older sister was the epitome of her real name's meaning: Jealousy. Her parents had chosen well with all of Eadoin's name, Jealousy and Wealth. Many had commented that they had gotten it right once again with Charlotte Aoife, Free Spirit and Beauty. She was known for her spontaneous nature and her good looks, inherited from her French mother, Marie-Louis. Their Gaelic/American father Rab, appeared to have entered more into Eadoine's face than Charlotte's. The fiery temper she had though definitely proved that she was her father's daughter.

Elodie ran a hand through her recently dyed brown hair and frowned at her sibling "What're you thinking about?"

"Oh, nothing." Charlotte brightened "I like how you've left bits of red in"

"Yeah. Thanks Daddy for the hair." El snorted and sipped some of her coffee "Anyway, back to next weekend."

"I...Eadoin..." Charlotte faltered and her sister glared at her over her huge sunglasses. Why she was wearing them in November remained a mystery.


Charlotte rolled her light blue eyes "Whatever. Are you sure about this, E? You sure you want to do this?"

Elodie smirked "If I don't do it, he'll do it himself." She gasped "C, you're a genius. Suicide by OD."

Her younger sister frowned "What were you going to do, shoot him?"

Elodie shrugged "Figured I'd cross that bridge when I came to it."

"You fool, El." Charlotte shook her head and drank some more coffee "At least wait until you're married?"

"Engaged?" Elodie reasoned "Marriage is overrated"

"Or so they say" Charlotte laughed, raking a gloved hand through her blonde hair- a characteristic she figured was from some ancestor of hers.

As Elodie began to speak, Charlotte's cell began to ring. She answered it quickly, yelled a few things in German and hung up. She laughed at her younger sister's face and carried on speaking "Elodie Cena. Has a pretty nice ring to it."

"Shame that's not your name" Charlotte snorted, drinking the last of her coffee "You done?"

Elodie nodded but held up a finger as her phone rang from inside her Mulberry bag "Becky? Hey"

"Where are you?"

"At lunch with my sister. I'm just leaving."

"I heard. Why?"

Elodie laughed slightly "Wrestling is boring me now. I'm going back to being a business woman, Becky"

"I don't want you to go."

"I'll give you the Women's Title."

"When do you leave?"

Elodie smiled. She admired Becky for the way she'd acted shy around her husband Cody at first, then on their first date revealing her true self and making Cody fall for her in a matter of minutes. Now married and extremely wealthy with a gorgeous man as her groom, she was pretty much the envy of thousands of teenagers all hoping they could steal Cody away from her. Some of them even went as far as to say they knew Becky to get close to him backstage and she had about 10 imposters on Myspace alone.

"It ends tonight, Becky. It ends tonight" Elodie hung up and for a second was almost sad. She then remembered how much she was worth and how much she stood to gain from John's life insurance, secret accounts and property. That put her in a very good mood. Of course, as sister's are sister's, Charlotte noticed the sudden change in Elodie's mood and turned to her as they began to walk to the valet parking

"Keep thinking about that money, bitch, because a quarter of it's mine"

Elodie simply snorted and collected her keys to her Mercedes "Only if I get caught"