A/N: Okay people. This chapter has a bit of a lemon in it. It was my first attempt at anything like this so please give me a little slack if you don't like it. Let me know what you think!

Reid was awakened by a hot tongue gliding up the side of his neck. He tried to turn on to his side, but was hindered when Andi climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.

"Andi, what are you doing? Tyler is right beside us."

There was just enough moonlight streaming into the room for him to see her sly smile. She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"That's what makes this so fun, lover. You, me…and baby boy. Doesn't that just make you so hot?"

Reid heard Andi moan softly, giving him a deep, probing kiss. Reid brought his hands from his sides to place them on Andi's back, but was shocked when he felt naked flesh rather than the t-shirt she had been wearing earlier. Wanting to see if his hunch was correct, he slid his hands down Andi's back. She wasn't wearing any clothes. Andi was completely naked.

"Andi, are you alright? You seem a little off. I don't know how Tyler is going to react if he wakes up."

Andi groaned and straightened herself.

"Reid, you're being a big baby. He'll be fine." Reid could hear the pout in her voice. " Here, let me show you how he'll react."

With that, Andi crawled off of Reid and lay down next to Tyler. She made sure her body was flush against his before bringing her hand up and sweeping his bangs out of his eyes. As Reid waited, he felt a burning within him. He wasn't sure if it was jealousy, or something completely different.

"Tyler." Andi cooed, "Wake up baby boy. I have a surprise for you."

Tyler groaned and started to stir.

"Andi? What do you want? What time is it?" He opened his eyes and saw Andi looking down at him. All that was visible to him were her lips, which were giving him a sly, sexy smile. Her eyes were hidden in shadow, so were unreadable. He felt his own eyes widen in surprise along with a little bit of fear. He really didn't want Reid to kick his ass if she made the moves on him.

"Uh… can I help you?"

Her grinned widened.

"Yes. You can." Andi then proceeded to lean down and give Tyler the hottest kiss of his life.

When Andi pulled away, she left Tyler a little dazed.

"Wow. Not that I didn't enjoy that, baby girl, but uh, aren't you kinda with Reid?"

He heard Andi giggle.

"No, silly. I'm with BOTH of you." Confused, Tyler looked over Andi's shoulder. He saw Reid watching them with a strange look in his eyes.

"R-Reid. Hey, man, sorry. I didn't.. she-"

"Its fine man. Its what she wants apparently. I gotta admit, its pretty hot."

He was cut off by an irritated huff.

"Can we please just fuck? I'm laying here naked and I had to make both of you kiss me. Grow some balls! Seriously!"

Both boy sat up and took their shirts off in unison, as if Andi's command had flicked a switch inside them. Andi grinned and straddled Tyler legs, pressing her breasts against his naked chest. He moaned and twined a hand in her long hair, pulling her face to his. As Tyler kissed her, Andi reached out her left arm and felt around until she touched Reid's chest. She slid her hand up until she reached his neck then curled her fingers around the back and pulled him towards her. When she pulled away from Tyler to kiss Reid, Tyler groaned but moved on to kissing her collar bone and chest.

The three acted frenzied, very unlike themselves. Andi soon had Reid and Tyler completely undressed and the boys were concentrating on Andi's pleasure.

The trio had no knowledge that they were being influenced. It had started with Andi but had spread from her to the boys from her touch. Chase chuckled. Everything was working out perfectly. As soon as he lifted his influence, Andi would lose all trust she had left and be all alone. Perfect. Chase gave a short barking laugh and withdrew his influence.

Reid felt as though he was coming out of a fog. The first thing he noticed was the extra weight on top of his body. And the fact that he was naked. He groaned and rubbed his head.


"Reid?" It was Tyler who had choked out his name.

"What's going on? Why am I in bed with both of you?" Andi whispered but her voice sounded like it echoed through the quiet room.

Neither boy had an answer.

Andi scrambled off of Reid and dragged the top sheet with her. She wrapped it around herself and stared at the naked men on her bed. They were beautifully formed. They were looking at her with something akin to fear in their eyes. She really couldn't believe that she was so calm about the situation. It took her a moment to realize they were scared that she'd hate them. She could faintly recall what had happened. She knew that she'd somehow been manipulated, she never would have acted like that on her own. But she couldn't deny that the thought hadn't crossed her mind.

She sighed and approached the bed again.

"Guys, relax. I'm not mad."

Both sets of eyes widened in surprise.

"You… aren't? I don't really remember what happened." Tyler sounded cautious. He slid off the side of the bed and began looking around for his pants. Once he found them, he pulled them on quickly and sat on the edge of the bed. He noticed that Reid and Andi were in a silent stand off. He stood quietly and inched towards the door. He felt that the couple would probably want to be alone to talk about what they had all just done.


Andi's voice froze Tyler in his tracks.

"Yeah, baby girl?"

She turned her head to look at him.

"Love ya."

She smiled and he returned it before heading out the door. Andi turned back to face Reid and found that he was still watching her.

"Reid are you okay? Are we okay?"

When he spoke, Reid's voice was husky and low.

"Yeah, Andrea, I'm fine. We're fine. And you are so fine."

He reached out and wrapped his hand in the sheet that was hiding Andi's body from his gaze. He yanked and brought her tumbling onto the bed and onto his body. He rolled them so that she was underneath him.

"You are such a cool girl Andrea Larson. I think I love you."

It was Andi's turn for her eyes to widen in surprise.

"W-what? You l-lo-." She couldn't get the words out.

Reid laughed.

"Yes I love you." He smiled down at her then bent his head to kiss her softly. When the kiss ended, Andi fairly glowed with happiness.

"I love you too Reid Garwin." She saw Reid's eyes darken before he attacked her mouth with a furious passion. He pawed the sheet separating them and, with Andi's help, managed to get it off within a matter of seconds. They began eagerly exploring each other's bodies with hands and mouths. Andi dug her fingers into Reid blonde locks and pulled every time a shot of pure pleasure lanced through her body. When their sweat slicked bodies finally joined, they both cried out.

"I love you Reid." Andi panted.

Reid's response was such an intense kiss it took her breath away.

After they had spent themselves, they lay together in the center of Andi's bed.

"So I hope you didn't plan on going to the dance with anyone but me Andrea."

Andi chuckled.

"No one asked me Reid. Every guy at school is scared to piss you off."

He grinned at her.

"Yeah well, if someone had asked, would you have said yes?"

"Probably not. Um Reid? Not that I haven't been enjoying this past hour or so, but don't you think we should let Caleb know what happened earlier?"

Reid's face turned red.

"Do you really think he needs to know?"

"Yes. We were under some sort of magical influence Reid. Neither you or Tyler can recall what happened and I know that I was being manipulated. I bet you anything it was that jackass Chase. It kind of seems that, along with trying to get Cale's powers, he's trying to single me out. You know, isolate me from you guys."

Frowning, Reid shook his head.

"I don't know about that one Andrea. Its possible I guess but what would he gain from that?"

"I have no idea. But you should definitely call and let Caleb know. You don't have to give him all the details. Just the gist of what went on."

Reid nodded and rolled over to the side of the bed where he vaguely recalled dropping his pants. He searched his pockets and pulled out his cell phone. The phone rang a few times before Caleb answered.

"Reid, its 3 in the morning. What the hell do you want?"

"We have another problem."