Gir slowly walked up to his master. "Master?"

"Uh…What happened" Zim groaned, putting one hand to his head (or her head?).

Zim opened his eyes and found Gir's cyan eyes looking straight down at him. "Your Alive!" Gir shouted.

"GIR!GET OFF ME!" Zim yelled, getting up and dusting himself(or herself, lol!) off. He then found Gir staring at him.

"…What?" Zim said, confused.

"MASTAHS A GIRLY!" Gir sang running around the lab.

"Gir, what are you talking about?! Have you lost your-(gasp)"

Zim reached up a hand to his throat. "My voice…what happened to my voice?" Gir giggled then held up a mirror to Zims face. Zim stood there shocked at the reflection. A female irken stared back at 'her'

"Oh My Tallest!" Zim said. "What on Irk is going on?"

Then he heard aloud 'bam!' and smelt smoke coming from the opposite direction. She turned her head to find the atomic annihilator smoking, almost catching on fire. Zim walked up to it and began to examine it.

"Why, Gir!" she said raising her voice. " Its gonna take weeks to fix this thing!"

Tears then formed in the sir's eyes. "I…uh, its okay, Gir. Just please don't touch anything next time, though. Now go watch the angry monkey or something while I figure out a way on how to repair this."

"MONKEHH! Gir then cart wheeled out of the room.

Once Gir left, Zim started to look through the lab for the right parts to fix the invention. Then he stopped "Computer!"

"Whaaaaat?" said a very bored female voice.

"Set up the Atomic Annihilator" she said.

"I'm sorry but the Atomic Annihilator system is crashed and cannot be installed at the moment and-

"WHAT!?" Zim asked. "You mean I'm gonna be stuck like this!"

"Let me finish!" the computer said annoyed. " Anywho, the process will take up to twelve months or-

"TWELVE MONTHS! That's a year!"

"OR…or, just three weeks, if your lucky."

"Hmm, I guess three weeks is long enough. Better than a year" Zim said Shuddering at the thought of being stuck in a girls body for so long.

"Well, Zim has no time to waste!" she said pointing a finger in the air. "Computer! Get right to work! In the mean time I gotta figure out how I'm going to deal with this when I walk into that horrible learning facility.

I know this chapter's kinda short, but fear not! I have more ideas to come for part 3. ^_~

Part 2