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Back To the Future

Stepping through the Gate, Katana realized there was no one near by. Wasting no time, she went to the DHD, and dialed Atlantis.

There was no way for her to know if she had returned to the right time line, and the only way to make sure was to attempt contact.

As soon as the worm hole materialized, Katana sent out her code, hoping it would be approved.

"Katana!" The familiar voice of General Shepherd came through.

"Sir!" she called out with delight, "would you mind telling me the date," for all she knew it could be Colonel Shepherd from twenty five years ago.

She could hear him chuckle at her request.

"It's the 25th. Of May, 2032."

She felt relieved. It had worked.

"Are you coming through, or you just dialed to check the date?" John chuckled again.

"I'm coming, sir."

With that said she again stepped through to find a very different Atlantis from the one she left behind. It was her Atlantis.

"Katana," the General came down the stairs. "It's good to see you again."

"Likewise, sir," Katana smiled widely at the familiar face.

"Have you reached a decision?" he referred to their conversation before she left six months ago, going straight to the point.

After Duncan's funeral, Katana had requested some time to think about what to do next, and said she'd come back when she reached a decision.

John hadn't wanted to let her go, but was left with little choice.

He gave her a month, but she turned it into two months, than three, and so on. He didn't think she'd ever be back.

However, here she was.

"Yes, sir. I won't be staying on Atlantis. I want to go to Earth," she stated.

Behind Shepherd someone was coming down to the Gate, and Katana knew that walk all too well.

"Katana!" Rodney stood for a moment surprised at her sudden appearance, but hugged her immediately. "I'm happy to see you."

"Rodney, you have no idea!" she wrapped her arms around her father in law as tightly as she could.

He pulled back a little to look at her. "Are you alright?"

When his son died, Rodney and his wife were inconsolable. They always knew something like that could happen after Duncan had joined Atlantis' exploration teams, but even so, they weren't prepared. How can any parent be ready for the loss of their child?

"Yes," she answered softly, "I'm fine. And you?"

"Good, good," he stated, but she could still see the sorrow in his eyes, sadness she could relate too.

"Katana has decided to go to Earth," Shepherd said meaningfully.

Rodney suspected he knew the answer to his upcoming question, but wanted to be sure. "To Earth? Why?" he asked.

She smiled at the two men. "I think I need to be briefed. I've just returned from Atlantis, 25 years ago."

Rodney gave her a quick hug. "I've waited for this moment from the first time I saw you."

"There's no need for debriefing, we already know everything," John added. "So if you want, you can go right now."

There was nothing she wanted more. "Yes, sir, thank you," she turned to Rodney. "I'm sorry I can't stay longer, but there's much I need to…" she searched for the word, "…correct."

"I know, and don't worry, everything will be fine," he brushed her cheek with loving eyes. She had been like a daughter to him, and it was painful watching her all this time suffering, knowing the truth and unable to tell her.

John turned looking up to the control room. "Lieutenant," he addressed the man behind the computer, "dial Earth."

"Yes, sir."

A worm hole was established almost instantly, and John tapped the communication device on his wrist. "Stargate Command, this is General Shepherd."

"Go ahead John," the voice, belonging to General Lorne, came through.

"We're sending you a passenger."

"We have a code, it's good," Sergeant Prescott looked up to Lorne.

"The force shield is down," Lorne's voice came through again.

John made a chivalries gesture. "Ladies first," he wasn't coming but still it sounded good.

For the third time that day, Katana went into the blue shivering ring, and in a matter of seconds found herself at the SGC again.

"Welcome to Earth Katana," the General greeted. They'd known each other superficially, so there was no need for introductions.

Katana nodded. "General."

"May I ask what brings you here?"

"Uhm… I came to see my… parents," it was awkward for her to call them that, even after the relationship she had formed with them in the past year, she had never done it.

Lorne recognized what was happening, since all the people from that time had known about it. "That's good to hear."

Suddenly Katana felt close to the man she hardly knew anything about.

"I'll arrange for your transportation, you can head out to the surface immediately if you want."

She smiled. "Yes, I'd appreciate that. Thank you."

The General smiled back and nodded.

He walked her to the elevator and by the time she reached the ground floor a car with a driver waited for her.

"Ma'am," the driver greeted her opening the door allowing her to pass, than taking his seat.

"I need you to take me…"

"I've been informed Ma'am."

Katana thought for a moment that if the driver wasn't told where they're supposed to be going, she probably wouldn't know either. Sam and Jack must have moved, for the space of the old house wasn't big enough for four children.

After arriving at her destination, the driver took off, leaving her standing there all alone. She didn't allow herself the time to think, because if she continued her train of thoughts about all the things she had done to her parents over the four and a half years while living on Atlantis, she'd run in shame.

Instead, she approached to door and rang the bell; convincing herself she had the strength to face them.

"Kathryn?" Katana recognized the girl that opened the door as Gracie. She looked like Sam, with blond hair falling over her shoulders, but her brown eyes were all Jack. "Why are you ringing? You know it's open," her sister watched Katana in wonder.

"I…" Katana tried to explain she wasn't Kathryn, but Gracie cut her off.

"Never mind," she pulled Katana in, "you're just in time. Mom and Dad are gonna get here in a minute, c'mon!" the girl led her to through the house, heading for the back yard.

"Gracie, I…" Katana tried again.

"I told you not to call me Gracie, I'm not a baby any more!" she glanced back and stopped at the sight. "What are you wearing?" she frowned in disgust, "Are those jeans? That went out of style ten years ago!"

Katana looked down her clothes, and realized she hadn't changed. She was still in the same outfit in which she left. .

"Where did you find them anyway?" Gracie spoke, pulling her again. "Hey guys! Kathryn's here!" she yelled at the group gathered around the table in the center of the garden.

The banner above them read: Happy 26th Anniversary

'Of course, the 25th of May, it was the day of their wedding.' Katana stood before the crowd. They were all there: Daniel, Vala, Teal'c with Ishta, Cameron, Dr. Lam, of course she was Carolyn Mitchell now, and James and Patrick.

Teal'c moved closer staring into Katana's eyes. "This is not Kathryn O'Neill," he stated in a deep voice.

"Of course it is," Gracie smiled at her uncle, "who else would it b…" and the realization hit her.

"Hey! I'm here! I'm sorry I'm late," Kathryn showed up, slightly distracted by the large cake she carried. "I decided to get a cake; you know how dad likes…" she stopped finally looking up and seeing a reflected image. "Katana?" she asked with disbelief and excitement.

At the moment she saw her twin, Katana felt her nervousness calming down. "Kathryn," she greeted her sister with a smile. "It's very good to see you."

The sisters rushed into a hug but smiled realizing there was something in between them. Kathryn put the cake down and with great joy wrapped her arms around Katana.

"Are you alright?" Kathryn whispered. "I've missed you."

"I'm better than alright," Katana whispered back, "and I've missed you too," she hugged her even tighter, feeling that everything would be okay as long as Kathryn's here.

They pulled away from each other smiling.

"It is good to see you again Katana O'N…" Teal'c didn't continue as he remembered the last time he had called her that, her reaction wasn't the one he expected.

"It's okay Teal'c," Katana recalled the same event. "It's good to see you too. All of you," she pointed to the old guard.

"Why are you here?" Gracie's voice was filled with impatience, and anger. Clearly, she remembered her own incident with Katana.


"'Coz if you're here to make problems for our parents, you can just go now, I'm not gonna let you do anything to hurt them again," she spoke with defiance, and Katana wanted to chuckle seeing how much of Jack was in her younger sister.

"Grace!" Kathryn reprimanded her sister, while Patrick and James stood in silence, as was the rest of SG-1. "Katana is a member of this family, and she is more than welcomed to stay," Kathryn's voice was firm, and as much as Gracie claimed to be a grown up, she pouted.

"But the question still remains, why is she here," James asked, moving in. His tone wasn't accusatory, but more of a curiosity. Both of her brothers were old enough to understand what had happened, but they probably also had clearance to know the events that happened in the year she was born.

"I wanted to talk, to see, my, uhm, 'our'," she corrected herself, "parents," she felt naked, embarrassed in front of her siblings. Katana never truly knew what family was, never expected them to forgive her, but Kathryn, James, and Patrick didn't seem resentful. However, the youngest member of the family was. For heaven's sake, she defeated the Ori, but stood there afraid of a child.

"Never gonna happen!" Gracie imitated her father. "Leave, now!"

"Gracie!" a warning tone came behind them. It was Jack.

Katana turned to see her parent's standing just a few meters away, looking very different than the ones she saw just an hour ago. They were older, but it was their faces, that were sharper, stronger, clayed by time, what made the difference so visible.

"Hi," was all Katana could say.

Jack flinched a little, but tried to act cool. "Well, hello."

"Hi," Sam greeted carefully. She didn't have the strength for one of Katana's verbal attacks, not today.

"Jack, Sam," Katana tried to utter to words mom and dad, but didn't feel she deserved to call them that. She smiled sadly at the realization that the events of the past year, happened a long time ago for her parents. "I'm back."

"You're back," both of them asked at the same time, understanding what that meant, but not wanting to jump to conclusions.

Katana smiled again, nervousness starting to show on her face. "I'm back to the future," she stated awkwardly, wondering what to do with her hands.

Sam's hand flew to her mouth. "Oh my God," she turned to Jack, her eyes already filled with tears.

"Oh my God!" Vala's voice was heard behind them as they all stood in silence.

None of them spoke.

Katana couldn't stand it any longer. "I know how you like cliché's," she tried to joke, speaking to Jack, "I've thought about it all the way to here…. I think it's good."

"A bit repetitive I'd say," he managed to pass the shock. "It's good to have you back," he finally smiled, and both he and Sam came closer as Katana tried not to cry waiting for them to cross the distance that seemed infinite.

They hugged each other with force, Katana finally letting go of her tears, shaking with happiness and distress.

"We love you too," Sam whispered the words she's been waiting to say for far too long.

SG-1 along with new members of their family, the O'Neill children, had tears in their eyes. Finally, life was good again.

Even Gracie felt happy, but she didn't plan on telling Katana that. No, she was going to torture her for a while.

The End.

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