Strawberry Panic, Wilted Lily, Part 3

Chapter 3

It was quite the commotion Chikaru and Tamao's relationship caused. It didn't exactly go as planned, and got leaked out to the whole school by the second day they were seeing each other for 'personal' midnight tea parties. Tamao seethed that she would strangle the person that spread the information and stuff soiled panties down her throat when she caught her.

Tamao didn't really see Nagisa's reaction yet. She was probably toddling away with Shizuma somewhere in the vast campus of Astrea hill. As for the rest of the school, the reaction was that of relief. Relief that poor Tamao had finally gotten a lover, and the mysterious Chikaru finally came out of her shell. Chikaru mostly shrugged it off, and acted like her old self around the students- aloof, friendly, and just the right touch of weirdness to keep them away. She had recently started up even more clubs, each one stranger than the last. 'Oshibaru says that Chikaru sempai can't make anything weirder than standing first in line club.' Kagome announced one day when there were rumours of Chikaru starting up an anime club.

Turns out, the anime club was quite a success, and prompted many of the students to become quite baffled and become unofficial existentialists. They watched episodes of Bleach, Sailor Moon, and even Gundam movies from time to time. If Chikaru got the students to sign a waiver, they could see more mature shows such as Elfen Lied, Evangelion, or Beserk.

Tamao commented on how much Tsubomi looked like Lucy when they were watching, causing Tsubomi to fly into one of childish temper tantrums. More clubs included the 'how to flip the birdie club,' (at the insistence of Kaname.) ' Mannequin practice club', 'The Auto Cad club,' 'The Charlie Brown Club, and the most peculiar, ( and disturbing. Chikaru thought of this club in one of her dreams.) 'The Marquis De Sade San tribute club.' Where they read his stories and drew pictures wrote fan-fiction about the perverted Marquis.

Naturally, it attracted a bunch of weird people and gave the discussions a very demented edge.

it was as if Tamao had opened up more gateways in Chikaru's creative side ever since they started to be a couple.

Whether this was for better or for worse, no one could really agree, but the two seemed as happy and bubbly as they had ever been, holding hands wherever they went, making out in public places, ( much to Kaname and Momomi's dismay. 'They can't copy our style.' Kaname hissed once when they caught them making out under an oak tree.)

And so it went like this for several weeks until the pair caught up with the Momomi and Kaname, who were strutting around and twirling pens around in their fingers. Momomi was desperately trying to flip it over her thumb, watching Kaname enviously as the pen flew around her fingers in a hovering fashion. They caught sight of Tamao and Chikaru sipping Perrier ( 'Perrier!? Gin kicks Perrier's ass!' Thought Kaname grimly.) and decided to ask them the question that they were dying to ask them for the past few weeks.

' And why do you like Happy Tree Friends? I like it cause it's soooo creative! Like when Lumpy san spun around the-

Chikaru was talking to an obviously fascinated Tamao about the joys of Happy Tree Friends when she caught sight of the evil pair walking towards them. Momomi had given up trying to twirl the pen around and was settling for flipping it around her middle and pointer finger.

'So. How are our two new lovebirds doing?'

Tamao and Chikaru were both quite good natured people, and didn't really want to start a fight with some misplaced words. ' LikeYaya would...' Thought Tamao absentmindedly.

'Fine. We were just going to talk about the Happy Tree Friends episode 'Shard at Work'! Great distraction from school work, you know...' Chikaru found herself unable to keep her conversation starter afloat when a mischievous gleam appeared in Momomi's eyes.

' something bothering you two?' Tamao piped in, hoping to act as a shield in case the terrible two would attack.

'I was just wondering. Have you two fucked yet?'

Chikaru let out a jet blast of Perrier from her mouth while Tamao choked on a mouthful of hers.

' Sheesh. It's just a simple question. Everybody knows you have to screw like dogs in heat quite often if you want to keep up a healthy relationship.' Kaname said helpfully.

Chikaru was still pounding Tamao's back to keep her from gurgling in the Perrier. ' Ummm...wh-wuh-well...we haven't...'

Tamao's bulging eyes finally subsided when she coughed out phlegm coated remnants of the Perrier onto the ground. ' What kind of a question is that? That's private!'

'Pffft. I knew it. You two still haven't done it yet. It's just like you two. Stop avoiding it. You'll regret it if you do it when you're old bags.' Said Kaname quite venomously.

' We have done it too! Like when Tamao Chan gave me a hand j-

'SHUT UP ABOUT THAT!' Tamao squeaked in desperation. ' And besides...that was partial.' Her face had started to blanch into a sickly pastel-like white pallor.

Momomi smirked and attempted to twirl the pen around her thumb again, ' You know, hand jobs don't really count, unless you break the cherry.'

Tamao's face took on the colour of radishes as she groaned and buried her head in Chikaru's shoulders. Chikaru muttered, ' Somebody shoot me and put me out of my misery...'

Kaname put her hand on a blubbering Chikaru's shoulder, ' You know, it's just not natural . It's not like you're Buddhists or something. Just...find the right mood...put on some looooovemusic'

Chikaru could feel her shoulder slowly being dislocated by the pressure Tamao was putting on her. 'B-b-but...w-w-we erm...'

Kaname leaned closer to Chikaru and whispered something in her ear. Chikaru's mouth fell open in astonishment as Kaname walked off with Momomi, smirking at the latest victim of their often lewd 'love advice.' Momomi dropped her pen attempting to do the thumb spin. As she bent down to pick it up, Kaname slapped her butt, prompting a series of squeals and 'YOU HENTAI!' From Momomi.

'Are they gone?' Asked Tamao as she disconnected herself from Chikaru's shoulders. Chikaru swore she could feel an indent where Tamao pressed her head...

'What did she whisper to you?'

Chikaru groaned, ' I'd rather not talk about it.'

'C'mon! I have a right to know what those two sickos said to you!'

Chikaru leaned over and whispered in Tamao's ear Kaname's grand secret.


Chikaru slapped her hand over Tamao's shocked exclamation, 'Quiet. I don't think they have that stuff in the school now, okay? And no. I don't think it's natural either.'

'Come to think of it, we really didn't properly 'do it' either.' Mused Chikaru thoughtfully, ' At least something Kamane said was right. You do have to be in the right mood. We're just too busy these last few weeks to do anything. You with your studies and me with my clubs and all...'

Tamao wringed her hands together and looked at Chikaru bashfully, ' you's Friday, right? So technically...Tomorrow's our only free' Tamao looked like somebody had changed her head into Larry the Tomato.

'Alright then...hmmmm...' An awkward silence got between the two girls. The discussion of their sexual relations-to-be was really not a good subject to be discussing in the middle of the day on a bench near the campus.

Chikaru broke the ice. With her face burning at approximately a hundred degrees, she finally wracked up the courage to ask Tamao just what she thought of the fact that her...thing still wasn't broken off.

'Tamao chan? Er...I wanted to ask you...when you gave me, you know, the handjob...' Chikaru's stomach twirled around when she said that word, ' know I'm still a virgin now, right?'

Tamao dared not look into Chikaru's eyes as she mumbled something incoherent under her breath.

'Say what?'

'I'm a virgin too.'


An even more awkward silence passed between them. Chikaru was kind of surprised, actually. She had always viewed Tamao as a cheerful, outgoing person with no particular trouble in the ways of hooking up with girls. ( She blamed that on her own cowardice towards getting to know Tamao through all those years of isolation.) Well, this was going to make thing quite difficult now. She was expecting Tamao to be some sort of a guide through the ways of sexual ecstasy. 'Good old oblivious Chikaru, your observation of people sucks, you know that? She practices kissing according to books from the library. You should have figured it out by then!'The obnoxious English accented voice and the evil voice in Chikaru's head screamed at her. ' Maybe if you two stopped fucking around with my head, I would be able to think clearer.' Chikaru said to the two voices in her head, feeling quite silly for doing so. Seeing how uncomfortable Tamao was over the whole subject, Chikaru decided to change topics. With a graceful verbal swerve, Chikaru said brightly, ' Speaking of sex, who do you have for sex education this year?'

Tamao seemed quite relieved when the topic was changed, ' Well, my teacher's , she's quite weird, actually...'

The two girls discussed many a topic for an hour before getting off the bench, ( At which Tamao said her ass felt like pins and needles.) and going to check on Chikaru's 'transformation club.'

They were cosplaying Inu Yasha today.

Part 2 of Chapter 3,

Tamao invited Chikaru over for one of their midnight tea parties, hoping that it was routine and that it wouldn't be changed by the day's conversations into something more sensual.

Who was she kidding? Tamao was incredibly horny now. This was going to be her first time, ( If it even happened.) and she wouldn't be a virgin anymore! Hooray for the rites into womanhood! Even so, she was really quite jittery about how two inexperienced lesbians can actually make love without some awkwardness. 'UrkMaybe a 69?Maybe...boobs? Yes. Boobs! Boobs are the best way to go...' Tamao thought with a burning face. She was dressed in a nightie decorated with obnoxiously smiling Doraemons on it. She furtively practiced sliding the nightie down her shoulders in a seductive manner, only to find that it made her look like a blue lump of poo had slid down her shoulders. 'You're being too negative. Think positive...think that German kid playing Doom on youtube...' A unclicking of the door latch made Tamao almost fall off the bed.

'Tamao chan? It's me, Chikaru.'

Oh no. Tamao was caught. Her Doraemon nightie was still sliding down her shoulders like blue poo. Tamao felt herself turning into stone and cracking apart like in those Pokemon cartoons.

Chikaru was suddenly struck by how...smooth Tamao's skin looked in the moonlight. 'There's moonlight? How appropriate...' mused Chikaru. It looked almost alien-like - it's marble-like slickness being struck by the rays of the moon. Chikaru suddenly felt 'ants in her pants' ( she didn't want to think horny. She was too proper for that.) She suddenly wanted to see what the rest of Tamao's body looked like. The gentle curves of Tamao's breasts were still shielded by the nightie.

Not for long though.

Chikaru whispered in an almost incoherent mumble, ' Tamao you...erm...want to...?'

Tamao nodded, still staring at the lump of blue poo that sat below her shoulders.

Chikaru stepped forward and sat on the bed with Tamao.

Tamao finally spoke up, ' You know...if Sister Hamasaka caught us...' Her feeble attempt to delay the inevitable was futile. Chikaru embraced her and lip-locked her. 'Yup. It's started...' Thought Tamao sleepily as she felt Chikaru's soft lips press against her own, her tongue gently doing a dance with Tamao's own. 'After all these years...I finally found happiness...' Thought Chikaru in a stoned state. This time, Chikaru was the aggressor, as she took off Tamao's nightie with an ease and grace that was not in her sexual repertoire.

Tamao moaned in ecstasy as her nightie fell off, letting the cold air slide onto her skin. 'boobsheh...' She thought in remembrance of her own thinking. Chikaru felt her pussy pulsing and getting wet as she felt up Tamao's breasts. The nipples were pink, it seemed to defy gravity, and it wasn't too big like those balloons on those hentai websites.

'So...smooth...' murmured Chikaru as she stroked Tamao's nipples. The excitement that was building up in Tamao finally erupted as she tore off Chikaru's clothes in a frenzy, prompting Chikaru to do the same with Tamao's Doraemon P.J's . It was a little more awkward for Tamao, since Chikaru was fully clothed, but seeing that she was lace lingerie? 'Didn't know Chikaru had it in her...' thought Tamao in the heat of moment. It made it all the more arousing for her as she slowly undid her bra and went on to her lace panties. Her pussy was soaked now. The heat was unbearable as she felt that itchiness that horniness usually induced. Chikaru's breasts were slightly bigger than Tamao's but they still defied gravity and looked perky. Tamao slid her tongue over her sternum, causing Chikaru to give a yelp of ecstasy. ' ohhh hasn't even started yet...' Thought Tamao nervously. Her tongue went down to Chikaru's taut stomach, and slid down into her womanhood.

Chikaru hissed in a breath of air, her eyes watering with the pleasure that Tamao was giving her. Tamao's tongue swished back and forth, playing the outside folds of her clit and eventually getting deeper and deeper. It was a messier experience than Tamao thought it would be. It looked so neat in those hentai movies...Chikaru suddenly gave a gasp and let loose an earth shattering orgasm. Since Tamao's face was still buried in her pussy, she took the full brunt of the blast, her face shot with vaginal fluid. ( Although most of it went into Tamao's mouth.) 'Chikaru's juices are so sweet...not sour like in those books...' Thought Tamao as she tasted Chikaru's juices in her mouth. She was dangerously close to her own orgasm. ' We aren't doing too bad for first timers...not bad at all...' Thought Chikaru, who was ready for another round after her first orgasm with another girl. Tamao's face was still dripping with Chikaru's love juice when she looked into her eyes lustfully and whispered, ' What next?' She held in her own orgasm, hoping it to be an apocalypse causing one when she finally came. For no apparent reason at all, a sudden thought came to Tamao's mind. Something she hadn't thought of when she was thinking about the blueprints of their sex. 'You've always had a little bit of a foot fetish, right? Remember when you sniffed around Nagisa's clothes that time when she was out? You seemed to like her stockings a lot...' Tamao tried to protest against the voice, saying that it was too embarrassing to reveal secrets like that at a time like this. The voice continued, ' That's kinky, right? You don't want it to be another boring tit sucking session creative! Sheesh...Just ask for a foot job already...' Tamao took a look at Chikaru's extremely well formed foot, turned around at a seductive angle in her half- sitting position in the bed. 'Go on, don't be shy...' Said the voice deviously. ' Chikaru?'

Chikaru smiled lustfully, ' Yes, Tamao?'

'Do you mind if I...' She took a hold of one of Chikaru's arched and supple feet. ' So smooth...and warm...' Thought Tamao. Her juices were seeping out with a vengeance once again.

Chikaru didn't need any more clues. She nodded and let Tamao caress her arch. Her slender toes did a wave motion as Tamao flicked her tongue over Chikaru's soles. Tamao finally let go of her foot and let it slide down into her honey pot. With a somewhat forceful thrust, ( Chikaru was nearing another orgasm.) she pushed her foot into Tamao's pussy, wiggling her toes inside and pushing her feet in and out in a polyrhythmic motion. Feeling the smooth flesh ofa Chikaru's instep slide against her pussy again and again was too much for Tamao. She gave a little shriek and lost all vestiges of self control she once had over her orgasm. The entire area around her pussy was splattered with her fluids, causing Tamao slightly reel backwards when the force of her orgasm came. Chikaru gave a soft moan and came again, feeling the warm folds of Tamao's clit around her foot. She suddenly noticed that there was blood on her foot. She had, without knowing, broken Tamao's cherry. Her hymen was broken off.

Tamao didn't seem to notice though. She was still sweating and panting from the sheer ecstasy she experienced when her orgasm and cherry popped at the same time. She brushed away loose strands of blue hair that stuck on her perspiring face. She smiled at Chikaru, ' Thanks...Chikaru sempai...'

'I love you Tamao chan.' Whispered Chikaru. She rolled beside Tamao and caressed her shoulder blades, causing Tamao to squeeze her eyes and expel the last few drops of her juices. Stroking Tamao's silky black hair, Tamao whispered something along the lines of '69...please...' Into Chikaru's ear. Chikaru felt herself growing all hot and bothered again in anticipation of the act. Chikaru repositioned herself so that when Tamao lay on top of her, they would be intertwined like Tetris bricks. Chikaru started first, licking at Tamao's pussy with fervent and wild passion. As Chikaru's tongue was doing a circle around her vulva, Tamao couldn't restrain herself from Chikaru's tempting clit anymore. She buried her face into her pink folds, using her tongue as an exploratory drill bit. She was temporarily quite disturbed by the taste of blood in her mouth, but she then realized that she had, in fact taken away Chikaru's virginity. The combination of Chikaru's sudden sucking motion with her mouth and the warm, sweet, and musky scent of her pussy was too much for Tamao. She gave out an almost pained moan as the last of her juices came from her snatch and all over Chikaru's face. She felt the last few squirts of sticky fluid splash on her lips( along with the remnants of the blood.) and sighed as the last few moments of her orgasm disappeared.

They spent the last few moments of their sexual encounter stroking and licking each other's breasts, trying to squeeze in the last fantastic orgasm before their bodies were completely spent. As Tamao nestled her head against Chikaru's breasts as they did so many times before in their 'therapy' sessions, she felt her vagina tighten, clench and let go, with a few drops of fluid seeping out. Thought it was quite a dry orgasm, it didn't feel any less magic than the previous ones she experienced. She kissed Chikaru on her collarbone, ' Guess we did it without a strap on dildo, right?' Tamao murmured sleepily.

'We'll rub it in Momomi and Kaname's faces tomorrow.' Said Chikaru, the red ribbons in her hair standing slightly askew. ( She kept it on for the whole duration of their lovemaking.)

'Not bad for a first time...' Said Tamao even more sleepily. She could feel her energy being gently sapped away as Chikaru ran her fingernails over her shoulder blades.

'Not bad at all...' Thought Chikaru as Tamao fell asleep in her embrace. Ironically, she fell asleep on her shoulders again. ' At least she's not going to make an indent this time...' Chikaru thought as sandman sprinkled his sleep dust over her. ' I'm going to make a note ...(yawn.) to' Chikaru thought up this last bit in a quite a dreamy state, finally crossing over into sleep in a tight embrace with Tamao.