Chapter 4: Interlude: A History Lesson

"To achieve prosperity, equality must first be found.."

-Marche Des Paire, first headmaster and founder of Morgana's School of Magicks and Sorcery

The Morgana's School of Magicks and Sorcery is widely renowned as the best school of magic in the entire world. Ever since its founding ten years after the Four Founders founded Hogwarts, it has produced student after student with Masteries every single year. The students not only consisted of wizards, but werewolves, vampires, goblins, veela, and elves (not house elves, mind you, but actual elves with pointy ears and everything). These aren't the only races that attend this magnificent school, just the ones that have more students in the school. Teachers teach a wide range of subjects, from the most basic of classes (like cooking and cleaning), to the most advanced (like necromancy and blood magic).

After producing so many powerful students, an occasional Dark Lord would always try to take over the school, but they could not. Why? That's simple. Simply, they could not find it. The school was hidden by Des Paire after its first Dark Lord attack five years after its founding, and its secrets are as widely sought after as the secrets of the Library of Alexandria or the city of Atlantis. Not even its students knows where the school is located.

The only possible way to reach the school is through the use of a T-Stone, or teleportation stone. Teleportation stones are specially made stones that allow the user to instantly teleport from their current destination to the entrance of the school. When scouts find a student worthy of joining Morgana's, they will approach said student and extend their offer to join an elite school. If the offer is accepted, a stone is given. At the beginning of the school year, all new students are immediately taught Occlumency and the basics of Legilimency to protect the information they learn during their stay from "curious" minds. If the offer is declined, a quick and powerful memory charm is applied so that the student has no memory whatsoever of the scout.

The school's structure itself is massive. There are seven stories of the school and a dungeon. The reason for this is that because the school was once Des Paire's family castle. He used his magic to turn the marvelous castle into a school for the elite of the elite. The first floor is mainly the entrance hall and the dining hall. Second through fourth floors are for the various classrooms, fifth and sixth are for the dormitories, and the seventh floor is where students can train, practice, or otherwise socialize. More specifically, the seventh floor contains a massive library (larger than Hogwart's, which is a feat in itself), a gym with everything one needs to practice duelling and weight lifting, and an enormous common room. The dungeon used to act as a typical dungeon for punishemnts, torture, or interrogations. Now, it is just an unused and dusty "basement" where everything else is stored. Secret passages are aplenty in this castle (what kind of castle doesn't have secret passages?) and not even the teachers or headmaster know all the secret passages! Some can be used as shortcuts, some may be used as a cupboard for wayward couples, and some may be used to escape of the outdoors part of the school, there is a standard size Quidditch pitch, along with a basketball court, football fields (both American and soccer), a Quodpot field (an American Wizarding sport), and a large lake that is used as a swimming pool (without all that nasty chlorine of course).

Morgana's is does not encourage as much competition among students. Instead, the school's students are encouraged to "compete" in the form of studying. Teachers will not require students to attend, but if their grades suffer, they will be ejected from the school with their memories wiped. Students with the highest grades will usually receive a prize, whether it is a medal or trophy, or an expensive gift.

Once they graduate, they leave the school to find employment elsewhere, which is no problem, considering that by the time they do leave, they will have masteries over at least one subject. Every single student, whether current or ex, is loyal to the school. Everything else comes second, whether it be family, work, or friends. In fact, the students are so loyal that the majority of them donate their money to the school, so admission fees are not required.

The school is ruled by a council, which the Headmaster is in charge of. The council members consist of three students and three teachers. Each student is voted in by their peers, and there is one student for every two years. One student from the first and second years, one student from the third and fourth years, and one student from the fifth and sixth years. Occasionally, an older student will also cast their votes for a younger student, and their vote will count as three votes, due to their seniority. Ages do not make up the years. Rather, the years mean how long the student has been attending the school. So, for example, a first year could be twenty years old, while a sixth year could be thirteen (even though that is pretty rare).

When first years arrive at the school, three rules are drilled into their heads. One, respect your upperclassmen, two, killing a classmate is ok, but you have to have a good reason for doing so, and three, betrayal means death.

Respect your upperclassmen. This is one of the three fundamental rules of the school. Disrespect is considered to be almost as bad as betrayal. Upperclassmen can easily make and underclassman's life hell, but most are too lazy to do so or too busy to do so. To put it simply, obey your upperclassmen and you'll live to see another year.

Attacks are quite common in the school. It may happen several times a year, and the results are much more drastic than Hogwarts. Rather than petty spells being thrown at each other, students may use weapons like swords in this school for a fight. Sometimes, the body doesn't even show up! However, that does not mean that there isn't a punishment.. Killing or attacking without justification like a madman will result in an immediate execution. Assassins-in-training are assigned this job (if this scenario ever happens) as a final exam.

Loyalty to the school is the most important part of the school (and silence, but that's different). If a student brings an outsider into the school, it is considered betrayal, and both student and outsider are immediately executed. Betrayal could also mean disobeying the words of a council member. Another definition for betrayal is doing something that will harm the school as a whole, like selling out their secrets. One student tried to do so early on since the founding of the school, and his corpse still lies in the dungeon today.

Other than that, students may do whatever they want. There have been several times where students are killed by their classmates, either for a minor break in the rules, or because the dead student has offended his killer in a grievous manner.

This school teaches many things. As stated earlier, Occlumency is the first thing learned upon arrival. After that, students pick the subjects they'd like to study, and they are immediately given a schedule based on the their classes. No houses are present in this school, like Hogwarts' houses. This ensures less bitter rivalry and eliminates (mostly) favoritism.

Of course, almost all of these things about the school are unknown to the majority of the Wizarding population. In fact, the only thing they do know is that the school produces geniuses. So you understand, you can't tell anyone about this...right? It would really suck if someone were to hypothetically kill you in your sleep after I went through the task of telling you these secrets, eh?

Rikers. Ah, Rikers, on the other hand, has a reputation as bad as Morgana's is good. I mean honestly, a mercenary production factory shouldn't have a good reputation right? Basically, it is a school for mercenaries. Its students are known to be legendary killers, trained in the arts of silent assassination, stealth, information gathering, and other skills a mercenary might find useful.

Their students are top-of-the-notch assassins, spies, recon people, and fighters. You give them a job, your success rate is immediately boosted to a ninety nine percent. Of course, you'd first have to find them, or find one of their contacts. Even that is hard though.

Unfortunately, that's all the the information I could gather about this legendary school of killers.

No wait. One last thing concerning the two schools. What was that big secret again? Hmm...Oh! That's right. They're the same school.

Author's Note: I got the idea of Harry-goes-to-assassin-school from A Shadowed Soul by devilblondie (go read it!). The name Riker's is also from blondie's story, as well as some of the basic foundations of the school.

Answer to Reviews

Concerning the last chapter, I got a shitload of reviews complaining about how stupid it was for Harry to lose his mask cuz Sirius slapped his mask, or cuz I unveiled him so early in the story. In answer to all of those reviews, first off, Harry was just in a fight with Bellatrix Lestrange, and even though he beat her, she was still strong enough to affect his mask. No I will not make Harry stay with his family (so no worries). Harry is still a "badass assassin", but he has MORALS (like no harming innocents or women, unless his job is to kill a woman, as in the case of Lestrange). He's a bit cold towards others (especially his parents), but that doesn't mean he's cold to every damn person he meets...just most of them.

Uhh...let's Jabarber, he may not like Dumbledore, but he has no reason to really hate the man, just his parents. Dumbledore has mistakenly portrayed Michael as the BWL, and no he suffers from the consequences.

To people saying he shouldn't have met Dumbledore, I'll just say that Harry is curious. He's an assassin, and as such, money is most important. If there's a chance that someone from such a powerful family (House of Dumbledore, Potter, Black, etc) will pay him to do something, then he'll go and "talk" with them. If it is apparent that they aren't gonna pay him he'll leave, which is exactly what happened at the end of chapter 3.

To the early unveiling thing, eh, so what? I'm impatient. And again, so what? They know his name and that he's strong, but they don't know anything else about him, like what he can do or what has happened in the ten years he's been gone. After I post a lot more chapters, I might go back and redo that chapter, so watch out for that. Don't expect me to do that anytime soon though.