Title: SD Gundam Force – Reception in the Land of Ark

Author: LJ

Summery: Zero, Captain, Shute and Baku are taken to Bakunetsumaru's homeland, Ark. There, the three discover more about the blazing samurai, as well as his family and the horrors of Ark's civil war.

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: Zero/Bakunetsumaru, Captain/Guneagle

Author's note: Been playing around with this idea and Baku's family for a bit, finally got off my lazy bum and wrote it. ;) This story doesn't follow much of the Series, so I guess an AU. Most of the names that I have come up with came from mostly Bleach, or were Bleach inspired (I.E. Ikakumaru and Fujikumaru were inspired by a Soul Reaper and a Zanbacto respectively). And some I just made up on the fly. Most of the terms I got from Rurouni Kenshin.

Disclaimer: I own Tantemaru (Baku's father), Isantemaru (Baku's Mother), Shintumaru, Fujikumaru, Kentakemaru, Tatemaru, Uutemaru, Asurekumaru, Matarkemaru (Baku's brothers), Ikakumaru and Inkamaru…god that's a lot of names. Also the town where Baku's family resides Kentyo. Please don't sue I'm a poor college student!

Chapter One: The Land of the Red Sky

"Home…! I'm FINALLY going HOME!" Baku cried jumping eagerly through the base, doing cartwheels and flips. Zero looked up from sharpening his blade as Baku burst into the Lacroan's room.

"Baku? What's going on? Why are you so happy?" Zero asked smiling. Baku whooped and pounced on his boyfriend grinning.

"I'm going HOME!" Baku cried clinging to Zero who squeaked at the sudden pounce and hug.

"R-really? Doctor Bellwood has gotten the trans-dimensional device fixed?" Zero asked trying to pry his boyfriend off.

"Yeah! He gave me the news just a few minutes ago! Isn't it GREAT?! I'm GONG HOME!" Baku cried happily before leaving again. Zero blinked and chuckled sadly.

"Yeah…wonderful…" Zero frowned and sighed trying to be happy for Bakunetsumaru.

"Captain! Shute!" Baku ran over to the two and smiled. "You'll be coming with me and Zero too, to Ark right?" he asked, still elated about the news of being able to return home.

"Of course, you did tell Zero you wanted him to come, right?" Baku paused in his jubilation and froze thinking over Captain's words.

"Uhhh….oops…knew I forgot to ask him something! Baka! Baka, baka, BAKA!" Baku hit his forehead with his fist. "I'll be right back! Geeze I'm the worst boyfriend ever…!" he muttered under his breath.

"He gets a head of himself doesn't he?" Shute asked looking up from his game. Captain nodded and sighed.

"Very much so. I should probably go and tell Guneagle that I'll be leaving soon. It's a shame that he won't be able to come with me…" Captain said sadly. Shute looked at his friend and chuckled.

"Don't worry. My mom always says that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Besides, someone has to stay back. Guneagle volunteered after all." Captain looked at Shute and smiled nodding.

"True. I'll be back in a bit then." Shute nodded and returned to his game.

"Zero! I forgot to ask you some…Zero?" Baku looked in at Zero's quarters and saw the knight sitting on his bed slumped over slightly, sniffling. Zero looked up in shock and quickly wiped his eyes and slid his mask back over his face.

"Hi, Baku…" Zero said trying to hide the warble in his voice.

"What's wrong Zero?" Baku asked sitting down next to the Lacroan. Zero shook his head and shrugged.

"Nothing…I'm happy for you, Baku. You get to go home to your family…" Zero looked down at his hands and sighed. "I'll miss you…" Baku gaped at him and sighed pushing him down into the bed as he slipped his mask to the side and laid nearly on top of him.

"Do you really think I would leave you, Zero? You're such an idiot…I want you to come with me…to meet my family, see my home." Baku gently kissed Zero's mask and sighed. "Just because I get ahead of myself and forget to ask you if you would come with me doesn't mean I'm just going to up and leave the one person I love more than anything…got it?" Zero blushed furiously but slid his mask aside and nodded.

"Got it…" Wrapping his arms around Baku, Zero pulled him down into a deep kiss. Baku smiled and kissed back sighing as they broke apart.

"Good…after all I'd hate to have to explain to my father why my boyfriend decided not to show up to meet him," Baku said with a smile. Zero chuckled and sighed holding him close.

"I'm nervous about explaining to your father about us, to be honest," he said honestly, burying his face into Bakunetsumaru's neck slightly. Baku smiled and sat up before repositioning himself lengthwise on the bed, pulling Zero with him.

"Don't be. In Ark it's common for two males to become partners. It's accepted as a true love. My father is also a very worldly man; I'm sure he'll love you and welcome you into our family without any issues." Zero smiled and dragged his finger down Baku's cheek shaking his head.

"Good…it will be a bit more difficult though, in Lacroa. I'm not exactly sure what the royal family would think of our relationship, but that must wait until after it is freed from the Dark Axis's clutches." Baku nodded and gently kissed Zero's finger.

"Unfortunately the civil war is still going on in Ark. I'm almost afraid of what my home looks like after all this time. I am almost positive though, that Kentyo will continue to be a peaceful village." Bakunetsumaru paused and looked into Zero's face frowning. "I wish you didn't have to see it during this civil war." Zero shook his head and kissed him to reassure the samurai of his decision.

"We both have seen war in at least two different worlds; you have seen it in three. I will not back down from a fight, just as you won't. I will support you, as you have me." Baku smiled and hugged the knight close, necking slightly with him, and sighing deeply.

"Thank you, Zero." Zero smiled and nuzzled back running a hand down the back of Baku's helmet.

"You're welcome, my samurai."

"Guneagle…" Captain said softly smiling as the larger Gundam kissed his neck. Guneagle smiled and gently ran his hands down to Captain's hips smiling and nipping playfully at his neck.

"Yeah Cap?" he asked glancing up at him. Captain gasped and blushed before grabbing the younger Gundam's hands and smiled.

"I really can't…" Guneagle pouted and looked into Captain's eyes before kissing him deeply. Captain groaned in appreciation and returned the kiss. Guneagle's hands slipped out of Captain's and gently reached for his chest. Captain groaned a little, and weakly tried to stop Guneagle before breaking the kiss.

"C'mon Cap…I dunno how long your going to be there. At least give me a goodbye lay…" Guneagle pouted holding his idol close. Captain sighed and looked up at him before shaking his head, a smile creeping over his features.

"I can't, Guneagle. I have to get my things ready for the trip…" Captain smiled as Guneagle pouted even more. Kissing Guneagle lovingly, Captain held him close, enjoying feeling the pulse of his Soul Drive skip slightly as Guneagle returned the hug, and deep kiss. Guneagle sighed and wrapped his arms around Captain, knowing that time wasn't on their side, and that Captain was still nervous about taking their relationship to the next level. In truth, so was Guneagle. He wasn't sure about what would happen with his Gunsoul and Captain's Soul Drive; but he would wait, he always would for the Gundam he admired and loved.

"All right, is everyone here?" Bellwood asked looking over the three Gundams and human boy. Entengo trotted up between Baku and Zero whinnying and tossing his head excitedly. Captain and Shute nodded excitedly. Captain turned around to see Guneagle leaning up against the railing waving to him. Captain waved back smiling, knowing that Guneagle would take care of things while he was away.

"Let's go already! With our luck something'll happen to the trans-dimensional thingy before long!" Baku cried his energy infectious to everyone around him.

"Calm down, Baku. Everything will be fine," Zero said smiling at the red and white samurai. Entengo neighed and nuzzled at Baku to calm him down. Shute giggled at the two as Captain shook his head.

"All right, here we go then! Everybody hold on to your hats!" The three Gundams, human and mechanical horse kept close as the device began to start up.

"Take care of yourself Captain!" Guneagle cried from the observation deck.

"Good luck on your mission, sir!" the seven Gundiver brothers said saluting Captain. Captain saluted back as a glow surrounded the group.

"I'll be back soon, Guneagle!" Captain cried, smiling at him as they disappeared in a flash of light.

"Ohhh…that doesn't get better with the second time around…" Baku muttered holding his abdomen. Zero groaned and looked up at the red sky.

"Wonderful…are we in the right place, Baku?" Zero asked, slowly sitting up with the help of Entengo.

"I think I left my stomach back in Neotopia…" Shute whimpered.

"I don't think that's physically possible…" Captain said helping Shute to his feet. Shute simply sighed and shook his head. Though Captain had gotten better, he still took things at face value. Baku slowly stood up and looked around; they were on the outskirts of a small town. Slowly he began to smile, the smile turning into a huge grin. Entengo too, looked around and pricked his ears. He knew as well where they were. With a whinny and rearing up, the horse ran off towards the town. Baku did nothing to stop his companion instead he laughed and whooped with joy.

"Entengo! Baku! Your horse just ran away…!" Shute said looking in shock at the Musha Gundam as he calmed down. Zero looked around and sighed.

"Baku! Will you tell us where we are?" Zero cried getting frustrated. Baku smiled at Zero and began to walk off.

"Home…we're right outside my home town. C'mon!" Captain blinked at Baku but followed with Shute close in tow. Zero smiled slowly and flew after them.

"So this is your home…?" Captain asked looking around at the strange surroundings. Bakunetsumaru nodded and looked back.

"Yes. We're just outside of Kentyo, where I was born. My family runs a kenjutsu dojo there." Zero blinked.


"Sword arts. My father is a master at the dojo, and my oldest brother teaches there. That's where I learned the basics before going to learn with my sensei. It's also where I learned that I was the first son in almost five generations that actually could complete the Tenkyoken that my great-great grandfather developed," Baku said as he started to walk backwards into the town to tell his friend about his home.

"Uh…Baku, shouldn't you be facing forward?" Shute asked concerned for the red and white musha's short attention span.

"No, I know this village like I do my swords. I could find my way home even if I was blindfolded," Baku said turning around to face the front, just as he ran into another Gundam.

"Nani?" Baku landed on his aft and winched before quickly standing up and bowing to the slightly taller Gundam.

"My apologies! I should have been looking where I was going…" Baku said quickly. He blinked and noticed the Gundam's feet, with a distinctive red trim, in a pair of tatami mat zori.

"Are you all right?" Zero asked concerned for the smaller samurai. Zero looked at the other Gundam and frowned. The taller Gundam was wearing a pair of white Gi pants, and a wide reed cone hat, that hid this features. At his side was an ornate short blade, a wakizashi if his memory of Bakunetsumaru's lessons on Ark swords was correct.

"There is no apologies needed…" the Gundam said, his voice deeper than Baku's. "Are you all right though?" Baku stood up and nodded. Both Gundams froze in mid motion finally getting a good look at one another. The other Gundam blinked and tilted his reed hat back, revealing chocolate colored eyes with a light yellow background. He didn't have his mask on to hide his features. He had a small mustache and goatee surrounding his mouth. "B-Baku-kun?" he asked. Baku smiled widely.

"Shintumaru!" Baku cried straightening immediately with a bright look in his eyes. Shintumaru laughed and smiled quickly wrapping his arms around the smaller Gundam.

"Baku-kun, where have you been? We thought you were taken by Kibaomaru's henchmen. Thank God you're all right…" Shintu hugged him close and sighed, relief flooding his features. Baku returned the hug and pulled back smiling easily.

"I've been to another world. Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Shute and Captain Gundam from Neotopia. That is where I've been staying for these past months. This is Zero the Winged Knight of Lacroa. He was sent to Neotopia from his home dimension as well. They are good friends of mine. Everyone, this is my oldest brother, Shintumaru."

"A pleasure to meet you, Shintumaru," Captain said bowing slightly.

"It's nice to meet you!" Shute said happily.

"It is an honor to meet you at last. We've heard a lot about you and the rest of Baku's family." Zero said with a courteous bow. Shintu chuckled and looked them over, his eyes landing on Shute.

"The pleasure is mine. Young Shute, you have no idea how honored I am to meet you. Ark hasn't had the pleasure of human existence in a very long time. Visitors from another dimension, and the return of our Baku-kun…this is a very blessed day indeed." Baku finally rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Don't call me that," he muttered. "I let you get away with it the first two times because you were worried and surprised to see me." Zero tried to stifle the laugh that threatened to wound Baku's pride. Shintu shook his head and laughed for the both of them. It was a rich laugh that was threatening to become infectious.

"Of course, Baku. Please though, Father will want to know you're home, you're all welcome to our dojo. Think you can find it on your own, Baku? I need to continue to run my errands, and pick up ingredients for dinner." Bakunetsumaru smirked and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Of course, Shintu, I know this town like my own swords. I'm not going to get lost…" Captain and the others smiled at the side of Baku they had rarely seen while in Neotopia. Shintu nodded and bowed to them all.

"Very well. I shall meet you all there then." Shintu smiled and pulled his hat back down further to keep the sun out of his eyes as he continued on his way. Zero chuckled and looked at Baku, whose face was even brighter than before.

"Your brother seems to be a very nice Gundam," Zero said landing softly next to him. Baku nodded and sighed.

"Not a mean circuit in him. That's why he isn't apart of the war. He wants to stay out of it and try to keep our family safe. Of course, he still hates what Kibaomaru is doing, but he doesn't want to harm anyone." Baku said watching as his brother continued on his way.

"So…how many siblings do you have, Baku?" Shute asked looking at the Gundam.

"Seven. All boys" Baku said simply before starting off again. "C'mon guys! We're almost there! I'm not going to search for you if you fall behind." The three stared after the red and white Musha in shock.

"Did…he say he had SEVEN siblings?" Captain said, still in awe that there was a larger brotherhood than the seven Gundivers.

"AND they're all boys?! Wow…his father must have the patience of a saint," Zero muttered before quickly following after his boyfriend when it became evident that he was not slowing down for them. Captain and Shute quickly followed, Shute in still in shock.

"I don't think I could stand having seven brothers…" he muttered.

"So…um…if you don't mind me asking, Baku…where are your other brothers?" Zero asked as the group finally caught up. Baku frowned and sighed slowing down.

"My second oldest brother, Fujikumaru was killed in battle. Kentakemaru, my third oldest brother was poisoned by Kibaomaru nearly two years ago, and is still unconscious in our home. Tatemaru and Uutemaru were twins, the only ones in our family. They left about a year ago to join the war effort, and we haven't heard back from them, or from the military to say they were killed. We aren't holding out much hope that they're still alive. Asurekumaru was killed in the battle with Fujikumaru. Matarkemaru ran away from home when I was little. It's just me and Shintumaru and our father really."

"I'm sorry…I shouldn't have asked, it's obviously painful for you…" Zero said feeling horrible for speaking up. Baku turned to him and smiled.

"It's okay. I've had to deal with my older brothers' deaths and disappearances for a long time. It's been hard but…I have to be strong. I'll avenge what this war has done to my family, and I know with your help Ark will finally be at peace."

"No problem, Baku," Shute said, ever optimistic. Captain nodded in agreement his eyes hopeful. Bakunetsumaru turned to see Zero right by his side holding his hand.

"I'll be right here for you, Baku." Baku smiled, and the brightness returned to his face.

"I know. Come on!" Baku easily dragged Zero off, running towards his home. Captain and Shute laughed and took off after them, happy to see that Baku was far happier than they had ever seen before.