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Chapter 13- Breakfast With The Clan.

Charlotte padded downstairs the next morning around ten to make breakfast for the guests who'd been too drunk to get home.

"What do we have here?" Charlotte laughed as she did a check of the rooms, finding Dom and Randy sprawled on the floor. She quietly stepped over to Randy and kissed him lightly. He smiled and groaned,

"Good morning Cha Cha" His eyes opened and squinted a little as they adjusted to the light, "I fucked your cousin last night."

Charlotte rolled her eyes, "So I see."

"Morning babe" Dom smiled up at her cousin, "Last night was awesome."

Flashing a warning glare at Domonique, Charlotte simply smiled and walked into the kitchen, "Indeed it was. Do me a favour and go wake up Brittany and Ken."

Randy walked into the kitchen, a sheet wrapped around his waist, "Are you jealous?"

"Not particularly. I'm engaged and pregnant and last night I killed somebody. So, your answer" Charlotte paused to kiss Randy briefly on the lips, "Is no."

Randy pulled the coffee beans out of the large cupboard to his right and pouted, "Make me some coffee"

"Fuck you" Charlotte laughed, taking the beans anyway.

"Good morning LeRoux Reine-Taylor-Hardy family!" Jeff bounced into the kitchen imitating Ty Pennington's infamous wake up call and kissed Charlotte, "Hey baby."

"Hey bay bay, hey!" Britt laughed as she too entered the kitchen, "What's for breakfast Ma?"

Charlotte smiled through her teeth, "Go get Becky, Cody and Ken. I changed my mind, we're going out"

As breakfast was being ordered, Charlotte excused herself to meet with the owner of the restaurant.

Knocking lightly on the door, she entered "Hey, Uncle Mark."

Mark was sat with two of his closest friends as his 'niece' walked into his office. In truth, he was her protector, a confidant of her father's and a key member of the Rowlands clan.

"Good morning, Aoife. You're looking radiant" Michael smiled up at his daughter, "I take it you've brought the 'gang' ?"

"Yes, father, I have. I was getting a little stir crazy at home. Good morning Uncle Vince" The ethereally beautiful woman stooped and kissed her godfather on the cheek, allowing her father to kiss her forehead as she moved to sit across from the elders.

"Down to business I assume?" Vince flexed his hands and smiled, "A member of your staff, Maria, has been enquiring about a job with us."

"Lix? Thoughts on this?" Mark looked to the woman who was laughing quietly.

As she controlled her laughter, she put her feet up onto the mahogany desk and smiled at the men, "Maria is in hospital right now. Shannon didn't disclose any further information to me."

"Calixte..." Bob said in a mock 'warning' tone, "You've been a bad girl."

Eadoin tapped her fingers on the steering wheel of her BMW, watching the scene in the restaurant. Her sister had left the table and gone into the back whilst Jeff, Randy, Cody, Ken, Brittany, Becky and Domonique remained at the table, laughing and joking with each other.

"What the fuck?" She hissed, watching Randy lean over and whisper something to Domonique, who then giggled and blushed. Her attention was distracted when two black Jaguars pulled up alongside her and the side door to the restaurant opened.

She watched, incredulous, as Vince McMahon and Michael Rowlands got into the one on the left and Bob Orton and Mark Calaway got into the one on the right.

Instantly, she reached for her cell to text call Charlotte. As she did so, she received a text from her sister.

Nice car. Want it shot up?

Eadoin quickly looked up to locate Charlotte in the building. She wasn't back at the table yet, nor was she stood at the side door. How the hell could she see her? She was well hidden!

Try not to think too hard, sweet sister of mine.

Staring at the screen again, she glanced up to see if Charlotte had appeared. "Where the hell are you, bitch?" Eadoin muttered to herself, pressing the call button.

"You give up, don't you?" Charlotte's voice was mocking, on the verge of laughter, "Go on, give up."

"Fine, I give up. Where are you?" Eadoin sighed and began to get out of the car.

"If you move another inch, you're going to get gunned down and made into dog food" Charlotte's voice was harsh and steady, "Turn the fuck around and get out of here."

Eadoin stared at her cell for a second or two, assuming her sister's hormones were shot right now, "Fine. Just get that slut away from Randy."

Charlotte laughed for a little while, "If only I could."

As her sister hung up, Eadoin snapped her phone shut and wondered what in the hell Charlotte was up to.

The annoying waiter, Paul, was apparently a huge fan of Jeff and wouldn't leave the table alone. Charlotte made a point to call him over during the group's coffee, or her iced tea as she couldn't stomach much caffeine, to get his details.

"Paul, what's your last name?" Her smile once again sealed the deal as the waiter blushed and stumbled over his words;

"L-London. I'm in college studying sports science"

Charlotte nodded, "Paul London. Do you like working here, Paul?"

"Y-Yes, I do."

"Good." She smiled sweetly once more, "If you want to remain employed, I suggest you leave us the fuck alone."

Quick as a flash, the annoying fly in Charlotte's long blonde mane had been swatted away.

"God, baby, what did you say to him?" Randy looked at his lover, mock astounded by her actions. In truth, he was cracking up laughing, knowing full well what she'd implied to the kid. He suspected him staying away was not only saving his job, but his life too.

"Just told him to stop hovering because his cologne was making me want to upchuck." Charlotte sipped her iced tea, "Why, baby, did he look scared of the big bad Charlotte?"

"No," Randy smiled, sipping his own iced tea, the only one in the group noticing Charlotte's choice of beverage, "He looked like a big ball of chaos just threatened him."

The two shared a laugh over the long running joke, which mainly served to confuse those around them and make them feel left out. It worked. Jeff's hand flew to Charlotte's leg almost as fast as his lips did to hers.

He murmured his love for her and she smiled widely, causing Jeff to look at her once again like she was his.

Randy leant back in his chair as Domonique's hand rested on his crotch and watched the scene unfold across from him. It was one hell of a performance, sealed by Charlotte's killer smile.

Present Day. Charlotte's P.O.V

I've been put in isolation now, after dropping the news to Eadoin.
I've searched for my birth mother for a long time, in fact I began looking for her shortly after Michael told me he was my father.

Every link goes back to the start, every snippet of information goes back to one man who knows who she is, aside from my father. I've gathered that she once worked for him and gained fame and notoriety around the early to mid nineties and wasn't famous for wrestling.

Yes, that man is none other than my Uncle Vince McMahon and he's been hiding her identity for over two decades.

As I reached for my cell phone, the sleeve of my jacket rode up and I smiled at the tattoo of a preying mantis on my left wrist.

I always was one for an inside joke.

Returning home to a clean up was never fun. Returning home to a clean up after one of Charlotte's legendary parties was horrendous.

"Char, you have staff for this shit." Dom whined, stood elbow deep in suds in the kitchen as the girls ferried plates and cutlery through to her.

Charlotte sat at her expensive breakfast bar on her designer chair and absentmindedly flicked through the French Vogue, "I know that. I gave them the weekend off."

"You did? Why?" Becky staggered slightly under the weight of the plates, "Actually, never mind that. Brit fucked Ken last night."

"I figured. He saved her from a threesome with Randy and I." Dom laughed, taking the plates from Becky and dumping them into the water.

Charlotte merely shook her blonde curls with an amused expression and drank some of her orange juice, "Ah, what it was to be single."