A/N: this drabble, I want to remind everyone, is femslash. You've been warned.

She's going to scream. She's going to throw back her head and scream, and the whole school's going to come running. Ginny has this confused notion that they'll all fit in this one classroom, that the walls, groaning under the pressure, will fall away to accommodate the gaping crowd. So she should move her right hand off Pansy's elbow – or should she move her left hand off her neck? She can't move both; if she does that, she'll overbalance and – she's sure of this – fall on Pansy's lips.

But Pansy's not screaming. Pansy's looking up at her, and now she's standing. The chair she occupied has fallen over with a crash, and won't the school hear and come running? Perhaps they have, because the walls are crumbling; yet somehow – this really confuses her – the walls are inside Ginny. The walls have crawled inside her, and something has followed them in and is destroying them.

Because Pansy isn't screaming, but she is making a soft, strange sound. It's all h's at first, but now it's more like gingin nee. And though her right hand is still on Pansy's elbow, and her left is on her neck, Ginny has fallen on Pansy's lips. She's startled when Pansy's arms close around her waist, and even more startled when feels a tongue and then teeth on her lips – teeth, but Pansy is a Slytherin, and perhaps that's to be expected. Expected – welcomed? Because that's what Ginny is doing, opening her mouth to let Pansy in.

But that's ridiculous, Pansy's already inside her. She crawled in after the walls, to destroy them. She's standing on the rubble, about to sound her victory call – Ginny. "Ginny," with fingertips moving over her breasts; "Ginny," with a mouth at her pulse-point; "Ginny," with a touch just under her skirt.

Ginny's going to scream.