Gir was busy watching the angry monkey show and giggling like crazy when all of a sudden, he saw his master with a lot of rage in his eyes. Zim walked into the living room with bruises all over his body. His irken uniform messed up as well. "This is the worst day ever in the history of days, Gir" Zim hollered with anger. "My plan would have been perfect, if it wasn't for that stupid, big headed huuman!"

"Aw, don't be sad master" Gir said. "I know what'll make you feel better." Then he pulled a plush piggy out of nowhere and set it on Zim's head. Very annoyed, Zim knocked the piggy off. "I have no time for your foolishness, Gir." He said. "I need to figure out a plan on how to rid me of the dibstink foreverBut we'll have to think of one later"

So he sat down on the couch with Gir still sitting on the floor. The angry monkey show was just going off and professor membrane was on. "Greetings, everyone. Today, I will be introducing my latest invention. The Atomic Annihilator." The professor said. "But first, let's see if we can get any questions from our audience."

"For my birthday, my parents bought me a fish. But I wanted a dog. I hate my new pet! Is their any way the Atomic Annihilator can transform my fish, so it can be replaced with a dog?" a kid asked. "Hmm, interesting question." Prof. Membrane said. "Well the Atomic Annihilator can do many things, from switching the atoms and Genes around, to completely erasing them from existence. Let's just take it to the lab shall we?" He said.

"The scientist is going to be taking this dummy and will try to change its hair color. Zim then perks up as he watches the scientist on TV. "And voila, the hair color changed from brown to purple. Now, lets see what happens when they accidentally set it to annihilate." Prof. Membrane said.

"And, Kabam! The beam seems to have hit the dummy, leaving a few pieces of charcoal behind. So now you see what harm it can cause to all of man kind." Prof. Membrane warned. "So take my advice kids, and never try this at home"

Then the show turned to a commercial. "Hmm, that's it" Zim said with an idea forming in his mind. "Gir!" Gir then turned to his master. "Yes, my master" he said. "Gir, I'm gonna be going down to the Lab for a while. I have an amazing plan involve, though I may need some assistance." Zim said.

"I like piggies" Gir squealed.

"Just come on" Zim said.

So they both went down to the Lab. "Alright Gir, go ahead and bring me the tools. This going to be an amazing plan" Zim said with pride.

(5 minutes later)

"Finally" Zim sighed. "It's finished. Ok let's do some testing, shall we" Gir was busy spinning around on the floor and giggling. "Gir! Pay attention. We need to test this thing out to make sure it works! Zim said picking the gun up.

"Now, be amazed" he said as he began to aim it at his own personal dummy. Just then Gir went up to the laser gun and began to stare at a switch in awe. "Ooooo…What's this?!" he squealed curiously as he reached out to the switch. "Huh, what the…Gir what are you" but it was too late. Gir was already bust playing with the switch on the atomic annihilator.

He kept on switching it up and down. But when he switched it to Gender switcher, the switch broke. Zim of course heard the switch snap from the gun. "This can't be good" Zim said. "Gir, you have to stop this now. It's going out of control!" But Gir was too busy playing with it. "System overload, system overload…systeeeem…overload" the computers voice then transformed to a female voice.

"What in irk is going on! Zim said. "Huh, what the"

Just then Gir came towards him, riding on the gun, just as a beam shot out of the Gun and towards Zim

"Nooooo…" Zim shouted