"How is he?" John asked Dr. Keller as he came into the infirmary.

Jennifer glanced across the room to where Ford was sitting on a bed, being guarded by Ronon.

"Irritating," she responded.

John looked at her.

"Sorry," she said with a smile. "He's fine as far as I can tell, I mean, aside from the levels of Wraith enzyme."

"So he hasn't changed since we last saw him?"

Keller shook her head. "According to the notes Dr. Beckett left, no, he's exactly the same."

Sheppard sighed. "That's what I was afraid of. All right, I should go talk to him." John walked over to the bed and dismissed Ronon with a look. "Well kid," said John to Ford, "I'm not going to lie, we thought you were dead. How'd you get off that ship before it blew up?"

"That's not important," said Ford. "The point is that I got off, and I'm here now."

"All right. You mind telling us why you're here?"

Aiden shook his head. "Not yet. First I have a few questions."

John sighed, but indicated Ford to continue.

"What happened to Dr. Weir?"

"I already told you…"

"No I mean details."

"Ok, fine. She was hurt pretty badly in an attack on the city by the Replicators…do you know who…"

"Yeah, I'm aware of the Replicators," said Ford. "I've encountered them a few times in my travels. They were annihilating planets."

"Yeah well, who isn't these days?" said John. "Anyway, Elizabeth had nanites in her system from a previous encounter with the Replicators. Rodney turned them on so that they would save her. Then she came with us on a mission to the Replicator home world and was captured, so that we could get away."

"Then you don't know that she's dead."

"Trust me Lieutenant, she's dead."

Ford sighed. "This place is so different than I remember."

John nodded. "It's pretty different to us too."

Aiden nodded.

"Now will you tell us why you're here?" John asked.

"Yeah. I need your help."

"The last time you needed our help we all ended up with drugs in our systems," said John warily. "McKay nearly died."

"I know, and I'm sorry for that, but this is different."

"How so?"

"Because you won't be fighting the Wraith this time," said Ford.

"And why is that?"

Ford took a deep breath. "Because you'll be working with them."