Naruto watched the red meat sizzle in front of him. He was thinking back to this morning. When Gaara had woken up, with green eyes instead of amber, he didn't remember why they were outside in the first place. Naruto didn't mention to the redhead what had happened and decided he best keep an eye on Gaara for now.

"Naruto… the meat is burning." Startled from his thoughts Naruto looked down from the meal he was cooking, or burning as the case now was. He quickly placed the meat onto the available plate next to him. Naruto groaned as he looked at the now pathetic piece of meat on the plate.

"We can still save it you know."Naruto looked behind him to where Gaara was sitting on the stool. Gaara had been so silent that Naruto had forgotten he was still there.

"What? How do I do that?" Naruto looked over at Gaara in embarrassment.

"Just scrape the black off, a good piece of the meat should still be edible." Naruto turned off the stove and did as Gaara suggested. It was difficult since the meat had gotten real crispy. Naruto eyes widened as he heard a deep throated chuckle in his ear that made his heart race.

"How about I take over from here?" A pale hand wrapped loosely around Naruto's wrist.

"But, you are still he-healing. I-I can handle it." Naruto blushed as he stuttered. It was mostly because Gaara had actually wrapped his hand around Naruto's.

"I am feeling just fine. You are still getting used to cooking right?" Naruto nodded afraid that he may stutter again. He moved to the side and let Gaara continue at what Naruto was failing at. Naruto watched fascinated as Gaara gave him simple cooking tips.

"Cut away not toward. Got it." While Gaara finished up their meal, Naruto got the table ready.

Gaara came in with two wonderfully smelling dishes. " Dinner is served."

They took their seat across from each other on the small table.

"Wow! It came out great!" Naruto spoke with his mouth full. Gaara was chewing his and nodded in silent agreement.

"Gaara?" Naruto speared his cut piece of the meatloaf.


"I just now realized that I know nothing about you." Naruto looked at the redhead who raised his eyebrow in question.

"There is really nothing to know about me."

"But I know almost nothing about you, I don't even know if you have any siblings." Gaara scratched his previously wounded shoulder as he watched Naruto get all worked up.

"I just have my older brother and sister."

"Your parents?"

"They died a long time ago."

Naruto looked sad. " Oh… what about your brother and sister? Do they live in the city?"

"They both live abroad. Last I heard they were in the Americas. We are not exactly close." Gaara scratched his shoulder again, harder this time, the itch wouldn't go away.

"What's you favorite color?"


"Brown? Why brown?"

"I like brown, it's a simple color." Gaara reached inside his shirt to get to the spot of that insistent itch.

"Well, I don't have any family, never knew them. I always lived with the Guards. My favorite color is orange!" Naruto finished his meal quickly and stood to wash his dirty dishes. Naruto wasn't even halfway out of his chair when his plate was taken from him.

"I got it." Naruto silently sat back down, letting Gaara take over cleaning duty.

"Thanks" Naruto stood and sat on the stool where Gaara was previously sitting. Naruto watched, memorized, as Gaara wash the dishes.

Scrub, rinse, put the dishes out to dry.

Gaara did that quietly, barely making a sound, unlike Naruto who always made the dishes clang into each other without meaning to. Gaara finished, shut off the water and dried his hands with a paper towel.

"All done." The red head reached inside his shirt to scratch his itchy shoulder once more.

"So what do you want to do now? I doubt you want to sleep at six in the evening." Gaara pointed to the wall clock. That was when he caught sight of the red on his fingertips. Curiously, he turned his hand slightly so he could see the palm of his hand. His fingertips were covered in a red liquid. With his clean hand Gaara went to touch it to feel what it was.

It was a sticky red substance.

He brought a sticky finger to his mouth and let his tongue have a quick taste.

It was blood.

Gaara stared at his hand, confused, how could he bleeding? He didn't see any visible wounds on his hands. Gaara looked at his bloody fingers in fascination.

"Gaara!" His hands were grabbed, breaking Gaara out of his world. Gaara watched wordlessly as he looked on as his blood was smeared, making his hands have an orange tint.

"Gaara? Where are you hurt?" Naruto flipped the hand to see the back and the palm, trying to locate some wound, not caring if his own hands were getting stained with the red substance.

"Where did the blood come from?" seeing no evidence of any injury on the pale hands, Naruto looked up at Gaara. That was when he saw a patch of purple on the night shirt. Hurrying, Naruto unbuttoned Gaara's pajama's shirt.

"What are you doing?" Gaara protested as he was forced unto a chair. The blue shirt was removed and tossed aside, revealing the true source of the bleeding. The shoulder was scratched so roughly that it broke skin.

"How could you not know that you were bleeding? Look at this shoulder!"

"It was itchy." Was all Gaara said. Naruto turned an astonished face at the man.

"Itchy enough that you would need break skin?" Naruto gestured to the bloody fingernails.

"Apparently." Gaara stared at his fingernails with an emotionless face. Naruto rubbed his temples.

"Doesn't it bother you at all?"

"I guess." Naruto expected that answer from Gaara, so why was he upset? Naruto went straight to the bathroom and got a towel before heading back to Gaara. He saw the red head begin to stand.

"Sit back down! You're not getting up till that shoulder has been taken care of!" Rushing into the kitchen he let the faucet run and let the towel get good and wet. Satisfied that his patient was sitting in his seat Naruto began to clean him off, carefully dabbing away the blood. Once clean, Naruto stared at the scratch marks on the shoulder.

"You really did a number on it."

"Hn." Naruto frowned at Gaara's uncaring attitude.

"You didn't feel this at all?" Naruto asked.

"Nope. Like I said before it was just itchy." Naruto poked at the shoulder, watching as Gaara pulled back.

"But yet you can feel that?" The red head shrugged and set his gaze at a far wall. Naruto sighed and took a seat in the redhead's lap. Naruto sniffed the shoulder.

" I guess I have to fix this again…" Naruto ran his tongue across one scratch, letting the coppery taste consume his mouth. He continued his task, unknowing that he was digging himself into major trouble.

Naruto nose caught a sandalwood scent. It seemed to be coating Gaara's scent of cinnamon and vanilla. Naruto tensed when he felt a hand on his lower back and nose on his neck.

"Gaara?" Naruto let his eyes wander back to the red head. Naruto's answer was a deep growl. Naruto could swear that is he could see Gaara's eyes right then they would be that amber color that he saw earlier that day. Naruto moved to remove himself, but that hand on his back wrapped possessively around him, pushing him against Gaara.

"Don't move." Naruto shivered at how feral sounding Gaara's voice was.

Naruto sat there in Gaara's lap for some excruciating long minutes, until Gaara finally moved. Naruto blushed as felt something hard beneath his rear. The arm was wrapped possessively around him loosened a bit and the nose on his neck retreated.

"Run to the room and lock the door." Naruto jumped away quickly, feeling a both relieved and somewhat oddly disappointed at the same time. Naruto knew staying would be an idiotic decision, but when he saw Gaara's face distorted in pain he just knew he couldn't leave.

Naruto took a step towards Gaara, but the redhead stood up abruptly, the chair he was sitting on landing backwards on the floor. Gaara's face was contorted as if in pain. He placed the palms of his hands on his forehead, his back curling inwards.

Ever so slowly Gaara turned his head to face Naruto, red hair slightly obscuring green-gold eyes.

"I told you to run." Gaara cold monotone voice brought shivers to Naruto spine. It made Naruto rethink that decision about not running to the supposed safety of the bedroom. Gaara straightened up and took a step towards Naruto.

Naruto instinctively took a step back. Heavy in the air Naruto could smell Gaara's arousal. The smell was making Naruto aroused as well. Naughty thoughts happen to cross Naruto mind which he quickly brushed away.

This was not a time to start fantasizing.

Gaara took another step towards Naruto and Naruto took another step back. They continued till Naruto had no more room to move. Naruto whimpered as his back met the wall, Naruto in his semi aroused state allowed his fox ears and tail to be in full view.

Gaara stepped up to Naruto placing his hands on the wall on either side of Naruto head. Unconsciously Naruto wrapped his tail around his waist. Gaara's green gold eyes looked into Naruto's blue ones in an almost loving manner.

Naruto's fox ears drooped unsure of what to do. The redhead leaned forward and Naruto looked up watching with wide eyes.

Gaara gave a deep throated chuckle causing Naruto's ears to twitch.

"You're so cute." Gaara kissed the twitching fox ear before nibbling the sensitive appendage. Naruto's face reddened and he moaned unaware of pale arms bringing him closer to a heated body. His ears have always been sensitive.

The nibbling continued bringing him undeniable amounts of pleasure.

"St-Stop…" Naruto's voice was barely above a whisper.

The plead fell on deaf ears.

Naruto could feel feather like fingers going down his spine to the base where his tail was at. The fingers threaded the fur at the base of his tail, throwing him off the edge.

The sensual abuse to his ear didn't waver, causing Naruto to have waves of pleasure run through him. Naruto was already hard and his pants were unbearably tight.

Gaara hand wandered from Naruto's tail to the front of his pants. Before Naruto knew it his cock was bare of clothing and erect to meet the air. Naruto gasped at the sudden sensation and instinctually maneuvered his tail to cover his erection.

Gaara growled and tugged Naruto's ear, almost in a punishing way. With one last tug his teeth released the blonde appendage. Bringing his knee in between Naruto's legs he pressed inwards gaining a gasp from the blonde.

"You're mine." Gaara's voice alone made Naruto's cock twitch in anxious anticipation. He wanted Gaara to take him then and there, rough and hard into wall. He wanted the man to pound into him long and hard into the night. Naruto eyes met Gaara's green gold eyes. He let his arms wrap around Gaara's neck as he crushed his lips to his.

Naruto opened his mouth allowing Gaara full entry. They met tongue and tongue each trying to get more access to the other, until separating finally each having the need to breathe.

Naruto held on tighter as he was afraid he would fall as the result of his now weak knees. Naruto nuzzled the red heads throat.

"I want you to take me, long and hard…." Naruto was swept off his feet and the next thing he knew was tossed unto the bed. His shirt was torn open and pants were removed the rest of the way.

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