Harry Potter, the Forgotten Twin

Summary: Michael Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived and is spoiled rotten, while his twin Harry is neglected. So Harry runs away!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters you recognize.

Chapter 1: From Young to Old

August 7, 1985, Potter Manor

A small boy of five years old slowly crept out of the large mansion home that he lived in. In his hands was a small trunk, big enough to fit all of his clothes, a small blanket, and several golden coins that he pilfered from the cabinet in his parents' room.

He took paused every three steps to listen for noise, to see if anyone was up. Why was such a young boy running away from a life of assumed indulgence and extravagance? Well, his name was Harry Potter, and as of now, it was a name synonymous of neglected, ignored, and shunned. His twin, Michael Potter, defeated the most evil of all wizards at the age of one. Well, that's what the Headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, claimed. So, while Michael got anything he wanted, Harry had to silently fight for survival.

The final point that finally caused the young Harry to leave happened a week ago. It was the day of his fifth birthday, and like any young boy, was excited about his party and the presents. When the guests started arriving, all brought large and extravagant presents for one of the two twins: Michael. The adults seemed to dote on Harry's slightly pudgy twin and ignored Harry himself. Even his own parents forgot about him! Proof of this was the cake they brought out. The words "Happy birthday Michael!" were written in icing on the cake. No mention of Harry was to be made at all that day, and the young boy trudged up slowly to his room, large tears in his eyes.

To say he was only sad was a giant understatement. He felt horrible. His parents ignored him and talked to him as if he were someone else's adorable five year old son. Most of the time they didn't even remember he was here! And thus started Harry's planning to running away.

Now back to the present, the young five year old ran the last few steps before turning back around, determination in his vivid green eyes.

"Goodbye," he whispered quietly, and that was the last anyone saw of him.

10 Years Later, Hogwarts

Albus Dumbledore sat down with his head in his hands. He let out a despondent sigh and reached for one of his precious sour lemon drops. Taking one and putting it in his mouth, he thought about the past few years after the Boy-Who-Lived, Michael Potter arrived at Hogwarts.

In '91, Michael's first year, he stumbled upon Quirrel with his two friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. By the luck of the devil, Quirrel, who was watching Michael atop a tall set of stairs, misplaced his foot on a step as he walked down and broke his neck, killing him immediately. Voldemort's body, which was residing in Quirrel, fled back to wherever it came from with a menacing howl.

In Michael's second year, the Chamber of Secrets opened again, and several students were petrified, including Dean Thomas, Terry Boot, and Cedric Diggory. The perpetrator was apparently Luna Lovegood, who happened to be possessed by the memory of Albus' old apprentice, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Once again, Michael Potter and his two friends happened to be in the Forbidden Forest at the time and came upon the massive basilisk feeding on a gargantuan Acromantula while the possessed Luna watched. The trio ran away as quick as they could and when young Michael ran into a tree, one of the branches atop fell down and skewered the basilisk through the head. The diary, by which the memory of Tom resided in, disappeared in the midst of the running and was found the next day by a first year in the Owlery, being chewed upon by a large Horned Owl.

Third year was the escape of Peter Pettigrew, one of Albus' old pupils, from Azkaban. The man, believed guilty of betraying the Potters to Voldemort, came to Hogwarts. Once again, Michael stumbled upon the haggard Peter Pettigrew, who, in his deranged haste to kill Michael for his long-gone master, ran towards the young Boy-Who-Lived and tripped over a stone. The end result was that Peter Pettigrew was impaled on someone's stolen wand. The body was pissed upon by his ex best friends James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin, and later fed to a bunch of hungry wolves.

In '94, Lucius Malfoy kidnapped Michael during a Hogsmeade weekend and used his blood as one of the ingredients in a dark ritual that restored Tom back to life. Regardless, Michael escaped again by stealing Malfoy's extra portkey when the man was holding his bleeding hand, where he cut off his middle finger. ("Totally useless," he commented about the finger a few moments before he cut it.)

Through all these adventures Michael escaped from Tom or one of his servants by sheer luck. Where have I gone wrong? Albus silently asked himself. Michael was supposed to the savior of the Wizarding World, and yet his magic was only a tiny bit stronger than the average first year. Yes. It's true. In comparison, Michael as a fourth year was only a tiny bit more powerful than a pureblood first year.

Perhaps...No, it couldn't be...Could it?

Perhaps Harry Potter was the real Boy-Who-Lived, not Michael. Perhaps that lightning bolt scar on Harry's forehead was the true symbol of Voldemort. But no. It can't be. Harry Potter disappeared ten years ago and was never seen again. He's dead, isn't he?

Albus Dumbledore, savior of the Light spent the rest of the day thinking about Michael and Harry Potter.

A hooded man with a cane strode down an alley quickly. His blond hair was out of place as he got excited at the thought of torturing the man who was following him and getting information for his revered Lord. Oh yes, he sensed a pair of eyes on his back the moment he apparated into Diagon Alley. A sneer was plastered onto his face at the thought of an amateur tailing him.

He turned a corner into a dead end and spun around, wand in hand. A second individual walked in several minutes later.

'A child!' he thought. The second man was a lot shorter than the first, and his stature looked like a teenager's.

"Diffindo!" A blue beam shot out of the first man's wand, straight at the second man.

The second man merely sidestepped the beam and laughed. The laugh sent shivers down the first man' spine, and spurred him to kill this second man as quick as possible, rather than take him alive, which was his original purpose.

"Explodra! Diffindo! Reducto! Flamma!" He shot off several curses at once, but none hit. No Unforgivables yet, as they would undoubtedly attract the attention of the Ministry.

The second man, bored of the first's incompetence, pulled out a short knife and threw it at the first. The first's eyes widened as the knife struck him in the chest. His eyes were full of shock and he looked down to see a black handle protruding from his chest.

He felt it becoming harder to breath as the seconds wore on. It seems the knife struck his lung. The blood was quickly filling up his lung, which reduced his capacity to breath in air.

His gray eyes flashed at the thought of being killed, and as a last act of desperation, pulled out a highly illegal dagger out of his cane. The dagger was only considered illegal because of the numerous poisons it was dipped in. He lunged forward, knife still in his lung, and attempted to stab the approaching man, but missed when the man stepped back.

The man's face was concealed under a dark hood, but you could just feel the intensity of the man's unseen eyes. As the first man slowly breathed in, the second man pulled back his hood to reveal jet-black hair, startling green eyes, and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

The first man's breath hitched...and that was the last breath he took.


The man pulled out his ornate knife from Lucius Malfoy's chest and wiped the blood off on Malfoy's expensive-looking robes.

'Such a waste,' he thought of the robes.

The assassin reached into his robes and threw his calling card onto Malfoy's dead corpse, before disappearing with a pop. The calling card looked like a normal card in a 54-card deck at first glance, when you took a second glance at it, you'd realize it was very different from a regular card.

It was signed, 'Joker.' The Joker's face was distorted into a sadistic grin. The Joker was surrounded by several dangerous-looking knives. Each knife was black, both blade and handle. The knives themselves looked to be painted in red, but if you used your brain, you would realize it wasn't paint. It was blood...

Murder in the Alley!

by Rita Skeeter

Yesterday morning, Aurors were dispatched to an alley branching off Diagon Alley. The Ministry picked up signs of barely legal magic being used, and when they arrived, the scene they found was horrific.

The body of Lucius Malfoy laid on the ground, and a large red stain was apparent on his robes. A card was discovered next to the body. It was signed Joker, and it seems whoever murdered Mr. Malfoy left his calling card to mark his work.

Minister Fudge had this to say on the murder: "Whoever killed Lucius Malfoy will be heavily punished. He was an outstanding man who donated to charity for victims of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and attended several Ministry Balls! We will do whatever we can to avenge the murder of Lucius. He was a great man. I offer my condolences to the Malfoy family for the loss of an upstanding father and husband."

However,when the Aurors searched Mr. Malfoy's robes, they found a white mask in his pocket! Yes, dear readers, a Death Eater mask!

The question now is whether the mask belonged to Mr. Malfoy, or if it was planted there by the murderer. The Ministry is looking into it now.

Mr. Malfoy is a great friend to Minister Fudge, so what'll happen if it is decided he is a servant of You-Know-Who.

AN: Yes, 54 card deck. I counted the two jokers.

My other story has not been abandoned. I just need some time to think about where I'm going with that story.

This story is going to be a brother-of-BWL story, but Harry went to a "special" school. And I don't mean special as in Hogwarts special. It's a different kind of special.