Agent Omega

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Cold Fire

It was over. The sentiment was on everyone's mind. Omega stood peacefully in the male bathing area of the Agency. His last assassination was easy, simple, and quick; exactly how he liked missions, but after receiving his rather large payment he was almost confused as to how someone of Orochimaru's status could be so easily killed. However it was not his place to question the generosity of his clients, so he didn't. End of story.


"Omega?" the man inquired.

"Being taken care of as we speak." Another male, this time coming from a radio.

"Good. You know how I feel about loose ends. Sasuke-kun." the man from before chuckled ominously.


Suddenly Omega knew a new person in the showers, brought in from the summoning seal placed on each operatives' neck. A kunai pierced his heart from behind as blood stained the formerly pristine white tiles and pure water of the Agency's bathing room.

Omega smirked grimly at the other operatives as they left the room without haste or worry.


"Alright ninjas! Front and center!" commanded Tsunade as her team prepped for the mission they would undertake at the gates of Konoha.

"Troops, we have received intelligence that a large explosion took place at one of our suspected Otogakure lairs. I am assigning your team to investigate this event." Tsunade explained to Sakura and Shikamaru's team mostly to allow Sakura another chance at Sasuke.

"Hai, Hokage-sama"returned Shikamaru.

"Ok then. Nins, move out!" Tsunade shouted as the team scattered through the front gate of Konoha.


When Team Shikamaru arrived in the city adjacent to the blown open lair they were surprised, to say the least. It appeared as though yakuza and the like had controlled and fought in it since it was created.

Team Shikamaru knew this mission would be troublesome...


Orochimaru wandered the halls of the Agency he founded along with Otogakure. His plan for Naruto had worked out perfectly and he was surprised that Sasuke had no qualms about seeing Naruto dead.

After Orochimaru arrived in his office he quickly got to work on assigning assassinations and other missions for the Agency members that were still among the living until he heard a light hissing coming from underneath his desk.

Several days after Orochimaru's death by explosion took place at the same time as an explosion went of in one of his many bunkers.

That particular bunker was filled with Orochimaru and Sasuke look-a-likes and a small plastic surgery facility.


Sakura ran down the hallway searching for Sasuke. She just knew that if she could talk to him that he would open up and come back to her. She just knew!

She and her team had located Orochimaru's hideout and in contrast to the typically found this facility was a skyscraper higher than the Hokage Tower back in Konoha. They were shocked to find that while the sound-nins hid it obsessively this city was the Otogakure no Sato!

After she checked her 42nd door a detonation about as big as a room shook the building and she was thrown to her knees.

When Sakura looked up she found Sasuke-kun looking at her. She just knew he wanted to come back to Konoha and, more importantly, her.

Sasuke only stared at her before a senbon ripped through his skull at high speeds, effectively ending any attempt she would have made at conversation with her now deceased Sasuke-kun. Pity.

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