Agent Omega

AN Okay guys this is my first shot for the fic described in my profile, but this is only a temporary title if anyone is wondering what Xi is it is this greek symbol which looks like this: Ω , it is also Agent Omega's symbol in this fic. Well lets get started.

It was finally over, Naruto thought as he woke up in his hospital bed. He was ecstatic that he had gotten Sasuke back before he reached the Rice/Fire country border.

He was sore all over from that last chidori, but all that mattered was that he had kept his promise and gotten his brother back.

"Naruto?" he heard as he looked towards the door where Tsunade was standing, cheeks stained with tears.

Naruto quickly responded in a cheerful, but still weak voice "Hey baa-chan! Why are you crying? Sasuke didn't leave again, did he?"

Tsunade then burst into tears all over again at Naruto's fierce commitment to his promise to Sakura, puzzling Naruto even more.

Suddenly Jiraiya came in looking gloomy enough to make Naruto think some thing big had to have happened to make both of them like this, so he inquired "What's wrong?"

Quietly Jiraiya started to say "Naruto, the council they've..."

Naruto shouted at him "What ero-sennin?!"

Jiraiya continued in his sad voice "... they've ordered your execution, Naruto."

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise "W-What!?"

Jiraiya looked angry no as he said in a stronger voice "Those bastards, since Tsunade hasn't been Hokage for more than a month they started pulling up ancient rules and voting behind her back so they could order your execution for 'using more force than necessary'"

Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment before saying "Ok"

Jiraiya then grabbed Naruto by his shirt and shouted at him "Ok? Ok? This isn't an 'ok' situation Naruto! They are going to kill you and I am not losing another apprentice! We are leaving the village and-"

Naruto interrupted him "No! Jiraiya-sensei, if we leave then we will both become missing-nins and we both know that I would never do that!"

"Then what do you propose we do Naruto sit back and let you get killed!"

"I don't know Jiraiya-sensei! I don't know."

"Good" Jiraiya said with a satisfied smirk "then just leave it to me."

"Then it's settled" Tsunade said having calmed down. After that a short but tense silenced followed until Naruto sighed and added "Okay ero-sennin I'll do what you say, but please don't make me a missing-nin."

Jiraiya looking brighter already then said "Don't you worry about a thing baka! I'll have this whole mess sorted out in no time!"


Naruto walked up to the gallows silently, since the council wanted a public execution Jiraiya had volunteered to be the one to do the Keiriku no Jutsu (Execution Technique), but what the council didn't know was that he had invented a new jutsu to flood Naruto's body with chakra and knock out all life functions for a short while, so that Naruto would be knocked out and completely sustained by Jiraiya's chakra, the Giji Oujou no Jutsu (False Death Technique).

"Uzumaki Naruto, you have been found guilty of using more force than necessary to capture and return Uchiha Sasuke from Orochimaru, S-class missing-nin of Konoha. Do you have any last words?"

"Just three" Naruto replied with a calm smirk "rot in hell."

Jiraiya chose that moment to initiate the jutsu and with a quick ram seal Naruto's life was extinguished ... at least in the minds of Konoha, elsewhere his legend was just about to begin.

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