Bonnie was all alone. The only one left standing. And she was afraid.

But she knew what she had to do.

She let her knees collapse again, dropping to the ground beside Stefan.

And this is how it ends, she thought. You kneel beside your knight and then you face the enemy.




No time to trance, no time for anything. Nothing except one desperate appeal. . .

"Elena!" Bonnie screamed. "Elena! Elena!"

Klaus faltered in mid-step and recoiled, handsome face twisting in surprise. For an instant, it seemed as if time itself had stopped in the clearing.

Seizing the respite, Bonnie began to gather her powers, focusing everything she had into a single thought and hurling it out into the night.

Elena! We need you!

Then she sagged forward, drained.

By now Klaus had drawn back even further. He stood a few feet from Bonnie and Stefan, blond head tilted slightly to the side. Listening.

Bonnie listened too. She huddled on the dark ground, all her senses honed and straining. Desperate to pick up some kind of response.

She knelt, and waited, and felt. . .


Dead silence, but for the crackling sound of flames.

No. . . Bonnie looked around wildly, heart sinking. Oh, God. . . A renewed wave of terror washed over her.

Klaus was already grinning. As their eyes met, his smile widened. He started forward again, one arm reaching out.

His hand was on her neck before she could scream, hauling her up into the air. Bonnie could feel herself choking as he held her inches from the ground. She struggled: kicking, writhing, twisting—anything to break free. Soon her lungs were burning, and black spots filled her vision until she couldn't see.

"Stupid girl," she heard Klaus mock. "You should have run."

The pain was getting worse. This is it, Bonnie thought dimly, I'm going to—

And then the darkness came crashing down, and she knew no more.

Author's Note:

Huge thanks to windiain for the awesome beta on this story.

All recognizable characters belong to L.J. Smith, but this story and its original elements are mine. Please do not copy, steal, archive, or distribute.