"So what happened next?" Virginia asked. "He is all right, isn't he?"

"Yeah, are they okay?" Wolf echoed. "Did the Jedi throw him out? Did he quit? What happened?"

The dwarf who'd been telling them the story held his hand up to stop the questions.

"Yes, he's fine now," he replied. "They both are. As for the rest, you may be able to find that out for yourselves."

They gave him a questioning look that turned to alarm as a tall, dark man entered the room.

"You must be Virginia," said Bail Organa in greeting.

Her mouth dropped open as he stared straight at her. She was too surprised to speak.

"We can explain..." Wolf began hastily, thinking he'd come to arrest them for impersonating government officials.

But the senator brushed Wolf's excuses aside with a wave of his hand.

"I just wanted to know," he said, "How did you know?"

So they told him.

He listened in silence, growing more incredulous as the story progressed.

"How is that possible?" he asked when they'd finished.

At this question the dwarf spoke up.

"Obviously, he used the mirror," the little man said.

"You mean George Lucas actually went to Coruscant?" Virginia asked. "Or did the Sith Lord go to him?"

"Possibly a bit of both," was the reply. "We tested the chancellor's mirror - it led to a location called 'The Skywalker Ranch.' I thought the name sounded somewhat familiar."

"That's the place," Wolf confirmed.

"But how did he know that future?" Organa still wanted to know.

"The Jedi can do it," Wolf told him. "At least, some Jedi can. Why not the Sith too?"

To Virginia's amazement, Organa seemed to accept this as a plausible explanation. But it also appeared to disappoint him.

"I was hoping," he explained, "that you might be able to give some testimony at the senate hearing into the matter."

"We could get you a copy of the films," Virginia offered. "But that wouldn't prove anything, since not everything in them came true."

He acknowledged her conclusion and thanked her. But then he thought of something else.

"What about this George Lucas?" he asked. "Do you think he would be willing to testify about what Palpatine told him?"

Wolf laughed harshly.

"Are you kidding?" he said. "He's so famous, you'd never get anywhere near him. He's probably got bodyguards for his bodyguards."

But Organa was not so convinced.

"Palpatine managed it," he pointed out. "Maybe it can still be done, at least by the right person ..."

George Lucas testified against Palpatine from a special pod in the rotunda, after being invited to the senate hearing by Anakin Skywalker. He said he'd met Palpatine almost thirty years before, when the first Star Wars movie (now called episode 4) was in production, and, with the then senator's permission, had incorporated most of the things the man had told him would come to pass into the sequels. Wolf and Virginia attended the inquest as special witnesses. They weren't called to testify, but the appellation allowed their escapades with the Naboo and Alderaan embassies to be legitimized (they even received their paychecks). Based on Lucas's testimony, the plans to the Death Star were found and destroyed. And, although no proof was discovered of his accusations against Mas Amedda, the Changrian was forced to resign when it was discovered that the files on his computer and the security tapes of his office had been erased during critical time periods. Lucas also adapted the Star Wars trilogies for holovid and they became an instant hit across the republic. Bail Organa became the next chancellor.

Palpatine's mirror was locked away in a secure chamber deep within the Jedi Temple. Using their own mirror, Wolf and Virginia returned to visit often, and their son became good friends with Luke and Leia. To his great delight, Tony also made it to the Star Wars galaxy, though he was under strict warning to behave himself; especially around the mirror, as once it broke, he'd no longer be able to come along - the dwarves would still not permit him inside their kingdom (nor allow the replacement mirror out of it).

Anakin resigned before Obi-Wan Kenobi returned from Utapau, surrendering his light saber to Shaak Ti, the only master still in attendance at the temple at that time, although he and Padme both attended the subsequent funeral service for the three masters who had fallen in Palpatine's office and for Mace Windu, whose body was recovered the morning following the epic fight. With Yoda's blessing, Obi-Wan offered to intercede with the remaining council to grant a variance for Anakin's marriage, as he was the Chosen One, but Anakin declined the offer. He and Padme went instead to Naboo, where they lived happily ever after.

At least until their next adventure ...