The First Chapter

Background: At the ages of 5 and 4, the two boys and two girls were taken away from their home. That was a good thing. They grew up knowing that they were special, and that they would have to return to their past lives one day. That day will come 12 years later. They had to return to a place where they were not wanted. Before they were taken, they were abused and neglected. One orphaned, three ignored, four neglected, four abused. They were taken to live with two great warriors. They meet their soulmates, and become even stronger. Will it be enough? Only time will tell.

The four children, two girls and two boys, Harry James Potter (The Boy Who Lived), Ginerva Molly Weasley (The Child of Light), and Christopher Perry and Kaitlyn Purity Halliwell (The Chosen Ones) were taken in the dead of night on Halloween. Now on to the story, right after they are taken...

A bright light shone through the cottage windows. They light vanished leaving four children in it's wake. Two were holding hands, and the other two were moving near each other. A voice relaxed them, and brought their attention to the front of the room where a man and a woman stood.

"Hello children. My name is Alessandra Kane. You may call me Mommy or Sandra," the woman, who had dark red hair and bright green eyes, told them. She smiled serenely.

"And my name is Rider Kane. You may call me Daddy or Ride," the man, who had deep blackish brown hair and clear blue eyes, told the children. They cautiously approached them. They offered shy smiles.

"You were all brought here to train. You are special. And, while one day you must return, that day is far away. For now, will you please announce your name?" Alessandra asked quietly. The four children all smiled.

"My name is Harrison James Potter. Call me Harry," the small boy with shaggy black hair and emerald green eyes.

"The Boy Who Lived," Sandra nodded. She knew that he had faced neglect because they thought that his brother, Godric Potter, was the one who defeated the dark lord.

"I'm Ginerva Molly Weasley. Please call me Ginny or Gin," said a small girl with dark red hair and bright blue eyes.

"The Child of Light," Ride nodded wisely. Ginny had been sent to live with the Potters after Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, and Percy died. She was ignored.

"My name is Christopher Perry Halliwell. Call me Chris," the boy with hair the color of chocolate and emerald green eyes.

"I'm Kaitlyn Purity Halliwell. Please call me Kate, Kit, Kat, or Katie," the girl with the same hair and eyes as her twin brother said.

"The Chosen Ones," the two Kane adults said in unison. They were abused because they weren't as powerful as their older brother. They were more powerful.

"Excuse me, Auntie Sandra, but are these the ones?" a voice came from behind them, and all turned to face 4 children. The one who had spoken was a girl with curly dark brown hair and amber colored eyes. There was also a boy with short platinum blonde hair and grey eyes, a girl with coal black hair and dark brown eyes, and a boy with light brown hair and blue-green eyes.

"Yes, Hermione, they are. I'll let you introduce yourselves," Rider told them. The girl smiled.

"I'm Hermione Jane Granger. Call me Mia though," the dark brown haired girl said. Her parents had been killed by Death Eaters.

"My name is Draco Lucius Alexander Malfoy. Please call me Dray or Ray though," the blonde boy said. His parents had been given the Kiss unjustly because of Dumbledore.

"I am Bianca Phoenix Thomas. Call me Binky," the dark eyed girl said shyly. A group of witches had killed her mother and father because they thought they were evil.

"My name is Jason Damien King. Call me Jay," the quiet boy with messy brown hair said. A group of Elders had killed his parents for having him.

"We took you all in for various reasons. Some because you were entrusted in our care, or that we decided it would be better for you to grow up in a home that was loving and nurturing. Tomorrow, you will be christened with your new names, if you so choose," Sandra said in her soft lilting tone. The children felt more relaxed, and it was unanimously decided that they would all stay here. They didn't want to go back to their previous lives.

Twenty minutes later, the children were in their rooms. Dray, Harry, Jay, and Chris were set up in a room that had dark blue walls with dancing stars on it and dark green carpeting. Inside there were four beds, each one housing a little boy.

"How long have you been here?" Harry asked Jay and Dray. They shared a look.

"I've been here about 6 months, where as Dray's been here 2 years," Jason told the other two boys. They nodded, and they soon fell asleep, dreaming of tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in the girls room, Mia, Kat, Gin, and Binky were sitting on their beds. The walls were a light blue and the carpet was a creamy color.

"How long have you two been here?" Binky asked quietly. The dark haired girls looked to each other.

"I've been here 3 years, and Binky's been here 2," Mia told them. They nodded, and snuggled under the blankets, nervously waiting for tomorrow.

The next day, the 8 children were seated at the table, waiting for the guests to arrive for the ceremony. They were all dressed in ceremonial robes. Then, Sandra and Rider came in. They all stood, and smiled at them.

"Children, would you all follow me?" Sandra asked them. The children nodded, and followed the dark haired woman to a large, underground room.

"Mommy, Daddy, where are we?" Harry asked quietly. He was really shy as many people were here.

"Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, we are in the Ceremonial Chamber of the Ancient Kane Family. We have invited only family and close friends. We will call you up one by one, and you will be given a new name. It will be your warrior name," Rider told them. They all nodded, feeling more relaxed.

"First up is Bianca Phoenix Thomas," the woman at the top called. Binky walked up, and she knelt before the woman.

"Do you accept the title Valene, strong, and your place as the head of the Thomas clan of Phoenix witches?" she asked.

"I accept," Bianca said, and a red light swirled above them. After they were finished, Bianca stood up, and they noticed a red swirling pendant around her neck. She stepped down and sat in the front row.

"Christopher Perry Halliwell," she called. She had light blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Chris walked up, and knelt before her.

"Do you accept the title Zander, Defender of Men, and your place as head of the council of Elders?" she asked softly.

"I accept," Chris said, and blue and white lights swirled above him. He stood, and they saw a swirling blue and white pendant. He sat beside Bianca.

"Kaitlyn Purity Halliwell," came the next name. She walked up to her, and knelt before her.

"Do you accept the title Louisa, famous warrior, and your place as the head of the Council of Witches?" was the next thing said.

"I accept," she said quietly. A bright white light swirled above her. She stood up, and had a white swirling pendant. She sat beside her twin.

"Draco Lucius Alexander Malfoy," and the blonde boy walked up and knelt before her.

"Do you accept the title Satria, warrior, and your place as the head of the Malfoy family?" she asked softly.

"I accept," Draco said, and dark grey lights swirled over him. He stood with a dark grey pendant, and sat beside Katie. They were half way through.

"Ginerva Molly Weasley," she called, and the youngest of the group knelt before her.

"Do you accept the title Kella, warrior, and your place as head of the Prewitt family?" she asked, blonde hair swaying in a breeze.

"I accept," the red haired child said quietly. A dark blue light swirled over her. she stood up with a dark blue pendant and sat down beside Draco.

"Harrison James Potter," said the woman, and Harry knelt down before her nervously.

"Do you accept the title Khalon, strong warrior, and your place as the heir of Merlin?" she asked him.

"I accept," he said with no hesitation. A dark green light swirled around him, and he stood with a dark green pendant. He sat beside Ginny.

"Hermione Jane Granger," she called quietly, and the curly haired girl came up. She knelt stiffly before the woman.

"Do you accept the title Arnia, strong as an eagle, and your place as head of the Granger and Venturi families?" she asked, and Mia relaxed.

"I accept," she replied strongly. An amber light swirled over her, and she stood proudly with an amber pendant. She sat beside Harry.

"Jason Damien King," she called the last name. He knelt softly before her.

"Do you accept the title of Duncan, dark skinned warrior, and your place as head of the King clan of demon-witches, and the James clan of witches?" she asked the boy.

"I accept," he said loudly and proudly. A silver light swirled over head, and he stood with a swirling silver pendant. He sat beside Mia. The woman turned to the audience.

"Here before you, the initiation of these eight children into the family of Kane has passed. We welcome them with open arms, and we ask Alessandra and Rider to come up here and announce the children's godparents," she said in a loud booming voice that made the children flinch. Alessandra and Rider walked gracefully up to the platform beside the woman.

"Thank you Katarina," Sandra said. The woman gave a soft smile and stepped back.

"We would like to ask Jacob, Serenity, and Luna Lovegood to come here. As well as Daniel, Emerald, Jade, Amethyst, and Sapphire Black," Rider said. The eight people walked up. Four were children, and four were adults. They stood before Sandra and Rider.

"Jacob, Serenity, Daniel, Emerald, we ask you to be godparents to Valene, Zander, Louisa, Satria, Kella, Khalon, Arnia, and Duncan?" Sandra asked.

"We accept," they said in unison. Lights swirled over them, and the children. They all felt exhilaration from the great magic. Jade, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Luna walked down to sit beside the children on the bench. They smiled. Jade was the oldest at 7, Amethyst and Sapphire were next at 5, and Luna the youngest at 4. They chatted happily, and then, twenty minutes later, everyone left.

"Mommy, Daddy, thank you," Chris and Kate said in unison. The adults smiled, and they spent the rest of the day together. That night, as they were tucked into bed, Kate had a question.

"Daddy, can I ask a question?" she asked softly, flinching, expecting a blow. Rider hugged her. She snuggled into him.

"What are the necklaces for?" she asked softly. Rider's arms tightened around her.

"They represent your statuses," he told her. She nodded, and drifted off to sleep. Rider stood up, and turned the lights down. He walked out of the room and met Sandra in the hallway.

"We dod a very good thing," Sandra said. Rider nodded his agreement and they walked to their room. They fell asleep, dreaming of the promises that the new future held.

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