Warning: Sexual situation at the begging

Regrets and corrections

Jack and Sam made their way to her quarters on the base, receiving a lot of curious looks along the way.

"Well, I guess the cat's out of the bag," he commented entering the room. "So much for keeping things quiet," he closed the door.

"Shut up," Sam said pushing him to the door, kissing him passionately.

"Okay," he managed to say in the brief moment she allowed him to catch some air.

Jack took control of the situation, pushing her to the bed, slipping his hand down her pants which made her moan in acceptance. He felt the affect of touching her, his arousal growing. He pulled his hand out, only to hear barely breading Sam say: "Don't stop…"

He chuckled. "I'm just trying to remove the obstacles." Jack pulled her pants down, along with her underwear. And she felt she'll burst of anticipation.

It was always like this. Every 'first' time, they couldn't wait; there was no romance, just pure need to be together.

Jack unzipped her bra with one hand, removing the last peace of clothing, and immediately placed her nipple into his mouth, letting his other hand wonder all over her body. That alone could drive her crazy. And she was going crazy.

She wanted him inside, and now! He moved slowly at first, and than faster, trusting himself deeper and deeper, making her shake with approaching orgasm, he cupped her face, and whispered "Open your eyes."

Sam did what he asked, and the pure love that was coming from his look struck her. There was no need to say anything else.

Over the years, they learned to communicate with just looks. They found a way around the regulations, because every time he looked at her, she knew he loved her, and every time she looked at him, he knew his love was returned.

He started to move faster and faster, not letting her break eye contact. Their eyes clouded, changing the color in response of the passion that was overcoming them.

As they came together, he placed a kiss on her lips witch she welcomed gratefully, deepening it, and stopping anyone that might be close by to hear what exactly was going on in her quarters.

They stayed like that for a moment. Joined, like they were one being, one body, one soul.

Before their relationship started, they always felt they were missing out on something, but soon after, they realized that little something wasn't missing any more. They were happy, and they were in love, what more can a person ask for?

It wasn't like they didn't have their fair share of fights. At the beginning Jack was jealous of Cameron. It really bugged him. Sam thought it to be funny, since she put Cam in the same category as Daniel. Of course, that didn't convince Jack. He insisted so much on the subject, making her cry in the end.

"Do you really think I'm that kind of a person?" she asked with clear disappointment in her voice. She couldn't believe how tick he was – his accusation meant he thought she'll just fall in love with any commanding officer, and he got the message as soon as he saw her tears. He was so blind when it came to her commitment to him.

"I've loved you since the day I met you! I tried to erase you from my hart, but I couldn't," she was shaking, letting the tears drop openly, "Maybe I should've tried harder," she finally said getting up from the sofa, ready to leave.

He grabbed her hand, but she roughly took it back, hurrying to the door. He caught up with her quickly, turning her to face him. "I'm sorry," he said hugging her.

She tried to pull away, but he just held her tighter. "I'm sorry," he could feel her letting go of the anger, hugging him just as tight. They sat in the hallway for a while, on the floor, she trying to stop crying and he holding her, wondering why would he do this.

She pulled away to look into his eyes, "You can never doubt my love for you. Never," she placed her hand on top of his chest and he knew she was right.

He started kissing her, and making up that night made them both realize just how much they needed each other to feel alive. He swallowed hard trying to find the words to apologize. He knew it wasn't necessary, but felt he had to say it.

"I'm scared Sam. Scared of loosing you."

"I know," she said calmly but surprised he actually admitted it, "I'm scared too."

From that moment on, Jack swore he would take advantage of every second he had with her. And she did the same.

It lead them to this part of their lives. Engaged. He spooned her, kissing her neck and back, moving his hand over her belly.

"Don't do that," she said in a deep voice.


"Or we'll gonna have to do it again," he could sense her smile.

"And that would be bad, because?"

Sam turned to face him. "Okay, yes, everybody knows about us now, but," she traced the line of his face tenderly, "SG-1 is scheduled to leave at any moment," she looked at him cracking a smile in Jack O'Neill fashion, "and I don't think we've locked to door."

That made him flinch a little, but he wasn't gonna fall for that.

"I'm not shy," he said making her laugh.

"You know, I love you Jack O'Neill."

He returned her gaze with same seriousness. "I know," he paused, "I love you too Samantha O'Neill," and that did it. He again managed to turn a serous conversation into a joke.

"Like that's gonna happen! I'm keeping my last name!"

"What?!" he tried to sound offended, but failed miserably. "You heard what Katana said! She called you General O'Neill! We can't change the future you know," he looked above her head searching for a reason, "grandchildren paradox and all," he finally said.

"Ah. I'm not familiar with that paradox, would you care to explain?" she responded naively.

"Well, you know… we should really get dressed. Like you said, you could 'embark' any minute now," he got up, getting dressed, and Sam did the same.

"I'm gonna need that explanation, so you better make it a good one."

He smiled. They moved to make the bed, smiling at the memory of what just happened.

The knock on the door startled them, and it was followed by Daniels entrance.

"Sam…" he froze, realizing he didn't wait for her approval to enter. "Um…"

Jack understood his confusion. It was all too new. Them not hiding their relationship, others getting used to them as a couple. And she really didn't lock to door. "Yes Daniel?"

"You should lock the door," he said pointing behind him.

Now it was Sam's turn to smile. "You came here to tell us that?"

"Um, no, no. General Laundry called us," he said feeling more relaxed, it's Sam and Jack for heaven's sake. "I'm gonna go tell Katana now."

Jack waved his hand. "You two go ahead and I'll go get her."



While Sam and Daniel went to meet the others, Jack headed to find the girl who started all this. He knocked on her door with no answer.

"Katana!" he called out, again with no answer, so he opened the door slowly. "Katana?" he almost whispered, seeing her on the bed, sleeping.

She looked so peaceful, very different than her tense composure when she's awake. In one day she had managed to stir up everything, changing them.

Jack reached out to her, gently trying to wake her.

"Dad?" she turned towards him, with her eyes half open.

The word surprised him, especially after the thoughts he had, but he quickly dismissed it.

"No," he said whispering, "it's just me."

Katana couldn't believe what she just said. The first time she had ever used that word, and he didn't even know she was referring to him. It made her want to cry again, and that was unsettling. Ever since she came here, all she's done was cry. She doesn't cry!

"What… What's going on? Why are you here?"

"Landry wants to talk to you. Come on Dorothy, there's no place like home," he pulled her up, waiting for his words to sink in, and for her to really wake up.

On the way to the elevator, Jack was still bugged by her calling him dad and he had to ask. "What happened to your parents?" he pushed the calling button.

Katana's eyes shot up to him. "What?" she wanted to make sure she heard him right, and to buy some time.

"You said that there, where you first lived children without parents didn't do so well, and that you were one of those children," he pointed out. "So, I was wondering if you know what happened to them?" he repeated his question entering the elevator.

She sighed. "I thought they died, or just abandoned me."

"Which was it?"

"Well, they aren't dead."

They fell silent, both consumed in their thoughts.

The door opened.

"I can never imagine abandoning a child. Let alone my own," he said leaving Katana speechless.

She was destroyed inside, she felt tired, and the need to get back to her own time, where she had control over herself, was growing. All she felt here, was like God was punishing her for every single time her parents tried to get close to her, and she turned them away. She had hurt them, badly. Now, it was her who was suffering for it. 'I can never imagine abandoning a child.' those words echoed in her mind as she took a seat across Michel, watching him and Teal'c offer their congratulations to Jack and Sam.

"Okay," Landry started, taking his seat, "you have a go for Atlantis," he looked at Katana, "of course, SG-1 will accompany you. Once there, you will show them the specifications for building a ZPM, and than you'll search for the solar flare. After that, off you go."

"That's it?"

"That's it. Now, go get geared up, you leave within an hour."

They stood up. "Sir," Katana stopped him, "Can I get something to change?" she looked down her white shirt and pants. It wasn't really military issued.

"Yes, yes. Someone will bring you a standard outfit."


Sam, Vala and Katana entered the locker room.

"These are for you," Sam pointed to the clothes neatly folded on the bench.

"Thanks. Can I take a shower first?"

"Yeah, sure. The showers are just…"

"I know where they are. I've been here before, remember?" Katana said.

"And the towels…"

Katana turned smiling. "I know."

"Okay, okay, sorry," Sam returned the smile. "Guess some things never change, huh?"

"Guess not."

She always took cold showers. It had stuck with her from her early days as a slave. This time, it helped her clear her head. She's only been there for a day, and it felt like a year. It was all just unbelievable. Seeing her parents even before she was born… the way they loved each other. It was the only thing that stuck trough time. She might not recognize the people or the surroundings of this time, but the way they looked at each other, that was something she could never forget. 'I'm gonna be home soon, I'll think about it than,' she thought trying to give herself some space from the roller coaster of emotion.


As they were about to go through the Gate, Hank and Jack were in the control room watching the seventh symbol locking, and a familiar picture realizing in front of them.

"Jack, you have the honor," Hank said pointing to the mike.

Jack immediately pushed the button. "SG-1 you have a go. Good luck."

"Thank you sir," Sam's voice came through, "we'll be back before you know it,"

Thirty minutes latter the SG-1 was getting off at Atlantis, meeting with Dr. Weir and Colonel Shepard's team.

"SG-1 welcome to the Atlantis, Colonel Carter," Weir extended her hand, which Sam accepted gracefully. "Dr. Weir, Colonel Shepard," she nodded towards him, and he did the same, "Colonel Carter."

After the pleasantries were over with, they introduced the newcomer, just as she was getting off the jumper. "This is Katana, she's a," Sam paused not really knowing how to present her.

"Rodney!" Katana yelled and ran to his side, hugging him. "I've missed you so much!"

"Okay," Rodney threw a questioning look to Cam. "Look," he backed away, "it's not like I mind having a beautiful woman around my neck, but who are you, have we met before?"

Katana laughed; of course he didn't know her.

"Didn't you say that you live on Atlantis? How come you miss him, you've been gone for one day?" Cam asked, and that raised everyone's suspicion all over again.

"I haven't been on Atlantis for six months now." Katana quickly answered. "Teyla, John, Ronan, Elizabeth," she greeted them with a nod, wanting to hug them as well.

"You know us?" Shepard said with a trace of sarcasm.


"She's, um, from the future," Daniel said explaining.

"From the future? That's a new one," John said.

Both Daniel and Sam spoke. "Not really," they looked at each other smiling and Sam continued. "I'll brief you in a minute."

As they were settling into their seats, Sam began explaining what happened just few hours ago, leaving them speechless. Well, not all of them.

Rodney wasn't buying it. "Are you sure she's from the future?"

Sam opened her mouth to say something but Rodney cut her off. "Okay, tell me something that only I would know!"

"NO!" this time the whole SG-1 (but Vala) spoke as one.

"Party poopers," Vala added knowing they'd say just that.

"Yeah, well, she made quite a big mess at the SGC, so…" Daniel didn't finish.

"We're convinced that she's from the future, and the president agrees with us," Sam said.

Rodney frowned. "He's your president, not mine."

Katana walked over to him and started to whisper into his ear. "You've always had a feeling that one day you'll have a son. And you want to name him Duncan. You swore not to allow your fears rub off onto him…"

"How did you…?" he looked amazingly at her. "I never told that to anyone!"

"No-one but me," she said leaving everyone to wonder about the quiet conversation between the two.

Katana remembered the first time she met Rodney. She saved him from some bad people, and he was so surprised by the way she looked that he was lost. He called her "Kathryn". She tried to explain that her name is Katana, and he seemed even more confused, than surprised and than extremely happy, pulling her to come with him. She agreed. She heard so much about Atlantis over the years, and it was fun. Little did she know that she was to meet her twin sister, her parents and her other siblings. At the time she didn't feel happy about it. But than again, there was Duncan, the man who changed her. A man! Ha! They were barely children when they got married. He was younger than her by a month, but she always felt like he was years older.

"Satisfied?" Sam asked interrupting Katana's thoughts.

"Yes, Sam," he said not separating his eyes from Katana. "How did we meet?"

"Rodney! I don't know that much of time travel, but I'm quite sure she shouldn't tell you something like that."

"Dr. Weir is right," Katana said to his disappointment.

"What?! It can't hurt!" he tried to reason with all of them and deal with their looks. "Oh, all right, fine."

Elizabeth coughed slightly. "General Landry didn't inform us about the reason of your visit, he just said you had a surprise for us."

"Oh, it's a surprise all right," Cam said.

"Katana needs to get to her time line, and since she lived on Atlantis she's quite familiar with technology that exists here. We need to find the machine that can predict solar flairs, so that we can send her home."

"I already know where it is."

Shepard frowned. "So, that's our surprise? Solar flare predictions? What's the use of that?"

"No," Daniel said, "your surprise is waaay better!"

"Since I live here in the time when the city is fully researched, I obliviously know more about it than you, at this point."

"Like what?" Ronan finally decided to say something, trying to figure out the newcomer. He didn't really trust her.

"Among other things I know where to find schematics for ZPM's," she said like it was nothing.

"What?! And you're telling us this now?!" Rodney was yelling.

"Is this true?" Elizabeth directed her question to Sam.


"This is amazing! If we have the possibility to produce ZPM's as we wish, our defenses would be invisible!" Teyla said with excitement. This could greatly help them in fighting the Wrath, and the Replicators.

Rodney stood up, and everyone followed.

Katana looked at them confused. "Where are you going?"

"To the main computer," Rodney answered pretty annoyed. "I assume that's where will find it."

"Well, yeah, but we can just use the computers in here."

"There are no computers here! Will you quit stalling? Maybe you don't really know…"

Katana understood they still didn't know about the room's full potential. She extended her arm and allowed the 'table' to scan it. The ceiling opened, releasing a beam in front of each seat, creating virtual screens.

They looked astonished as they took their seats again.

"What's this?"

"Now Rodney, I'm sure you can see perfectly well," she teased him. "This is the extension of the main computer, plus some extras. From here you can manipulate the whole city," she touched a few icons, and the next they saw were images of them from the surveillance camera. "See," she touched few more icons, and images were replaced with schematics of ZPM, "here it is. Now I can explain everything…"

"What the… How did we missed this," Shepard's voice gave away the shock everyone was feeling. "How did you do that?"

"See these little holes at the end of the table," she pointed to barely visible dots, "you put your hand like this," she repeated the movement, "than it scans for the ancient gene, and after the confirmation, allows you access," she said as the screens disappeared, and the ceiling closed.

"Oh, okay," Weir said imitating her movement, but nothing happened. She looked at Katana, questioning with her eyes.

"You must not have the gene."

"I don't understand, we only needed the gene to activate the controls and afterwards…"

"It's not the same thing," Katana cut her off. "From this place you can control the whole city, every single command," the screens were in front of them again, and she tapped on a program, inserting a code, and the room was locked, "it can be abused. So the Ancients put a protection to prevent that."

"Okay, we get the picture," John said.

"Okay," Katana unlocked them and pulled out the schematics again. "Now, the sooner I explain this to you, the sooner I can go home." She was getting annoyed. Katana knew all of them, and they didn't trust her. She could see Ronan's eyes never resting, examining everything she does and says. The same was with the rest of them.

"I don't think we need explanation! I'm sure I can read simple instructions!" Rodney's arrogance showed its ugly head, and Katana knew better than to argue. "Fine, why don't you give it a try?"

"Lets see, this is," he stared at the screen, "well, here we have…"

"Just admit it Rodney, you have no idea," John wasn't very supportive.

Sam saw it right away. "This is some sort of a code."

"Yes, I can see that! Blondie!" he threw the remark, provoking.

As much as Sam was used to his insults, Elizabeth wasn't going to let him treat the Colonel like that. "Rodney!"

"What? It's how we communicate! Right Sam?"

Sam felt tempted to let Weir deal with him, but didn't. "Yeah, right. Just shut up and let Katana explain this."

"Fine, fine."

"There's no need for all of us to stay here, right?" Vala asked dreading the hours of explanations.

"No, Colonel Carter and Rodney will stay, and I'll get the rest of Rodney's team to come."

The rest looked very relived at this, and quickly retreated, while the three stayed waiting for others.

"So, Sam how've you been?" Rodney broke the silence, startling her.

"Good, thanks, you?"

"Good, good. Seeing anyone?"

Katana watched as Sam's mouth curved into a big smile, revealing her happiness which she wore under the mask of a solider. "Engaged, actually."

He was genuinely surprised. "Really?!"

"Yes, really," she almost chuckled at his shock. "This morning."

"Who's the lucky bastard?" he asked half sadly.

"General O'Neill."

"Ha! Go figure."

Immediately Sam's irritation with the man grew, and she looked at him annoyed. "What Rodney?"

"I thought you were more into the scientists, not dumb military…"

"He's not dumb!" Sam took the bate, making Katana laugh out loud. She always loved the way Rodney could provoke people.

"What are you laughing at?" Sam took the defensive attitude.

"No, no, I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you! It's just funny to see you too argue like that," she turned to Rodney, "you've always told me that in the past you had feelings for my…" she stopped dead in the mid sentence, realizing she was about the say 'my mother.'

"Your what?" they both asked.

"My…" she couldn't find a reasonable explanation. Well, not while panicking, so she ordered herself to remain calm. "My commanding officer. I reported to General O'Neill at one point," she looked at Sam, than Rodney, "and you told me that the two of you had a thing."

Sam frowned. "A thing?! Me and McKay?!"

"Hey, he's the one who said it! Don't bite my head off!"

"You told her that the two of us," she couldn't finish, she just made a disgusted face.

"You remember that time, when we were facing destruction, and you kissed me?" he quickly said, trying to defend himself.

"On the cheek!"

"You said…" Katana didn't finish, startled by a cough behind her. It was Elizabeth, John and the rest of Rodney's team, smiling.

"Well, since everyone is here, we'll leave you to work," Elizabeth said, leaving with John, still smiling. Oh, he's soo going to enjoy this information, and Rodney knew it.

They worked well over 12 hours.

When they first arrived it was noon on Atlantis. Sam was awake for almost a full day now, and she was feeling the effects. They always had something to eat, thanks to Rodney, but she noticed Katana didn't touch her food.

She walked up to her. "Hey, aren't you hungry?"

"No, not really."

Sam paused. "You have to eat something. Your last meal was at the SGC, and that was fourteen hours ago," she now knew how Jack felt every time she over worked herself.

"No, really, I'm not hungry," Katana said tiredly, rubbing her temples.

"What's wrong?" Sam looked at the girl, concerned. "Look, I'm sure we'll be done here in a little while and than we'll start working on that solar flare."

Katana smiled, but it was apparent that something was troubling her. "You know fully well that it's gonna take at least a week to properly explain everything so you all can use these computers after I leave. But that's not what's wrong…" her voice trailed off.

Sam waited for her to continue but she didn't. "Than what?"

"I've," she sighed, "I've already started the program to find a solar flare," she was shaking her head, and looked at Sam. "I haven't found one powerful enough…"

"For what time period?"

"Two months, going on third."

They were both silent. Sam pulled up a chair. "Can't we just build this," she pointed to the computer, "on Earth? I'm sure our sun is more powerful."

"No," Katana said, "it would take much longer, approximately two years, and that's if we work 24/7."

They fell silent again.

"I don't want to stay here for that long," Katana whispered with pain, imagining her life. If one day has been like this, two years would be like being in hell.

"Hey, it's not that bad here, you know," Sam tried to cheer her up.

"You forget, I know what's gonna happen," Sam wasn't sure what that meant, and thought she saw her eyes tear up, but when Katana looked at her again, they've disappeared.

"Rodney, we need to rest!" Zelenka interrupted. "We've been at it for nearly twelve hours. We need to sleep. I can't concentrate any more!"

Rodney's first instinct was to brush him off, but he needed time to digest the information of the day as well. "Yeah, all right," he said to everyone's surprise. "We'll start early tomorrow. 8 am!" he yelled at his team as they were quickly leaving before he changed his mind.

"Come on," Sam stood up, placing a hand of Katana's shoulder.

"I'll stay here for a while longer…"

"No, you're gonna get some rest. You can leave it running over the night, the results aren't gonna change if you keep staring at them."

"Actually they could," Katana laughed at the thought, "but they wouldn't be accurate," she sighed.

"I could order you. If you were in my chain of command, it means you still have to obey my orders," she said jokingly.

"Okay, okay. I'll rest."

"First you're gonna eat. Come on, we're going to the mess hall."

She complied. In these few hours Katana spent in Sam's company made her realize that her mother wasn't the one to be pushed around. She was vibrant, smart woman, a capable solider, brilliant scientist, but most of all, a loving creature. Katana could see in her eyes that she'd give anything for her team, her friends, her lover.

'How could I've missed it,' she wondered, and it came to her. She wasn't looking. She never once truly tried understanding her. She was too busy judging them, but now, she questioned who was she to judge her parents. They tried to tell her what happened, but she didn't listen. The pain she felt at that thought was almost unbarring.

"You okay? You've been quiet?" Sam asked as they entered the assigned quarters, which they shared with Vala.

"I'm just tired, that's all. Sam," Katana stopped her, and the use of Sam's name didn't pass unnoticed, "I have to tell you something…"

"There you are! I almost fell asleep waiting for the two of you!"

"Why were you waiting for us?" Sam made her way to one of the unmade beds, and started to prepare for 'good nights,' and Katana did the same dismissing the idea of telling Sam everything.

"Oh, but I wanted to have a girl talk!"

"Not tonight Vala, we're very tired. I haven't slept for 24 hours, and I really need to sleep," that said, Sam turned off the lights.

"But, but…"

"Sleep Vala."

"Oh all right. But, you know, I'm not gonna give up of finding out if I'm gonna marry Daniel, or not!"

"You're gonna marry him," Katana's voice came from the dark.

"Aaa! Really?!" they could hear her jumping in bed, clasping her hands.

"Katana!" Sam voice was accusing her.

"I just want to rest. You will marry Daniel Vala, and now go to sleep."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Katana you shouldn't have told her, you could be changing the future!"

"I really don't care right now," Katana's tired voice came again. She really didn't care any more.

"Give it a rest Sam, it's not like she's told me a state secret."

"Just go to sleep," Katana desperately needed some silence.

"I'm sleeping already!" Vala said while Sam stayed silent. "But tomorrow we celebrate!"

"There will be no celebrating," Sam sad with anger, "Vala, you can't tell Daniel!"

"Why not?"

"Because he has to make up his own mind, you can't force him into anything," she paused. "Besides, if you push him too hard, he mite not propose at all."

No-one spoke.


"Alright Sam. I won't say anything."

"Good. Now sleep. Goodnight."




When Katana woke up, it was still dark. She looked at the clock and realized she has slept for only two hours. It was enough. She never could get used to sleeping indoors. Strangely, she never had that problem while Duncan was alive.

She got dressed as quietly as she could and walked out of there, pretty sure she didn't wake her roommates, and made her way to the briefing room to check on the progress of the program.

"Damn it!" she cursed at the numbers. Going on fifth month, the program still hasn't found it.

She decided to take a walk, to clear her head. She couldn't believe how much of Atlantis was still unexplored and uninhabited. The walls that she knew as always glittering, almost alive, looked so barren, dead, and cold.

Katana walked with no purpose, and the moment she saw the view in front of her she froze, stunned, shocked, sad, happy… The amount of emotions that were racing through her, were so confusing. It made her numb, and she just stared.

It was the place where her wedding was held. The center circular podium was surrounded by seats much like in Coloseum in Rome, able to receive hundreds of people. From all the places in the galaxy, Duncan took her to Italy for their honeymoon. She fell in love with it. It was gorgeous, and he knew every bit of history there was about that place.

She missed him.

Standing in the center, she felt her knees failing, and collapsed, crying. What was wrong with her?! She hasn't cried like this ever since he died, and even than she didn't feel this weakness.

She had escaped from here after his death, thinking it'd be easier to forget, and she truly believed she'd succeeded. Apparently, not.

Caught up in her thoughts, she didn't hear the approaching footsteps. When a hand appeared on her shoulder, she jumped releasing a sound of fear, immediately trying to defend herself.

"Sorry to scare you," Sam said raising a hand in the other direction indicating that everything is fine.

Katana followed her hand, only to see the first team of Atlantis with and SG-1, all armed.

"What's going on?"

"You've obviously turned some sort of an alarm, and we thought that you're…never mind."

"You thought that I was trying to sabotage Atlantis," she stated the obvious, not really surprised.

"Yeah," Sam said uncomfortably, it wasn't her idea, she didn't believe it, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay. I understand," Katana said indifferently, still crying, "I'd probably think the same if I were you."

"What's wrong?" Sam asked, seeing the tears on Katana's face.

At that question, and sincere concern Sam displayed, Katana again started to cry inconsolably. Sam immediately sat beside her, taking her into her arms. "What's wrong?" she repeated.

Katana held on to her like her life depended on it. It felt so safe, so good. "This is the place where I got married. Both ceremonies were held here, Calisian and the Earth one," she whispered, still crying.

Sam hugged her titer. "Shhh, it's gonna be okay," she whispered back, making a hand gesture telling the rest of them to go. "Shhh," she tried to calm her by rocking her slightly, her left hand stroking Katana's hair, "what happened to him?"

"He died."

"I know, you said you're a widow… I mean how did he die? It mite help if you talk about it…" Sam's hart was breaking into a million peaces, she couldn't imagine what would she do without Jack, go insane?

"I can't… paradoxes ...," she said, finally stopping her tears, and pulling out of Sam's hug. "I wish I could tell you, than you could stop it…" she said with hope, "Believe me, I'm tempted."

"No, I guess I'm better off not knowing. Even if I knew I couldn't change it, and that would hurt more."

Katana knew Sam was right, but that didn't stop her from imagining how it'd be if she could change that little thing in her life.

"Back in the room, you wanted to tell me something?" Sam wiped the tears off of Katana's face.

Katana cherished the warmth Sam's hand left on her cheeks. "I had a moment of weakness…"

"So you have a weakness?!" Sam tried to joke, and it worked, Katana smiled.

"Yes, I'm actually full of them."

"I find that hard to believe," Sam stated, whipping Katana's cheeks again but this time her hands stayed there.

"God, I hate it when I cry," she said a bit ashamed.

"It's always good to cry. It's a great release. Just don't say anyone I said that," Sam joked again.

"What are you willing to give me for my silence?" Katana responded in the same jokingly voice.

"Oh-ho-ho! Sneaky, are we?!"

She has stopped crying, and it felt good just sitting there with Sam.

"Tell me about your wedding, was I there?"

"Sam! You're not supposed to know about the future, right? I mean, if you push hard enough I might tell you!"

"Yeah, yeah, grandchildren paradoxes, yada, yada, yada!"

"You sound just like Jack!" Katana laughed at her imitation.

"It comes with the years of being together every day. I don't even know where 'me' ends, and 'Jack' begins," she smiled shyly. "It's the same with Daniel and Teal'c," she quickly added.

"Cam and Valla?"

"Well, it's not that I don't love or trust them, its just… we've been together for so long, and I don't think that bond is repetitive, you know?" Sam looked a bit shocked by her own admission.

"I understand."

"Just the amount of time I thought they're dead, or going to die makes it all the more worth while to live, and love them," Sam was referring to Jack and Katana understood.

"How did you and the General finally got together?"

"What's with that? One moment you're calling us Sam and Jack and the other Colonel and General?"

"I, I don't know. I haven't even noticed. What would you prefer."

Sam smiled. "Friends call me Sam, and I'm sure Jack will feel the same."

"Sam and Jack it is than. So? Getting together?"

"Persistent little thing you are," Sam said and Katana chuckled in agreement.