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Betty woke up early, grudgingly ready to start the new day. She got up and dressed herself quickly. Before she left she looked at herself in the mirror.

"This is as good as it's going to get," she said referring to her reflection. Although most of the times she was comfortable with her appearance, she still had those days where she felt self-conscious and ugly. Today just happened to be one of those days, and who doesn't have those?

She sighed and went down the stairs to get some breakfast.

"Hola, mi'ja," her father said.

"Good morning, papi," She said as she grabbed the plate of omelets. At that moment

Hilda entered the kitchen.

"Morning papi, Betty," She said.

"Ay, Dios mío, that boy is going to be late if he doesn't hurry up."

Betty just shrugged and took a bite out of her omelet.

"Justin!" yelled Hilda, "Hurry up, you're going to be late."

"Coming." He said as he came into the kitchen.

"You need to hurry up more in the morning or you're going to be late again."

"I have to look my best for school," responded Justin.

Betty just rolled her eyes, and finished her food as the two went back and forth. She got up and washed her plate.

"Okay, I'm leaving guys. Have a good day."

"Bye, have a good day," responded Justin and Hilda.

"Bye mi'ja, here take some empanadas," her dad said to her as he handed her the bag, "Have a good day."

"Thanks dad." She gave him kiss on the cheek, and left.

She made her way to the subway. Once she got settled on the train she started to wonder about what the day would bring. Most likely nothing good, she thought. She sighed and thought about what Daniel would make her do today. Most likely nothing important, even though she proved herself time after time, she never really got anything good to work on. From that she thought about Daniel Meade himself. Lately she had been feeling things that friends should not be feeling. The harder she tried to forget them, the more she couldn't. It was starting to become a hassle especially when she was trying to do her work, and she found herself looking at him instead.

It was bad enough that she had a crush on him but what was worse, is that she knew that she didn't even have a chance with him. Daniel would not care for her that way. Sure, he cared about her as a friend, which he repeated to her on numerous occasions. It was nice to know that he did consider her a friend, and not just some assistant. It was better for him to care for her as a friend than nothing at all.

Her train finally got to the station and she made her way out of it to the Meade building. She sighed once again, and steeled herself for the day that was ahead of her. (My, she sighs a lot, going to have to fix that.) She entered the building, made her way to the elevator and pressed the button to the third floor. She got out and as usual Amanda and Marc made their snarky remarks. She ignored them and went to her desk.

Finally, at nine, Daniel entered his office. She waited a few minutes until he got settled, and her feelings as well before she walked into the office with Daniel's bagel and coffee.

"Good morning, Daniel," she said with a genuine smile for the first time that day.

"Morning," he muttered still a sleep, considering it was a Monday.

"Hectic weekend?" asked Betty with a disapproving look.

"No, I had to stay up half the night brainstorming for Fabia's new layout. I tried to find something all weekend but my creative juices were just not flowing."

"Oh, well did you come up with something?" she asked with a gentler tone of voice.

"Yeah, finally at three in the morning, I got it. Hopefully she will actually like it. Otherwise it was a waste of time that I could have actually been sleeping, among other things."

Betty gave him a glare and Daniel weakly chuckled. "I was kidding Betty, I didn't mean it like that, I meant I could have gone out to the movies or something," he said trying to make her stop glaring at him.

"Uh-huh," she said the glare still in place.

"Well hopefully she will like it, anyway let me know if you need anything," she said as she walked out of the office.

"Thanks, Betty."

"Uh-huh," she said, obviously he was still not forgiven for the comment.

She was still mad at him, but she was getting over it, it wasn't like she was his girlfriend or anything, and friends don't have the right to judge another friends love life unless it was really bad or something.

She was doing great keeping her emotions in check until she saw the barrage of models going into Daniel's office. Although this wasn't a rare occurrence, she still felt a twinge of jealousy. The way his eyes feasted on them, made her angry. Did he have no self-discipline? He was ogling them like he had never seen a half naked model in his life.

Betty couldn't decide if she wanted Daniel to look at her that way or not. Would I feel disgusted or pleased at having him look at me that way, or both? she wondered. What a feat that would be. She laughed at the mental picture that she had created. Maybe I should get a makeover? I would definitely get his attention then, but shouldn't he love me for who I am? Maybe he would love me for my looks and for my personality if I changed. She decided that she would talk to Christina at lunch about this. She was one of the few people who knew how she felt about Daniel.

At twelve she approached Daniel's door.

"I am going out to lunch with Christina, do you want anything?" she asked.

"No thanks, that's alright Betty, I appreciate it though," he said with a slight smile.

"Okay, well if you're sure," Betty said with a smile. She headed out of the Meade building to a close Chinese restaurant. She had already called Christina, and they agreed to meet there. Betty wanted to eat somewhere where they could have relative privacy. Once Christina got there, Betty relayed everything that she had felt or thought throughout the morning.

"Well, Betty the truth is that Daniel would never give you a second glance. He's self-centered and shallow."

"So I have to change?" she asked with uncertainty.

"No, Betty you shouldn'thave to change," said Christina as she ate her sweet and sour


"But you just said-"

"Betty! You shouldn't have to change, but with Daniel you do, and honestly I think you should just forget him and move on, he's not worth it."

"Ugh, I can't Christina, I don't know what it is but-"

"You just want to-"

"Christina! Don't-"

"Well I was just saying."

"The point is that I want him to want me, I need him to need me-"

"Stop, stop stealing Cheap Trick's lyrics," Christina interrupted her.

Betty laughed and rolled her eyes, "you know what I mean don't you?"

"Unfortunately I do."

"I am going to change, and get him to notice me, and you are going to help me. Anyway it's not like I am going to do something drastic, I mean I already lost weight, and got my braces off. All I need to change is my hair, clothes, and get rid of my glasses."

No, not drastic at all, the poor girl is delusional, thought Christina. Christina just nodded and rolled her eyes. She would be happy to help Betty with her wardrobe. Although she loved Betty she always wanted to try a more flattering style on Betty, nothing too drastic though, just stuff that would bring out her natural curves. She might even like her new look, who knows? Christina thought.

So when they got to Mode they set up a time after work to meet up and Christina would get the hairstylist for tomorrow in the morning.

Betty couldn't wait until she finished the day. She was so excited when the time finally approached.

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