Weekend Visits Part 1

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Another week of dull work passed. On Tuesday, Bianca and Ginny were released from the Hospital Wing. Hermione and Kate followed on Thursday. As always, the boys stuck close to their girls, glaring at anyone who dared come near them with anything other than the best of intentions. This meant that Godric was kept at least fifteen feet away from the group at all costs.

Currently, the eight teens were sitting under a huge tree in the courtyard. With them sat Luna Lovegood and Amy, Sapphire, and Jade Black. They were discussing what would happen tomorrow morning.

"So, Davey, Tristan, Jenna, and Misty will be here tomorrow? That should be very interesting," Jade mused. She was the oldest at 17 with sandy blond hair and eyes the color of her name. Her twin sisters, Amy and Sapphire nodded in agreement. They were the opposite of their sister, with flowing dark brown hair and blue eyes with purple specks.

"I personally can't wait," Luna added, tucking her dark blonde hair behind her ears. Ginny and Amy were laying on her, apparently resting after the long, arduous week that they had. Jade was braiding Kate's hair and plaiting it with dark green ribbon.

"You know, they will think you are betraying your house for wearing this," she warned as she finished up. Kate rolled her eyes.

"I care about as much as I care about Harry's baseball stint," she replied. Harry made an indignant noise, causing Draco and Hermione to laugh. Harry pouted sourly, making everyone else join in on the laugh. Ginny patted his head.

"Aww, it's okay Harry. You turned out to be pretty good with it," she said, trying to cheer him up a little. That made him smile and puff his chest out. Jade thumped it, making it deflate.

"Jade," Harry said. He turned to face her.

"Yes Harry," she replied with a knowing smirk on her face.

"You suck," he finished. Everyone burst into bouts of laughter, drawing the attention or Ron, Godric, and everyone else in the Courtyard. Luna smiled serenely, Ginny glared, Hermione waved, and Amy rolled her eyes.

Soon enough, it was time for dinner and the teens went inside. They split ways, going to their separate tables to eat dinner and to think. Afterwards, they all headed to their rooms to get ready for bed. That night, they all slept with smiles on their faces, thinking of the havoc that would come once Dumbledork realized who they were and what they were capable of.

The next morning, Hermione awoke to someone bouncing on her bed. She cracked her eyes open. When she saw who the culprit was, she rolled her eyes and pushed her off the bed.

"Amelia Anderson! Don't make me have to throw something. It's too early in the morning," she mumbled. Misty smiled and pulled her out of bed.

"You have to get dressed and down to breakfast! Tris, Jen, Davey, and I are gonna make a huge entrance!" the ever-vibrant girl proclaimed. Hermione groaned and got out of bed. She perked up after a shower and dressed in dark jeans and a brown blouse, unbuttoned at the top three buttons. She pulled her pendant on and brushed her hair until it was silky smooth. She turned to Misty.

"Okay. I'm on my way out. Now, you need to go meet the other guys at the entrance to the school. I want to see this happen," she said in an evil tone before turning on her heel and leaving the room. Misty misted out.

In the hall, Hermione met up with Luna and Amy. The trio of girls walked down to the Great Hall. They sat so that they would have a good view of the show. Everyone else slowly trickled in, and breakfast started. As breakfast was winding down, Dumbledore stood up.

"I hope you all have a great-," he was cut off as a fine mist deposited Misty, Jenna, Tristan, and Davey.

"Sorry we're late everyone. It took Misty forever to get ready," Tristan said, rolling his eyes. Misty punched him in the arm, scowling as she did so. The two began to quarrel, causing some laughter from the student body. Dumbledore cleared his throat several times, and when they didn't respond, he pulled out his wand and sent a spell their way. It never made it.

"WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? THAT COULD'VE HURT SOMEONE YOU IMBICILE!" Jenna screeched. Her hand was up and glowing dark blue. She had absorbed the spell and it was making her glow with power. The headmaster stared at her. The rest of the students and faculty stared as well.

"Who are you and how did you get inside MY school?" the old wizard asked. The rest of the students and faculty stared. Jenna scoffed at him, doing her best Amy/Misty impression. This mad Dumbledore's jaw drop open. On the other hand, Amy and Jade burst out into laughter. Everyone that knew her knew that Jenna was the sweetest person that you could ever meet. That is, until you made her angry and she had to channel her inner demon. And trust and believe that she could get very, very scary if she had to.

"I will repeat my question. WHO ARE YOU?" Dumbledore roared, causing some of the First Year students to flinch. Sapphire, Luna, and Kate smiled at them, hoping to calm them down.

"I am Thor. Take me to your leader!" the redheaded girl replied with obvious sarcasm. This caused the older man's face to go crimson.

"Insolent girl," Snape muttered under his breath, hiding a smile all the while.

"For real, though. I'm Jenna, and these other people behind me include but are not limited to; Misty, Tristan, and Davey," she replied with a bright smile. She was still glowing blue, so she turned to Davey.

"You wanna help me out some," she asked. He nodded and took her hand, taking the energy out of her body and turning it into something creative. He decided to make a pillow. He tossed it to Chris who orbed it to Ashley, one of the young children still living with his parents.

"So, it took you long enough," Ginny said, rolling her eyes for added effect. This once again started the riot (that had caused all the issues) between Misty and Tristan.

"This is gonna be a looong weekend," Harry muttered under his breath before getting up and hugging his friends.

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