Andrea Larson waved to the four guys, who she had been friends with since they were all in diapers, as they entered through the front door of Nicki's. Nicki's was the most popular bar in town and also where Andrea worked. As she waved, Andrea, or Andi, checked the clock. Five minutes until her shift was over. She rushed to the bar to grab her last drink order for the night and saw she was unlucky enough that Aaron Abbot and his friends had taken the table right next to hers. She set the drinks down in front of the guys who'd ordered them and took their money, graciously accepting the 25 tip they gave her. Andi gave them her brightest smile and tried to get away before the morons spotted her.

"Hey gorgeous. Take our order." Great. So much for that wish.

Andi turned around and gave the three guys a tight smile.

"Sorry fellas, my shift is over. I'll be sure to send someone else over to help you."

As she tried to walk away, a hand shot out and grabbed her wrist, preventing her from escaping.

Andi turned her fierce blue eyes on Aaron.

"I would let go of me if I were you." She warned him in a low voice.

Aaron looked at his friends and began laughing.

"What are you gonna do about it sweetheart?"

"Let her go Aaron." A deep voice from behind Andi said with a dangerous tone.

Andi turned her head slightly and caught sight of the Sons of Ipswich, her four best friends. She grinned broadly at Caleb, the tall, handsome boy with dark hair who had spoken.

The grip eased from Andi's wrist and she stepped away quickly. Reid, the only blonde of the group, pulled Andi to stand beside him and farther away from Aaron and his stooges.

Aaron sneered.

"Don't get your panties in a twist, Danvers. We were only trying to get some service."

"I just bet you were, you perv." Andi practically growled.

Aaron and his friends laughed.

"You act all tough now, Andrea, but if I had my way with you, I'd have you on your knees begging for more."

Andi lurched forward, ready to attack the asshole, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder. She looked back and met the dark gray eyes of Nicki Standish, the owner.

"I'll handle it, Andi."

The four boys and Andi backed off and went to sit near the dance floor in their usual spot.

After they left, Nicki faced the trouble makers.

"If you three continue to harass my waitresses, I'll have to kick you outta here permanently."

"Sure Nicki. Whatever you say." Was Aaron's reply. Nicki nodded his head in approval and went back to work.

"I hate that stupid Aaron Abbot! He is such a jerk!" Andi sat fuming in the corner with Reid Garwin and Caleb Danvers while Pogue Perry and Tyler Simms played a game of foozeball nearby.

"Don't sweat him, Andi. He's always been and probably always will be an asshole. Besides, you coulda taken him. He's a sissy."

Reid flashed a smirk at her as she laughed.

"You're right Reid. You always know just what to say."

She sent him the smile that made his insides want to melt but he managed to keep his smirk in place and not give anything away.

"So are you guys going to the party at the dells tomorrow night?" Andi asked.

Pogue looked over and raised an eyebrow at her.

"You're not coming with us?"

Andi grinned.

"Nope. I'm going with your lovely girlfriend Kate and her new roommate, Sarah. Sarah's really nice. I bet you'd like her Caleb." Andi nudged Caleb playfully with her elbow while wagging her eyebrows suggestively. Caleb grinned and a light blush colored his cheeks.

"Awww, is wittle Cawub embawassed?" Andi busted out laughing at the look on Caleb's face when she talked to him with a baby voice.

The other three joined in her laughter when Caleb's cheeks went even redder.

After the laughter subsided, Andi stood.

"I'm gonna get a drink. Anyone else want anything?" Reid was the only other one who wanted anything since the other three had to drive. Andi and Reid would just get a ride home with Tyler. Reid lived at Andi's since his mother had died in a car accident three years before.

By 11 o'clock, Andi and Reid had more than enough alcohol in their system and were currently dancing together.

Caleb and Pogue were watching the two with interest when Tyler came over.

"Guys, I'm gonna get going. Make sure they get home alright?" The two nodded and Tyler headed out, a petite redhead trailing after him.

At 11:30 Caleb decided it was time to get home when Reid and Andi started to make out on the dance floor. This had never happened before and although both Pogue and Caleb knew of their mutual attraction, it still surprised them. The two boys went and practically had to use a crow bar to get Andi and Reid off each other.

"Guys, lets go. Its not like we're going far. Cool it." Caleb gave them each a reprimanding look which only made them laugh. Caleb picked Andi up and threw her over his shoulder before heading out the door, waving to Nicki as he went. Nicki waved back, laughing all the while. Reid followed Pogue out and was glaring daggers at Caleb's back the entire time.

Andi was nattering away at Caleb as he carried her out to his car.

"You know what Cale? Reid is HOT. Well, you're all hot, but Reid is different. Hes just so... HOT."

Caleb chuckled softly.

"Sure Andi."

Caleb jumped suddenly when Andi smacked his butt.

"You've got a cute butt, swimmer boy."

Pogue had just reached them when she said this and burst out laughing.

Reid only scowled.

Caleb finally put Andi back on her feet so he could unlock his car.

"You gonna be okay with them?" Pogue asked.

Caleb nodded.

"Yeah. I'll make sure they are in the house before I leave so I know neither of them take off."

Andi rolled her eyes at Caleb.

"I have plans for when we get home. He better not take off on me."

Andi looked at Reid with heat in her gaze that made Caleb choke and Reid give a seductive grin.

Pogue laughed and walked over to his green crotch rocket.

"Later Caleb."

"Bye Pogue-y!" Andi yelled.

"Bye Andi."

It took Caleb another five minutes to get Andi in to her seat and buckled in and another five minutes to get to her house. It was a large mansion with a long driveway and an elaborate gate surrounding it, not unlike Caleb's house. The only person other than Andi and Reid who lived there was the housekeeper, Mrs. Saber. Andi was adopted and her parents had disappeared a year ago. So her housekeeper made sure everything was in order and that Andi did her homework.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Caleb called to the retreating forms of Andi and Reid. Andi turned and grinned cheekily at him.

"Now Caleb. You can't expect that because you never do anything! Love ya!"

Andi gave a small screech when Reid scooped her up and carried her into the house. Caleb got back into his car and put it in gear, pulling out of the driveway. I hope they don't do anything they'll regret. he thought to himself.