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Just to make you aware, this whole story is one HUGE flashback.
The papragraph's in italics are present day.
Elodie is the main characters name when she's playing nice, but when she's around her inner circle, I'll refer to her as Eadoin.


Chapter 2-Surprise, surprise.

"...Tonight, guys, seriously, listen to me" Elodie stood in the RAW ring addressing the crowd for what was probably the last time "I am leaving the WWE"

A loud sound of booing erupted from the crowd and she smiled slightly "I know, I know. I'm a busy woman, as most of you probably know. My company's clothing and cosmetic lines are going to be made public-which means you guys haven't seen the last of me!"

Melina's music hit and she strode down to the ring, giving Elodie a sly smile "Shame. I was hoping to be rid of you, finally." She eyed the Women's Title belt and Elodie smiled;

"No, bitch this isn't for you. This is going to the amazing Becky" as she said those last words, new music hit and Becky strode out to the ring. Elodie handed her title belt to the shorter woman and raised her hand, as if to show the passing of the torch.

"You did great, El!" Randy Orton stopped Elodie on her way out of the building. Elodie's mouth curved into a smile and she kissed Randy on the cheek lightly

"Thanks, Randy. I'll say 'hi' to JC for you if you want?"

He nodded "Catch you later babe" Elodie smiled once again and carried on walking out to her car. She needed to speak to her sister, now.

As she opened her car door, her sister greeted her 'Hello' and typed a ZIP code into the cars Satellite Navigation device.

"You're meeting John at a restaurant. He'll probably propose with that big ass yellow diamond ring from Tiffany" Charlotte said, her voice slightly mocking as she leant back into her seat.

Eadoin snorted as she started up the car and reversed out of the parking lot "I'll add it to my collection"

The sisters smiled at each other-Elodie's first husband was a renowned Neurologist with an additional Ph.D in Psychology. He knew other people's brains like the back of his hand, but needed drugs to figure his own out.

"Eadoin Barker." Charlotte laughed, then caught the look on her sister's face "Alright, calm down, Elodie."

"Elodie Cena" she smiled and turned left as the device instructed her to

"Remind me again why you want to kill your future husband-to-be?" her sister asked, applying her red lipstick and pouting into her compact

"Kelly Carlson" Eadoin spat. Her sister chuckled;

"Eadoin, was he actually still fucking her after the film wrapped?" she snapped the mirror shut and turned to look at her sister's steely face, illuminated by the red traffic light in the darkness. Her silence spoke a million words "Okay then. Next weekend, around 6?"

"Half five." came the reply, barely audible over the rev of the Mercedes engine when the light turned to green.

"No way, Eadoin. You'll still be fucking then."

Her sister laughed at this and let the 'Eadoin' slide. "His face'll be a picture at the wedding when my real name is announced"

Charlotte laughed, hitting her sister's right shoulder "Yeah, E, it'll be a digital picture because he isn't going to make it to the wedding!"

The two women laughed the whole way to the restaurant-Charlotte taking Eadoin's keys to drive herself home. New York City at night she thought, can't beat it.

John's eyes twinkled as he took hold of Elodie's hands across the table "Marry me."

Elodie immediatley turned on her tears. Surely an Oscar was next in line for her "Oh gosh! John!"

Just as Charlotte predicted, that yellow diamond ring from Tiffany was soon shoved into her face and then when she accepted his proposal, onto her ring finger.

They spent another half an hour celebrating until John went to the restroom, undoubtedly to do some more drugs. Eadoin smirked and text Charlotte and Becky from under the table.

I love it when a plan comes together-especially in the form of a yellow diamond!
Much love.

Eadoin smirked to herself and admired the glint of her ring in the candlelight. Her phone soon buzzed a reply back from her smug sister:

I love it when a plan comes together and amounts into tens of millions of dollars and an obituary.
I'll take care to start setting up the alibi's tonight.

As much as her sister was spontaneous, she was also very, very in control of any plan that she felt the need to be involved in. Chaos Cosmetics-Check!-and a fat one at that. Her sister's one genius idea alone was set to rake her in at least $250 million in two years. Chaos Couture, another of her sister's lone idea's would roll her in that amount in a year.

There was no doubt about it-her sister was a very rich bitch.

The sisters looked at each other from across the room and smirked. The money was still rolling in, they were still on top of everything and everyone and they still had each other.

"I'm bored" Charlotte announced, swinging her legs from the bed and padding around the room.

Eadoin hushed her sister as her cell vibrated on her bed. She picked it up and saw a text from Becky:

Just got in from the hospital now, Adam Nathan Runnels weighs in at a very healthy 7lb 6oz. He's napping with daddy now and I feel fat.
Thank God Cody's still in love with me, huh?
Seriously though girls, just wait until you have your first child. It's a beautiful moment.
Anyway, my darlings, I better go, Cody's decided he wants to help me lose my baby weight in another form of 'excercise' HAHA!
I love you both and I'll see you next Wednesday.

Charlotte and Eadoin laughed at the once hard ass Becky going all 'Mommy' on them and returned to their memories once more.

"Baby, I need to tell you something" Elodie mumbled from John's chest as they lay together, coming down from their Ketamine high.

John grunted to indicate for her to go on "My name is Eadoin Elodie."

"It's what?!" he laughed and kissed her head "That's crazy"

"I know. Please call me Elodie though. I just didn't want you to worry in the church"

"Okay. That's fine. Can I sleep now?" John sighed, obviously tired.

"You can sleep forever, baby" Elodie smirked as he shut his eyes.

If only he knew.