The Strength of the Jedi

Author: Laura Kenobi

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Author's Notes: ((italics)) represents thoughts and / italics / represents communication through the Force.

This story was first published in its original version beginning on September 3, 2001. In July 2005, I decided that since four years had passed and my skills as a writer had undoubtedly improved since this story was first written and posted, it might be refreshing to return to this story and give it a fresh look and an update. For the most part the overall story remains the same - my goal has been to improve on and expand on the original, so I hope the result will prove enjoyable to all of you who are wonderful enough to read and review. The version of this story below is the updated version. Call it the "Special Edition" version of this story.

Here is the final chapter! I'm sorry you've had to wait so long, but with the site getting its "makeover", everything has been down. Thanks for waiting!

Summary: A mission to Alderaan takes a wrong turn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn must rely on their inner strength and determination to survive.

Chapter Ten

Raya Iria stepped out of the foliage and walked quietly over to where Qui-Gon Jinn knelt over his unconscious apprentice. She bent over to examine the younger man for herself, and was silently shocked at his condition. He was worse than she had anticipated.

With a motion that only a Jedi can make, Qui-Gon whipped around and grabbed her by the arm. She allowed her eyes to widen slightly, but gave no other outward clues that he had startled her. His eyes softened slightly as he saw her, and questions danced in his eyes. She smiled at him.

"What..." He seemed unsure of what to say.

She held out her right hand, smiling gently. "Jedi Master Raya Iria, it's been a pleasure to meet you, Master Jinn."

If Qui-Gon Jinn had been one to let his jaw drop, it would have hit the floor. He looked completely flabbergasted for a moment, then, recovering quickly, he shook her hand, and smiled his thanks.

"You saved his life," the tall Master motioned at his apprentice, "I am eternally in your debt."

Before she could reply, the team of healers from the temple came rushing into sight, garnering a sigh of relief from Qui-Gon. As they loaded the teenager onto a stretcher, the tall master never left his unconscious Padawan's side. Raya was touched by the love and worry that radiated from the Jedi Master. Perhaps he was not really as stoic as he was rumored to be.

Gathering Obi-Wan's fallen lightsaber, Raya turned and hurried after the team of healers as they exited the room.

"Aurora Satouge. She is actually someone we have been searching for for years. She was involved in some illegal activities a few years back, but managed to evade capture."

"What will happen to her now? My apprentice is not out of danger yet." Qui-Gon spoke harsher than intended, but this brainless officer was wasting his time. Obi-Wan was in critical condition with internal bleeding, and here he was talking to this man.

"We will keep her locked up, Master Jinn, and we will have to hold a trial to decide what to do. It will be taken care of. I wish you and your apprentice well."

"Thank you, sir." Qui-Gon bowed to the portly man, and then hurried back to the medical wing. He spotted a healer, and stepped up to her.

"How is –"

"He's going to be fine, Master Jinn. He's coming around, actually, and I was sent to find you. Please come this way."

Qui-Gon wanted to plow over the healer and race down the hall to his apprentice, but instead he allowed her to lead him to Obi-Wan's room.

As the pair entered Obi-Wan's room, Qui-Gon saw that the young Jedi was in a kind of trance, looking around as though he were in a daydream.

"I will leave you alone with him. If anything happens, please let us know immediately." The healer spoke very softly.

"I will, thank you." Qui-Gon smiled briefly at her as she turned to exit.

"Obi-Wan? Padawan?" The tall Master approached his apprentice slowly and sat in a chair beside the young man's bed, "Obi-Wan, can you hear me?"

When Obi-Wan did not respond, Qui-Gon had to force down a quick surge of panic. Was something wrong? Reaching into the bond that connected Master and Padawan, Qui-Gon tried again.

/ Padawan? Obi-Wan, can you hear me? /

The response was like the crack of a whip. Obi-Wan gasped as though he had just come out of the water for air, and his eyes cleared. Turning his head, he met eyes with Qui-Gon and smiled. Qui-Gon thought his heart would burst with relief.

"M...M-aster." Obi-Wan tried out his voice, the word cam out as more of a croak that a word. Qui-Gon handed his apprentice a glass of water.

"How do you feel, Obi-Wan?" The Jedi Master kept his voice soft.

"Mmmmm... strange." Obi-Wan's face was a mask of confusion. Qui-Gon raised an eyebrow.

"What exactly do you mean?"

Obi-Wan seemed to consider the answer for a moment. When he spoke, his voice was soft and far away.

"When I thought," he took a deep breath, "when I thought you were... wrong, in danger or trouble, I wasn't sure if I'd ever see you again. To lose you, Master... it's the worst thing I can think of. I'm not sure..."

He paused to gather his emotions. Qui-Gon watched the struggle flicker across his Padawan's face in silence, allowing Obi-Wan to continue.

"I felt so helpless to stop it. But I was really in the same building as you and I didn't even know it. I should have been able..."

He heaved a great sigh, and looked at his hands. Qui-Gon leaned over and lifted the younger man's chin so that their eyes met.

"Obi-Wan, what do you think you should have been able to do? You had problems of you own, to say the least. Do not feel responsible for what happened. I could not feel it either, and if a Jedi Master cannot tell, do you think that you should've known?" Qui-Gon gave a small smile, and Obi-Wan nodded slowly. Qui-Gon continued.

"You showed great strength, my Padawan. That is something all Jedi must learn – strength. You were alone and feeling helpless, and yet you had the strength to think clearly and do what was right. You're well on your way to becoming a Knight, Obi-Wan. Your strength and will to do the right thing is equal to many Knights I know." He gave his apprentice a warm smile.

"I guess so..."

Obi-Wan looked down at the hard cast on his arm. He seemed to study it, but Qui-Gon knew he was thinking about something else.


"Yes, Padawan."

"I think," the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, "that they should set up a special room here for me. I end up in here a lot." Obi-Wan couldn't contain his amusement any more and he broke into a big smile. Qui-Gon chuckled.

"Yes, maybe if they did you would somehow stay out of trouble."

"I doubt it." An impish grin split Obi-Wan's face, and Qui-Gon knew that his apprentice would be okay. He smiled back, thinking of the day when his apprentice would be a Knight, and what a proud man he would be at that ceremony...

- Two Weeks Later -

Obi-Wan Kenobi was so happy to be out of the infirmary that he nearly ran down the hall to the sparring chamber to meet his Master. As he entered the large room, he spotted his Master speaking to a beautiful female Twi'lek. He did not wish to disrupt the pair, so he walked over and sat on a small bench.

As he watched the pair converse, his Master motioned him over. Standing quickly, he strode over to where they stood near the center of the room.

"Padawan, this is Master Raya Iria. Master Iria, this is my Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi." His Master's eyes sparkled.

Obi-Wan bowed quickly. "It's nice to meet you, Master Iria."

She smiled. "I see you are in a much better place today than you were the last time I saw you, Padawan Kenobi. I'm glad."

Obi-Wan frowned. He couldn't recall having seen her before.

"She saved you from the Tsargne a few weeks ago, Padawan. Do you remember? She's the one you mentioned."

Obi-Wan blinked. How had another Jedi Master been there? Confusion must have flickered across his face because Master Iria took over the conversation.

"After we heard of your ship being attacked, I was sent to find you. Once I discovered where you had been taken, I applied for a job in the building and thus I was able to get into where your Master was. I freed him so that he could go to you, and then went there myself. I'm glad I got there before those animals got to you."

Obi-Wan involuntarily winced as he remembered slamming into that wall of metal. He looked down at his arm, now in only a light brace thanks to the healers.

"As am I, Master Iria. Thank you." He bowed.

"I'm glad I could help." She turned to Qui-Gon, "I must be going. Please let me know how the two of you are fairing from time to time."

"Of course. Thank you." Qui-Gon's eyes shone with genuine gratitude. Master Iria smiled, bowed, and was gone. Qui-Gon turned to face Ob-Wan, pulling out his 'saber.

"Shall we?"

Obi-Wan smiled.

"Yes sir!"

As the pair sparred, Master Raya Iria watched from the shadows. They were an amazing pair, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. They seemed more like father and son than Master and Padawan. Their strength as a pair was incredible, and she could tell that they would do great things for the galaxy. They were a great example of a Jedi pair. Teams like Jinn and Kenobi were the heart of the Order.

The strength of the Jedi.

The End.

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