Chapter 13

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Chapter 13


Sonic's ears twitched and turned toward the piercing cry that echoed throughout the whole terminal and made heads turn. His heart caught in his throat and he felt his jaw dropping slightly. He knew he must look like a complete idiot, but he didn't notice anything except the person running towards him. Celicia seemed to notice, too.

"Sonic!" she whined, tugging on his jacket sleeve. "We'll miss our flight!"

But Sonic couldn't move. He didn't notice anything except a pink hedgehog he could barely recognize anymore. She ran with difficulty, tripping over her own feet and endlessly shaking. No one ran out to help her, but no one turned away. Sonic stepped off the flight stair and merely stood, watching the injured girl run towards him as if her tail were on fire. She called out his name, and he blinked.

Sonic didn't realize until they were 10 feet apart that people were chasing her. They were men in white coats – he saw red lights flashing outside. They stopped running after her when she reached Sonic and threw her arms around his middle. Behind the doctors came Rouge, Knuckles, Tails, and all their friends. They halted next to the doctors and waited for something to happen.

No one dared interrupt the silence. The only sound echoing throughout the room was Amy's muffled sobs.

The blue hedgehog didn't wrap his arms around her. He looked down at the top of her head as if he had never seen the likes of her before in his life. Amy lifted her sweet head and met his eyes. He scanned her face with horror etched across his. She was barely recognizable anymore. Dark crimson bled through the linen bandages around her arms and face. One ear was chipped, and one eye was halfway shut, wincing, as if in pain. Cuts and bruises were everywhere, and Amy's legs wobbled furiously, like it had taken everything in her power to escape the doctors and see Sonic one last time.

Sonic snapped back into reality when Amy continued to sob on his chest.

"A-Amy!" Sonic said at last. "You're not well!" Her fever was so high; he could almost feel the heat escaping from her face. He held her at arms length and studied her more carefully, flinching when he noticed her pain. Amy clasped her hands together up towards her chest and shook violently. She opened her mouth and said in shuddering breaths,

"I-I-I h-had t-to s-say goodbye!" Her eyelids fluttered and she lost her balance, falling forward. Sonic reached out and caught her in his arms. She was so weak and soft; she felt like a limp child in his arms.

A loud "a-HEM!" interrupted the silence, and everyone's head turned in annoyance to the top of the ship's steps. Celicia held her hands on her hips and had a look plastered on her face nasty enough to scare the devil himself.

"What a touching scene," she sneered, beginning to descend. "And I am so glad you're feeling better, Miss Rose." Celicia glared at the shivering girl. "But we really must be going. Sonic and I have an important appointment, so if you don't mind…"

Celica stood next to Sonic, wove her arm through his and motioned with her other hand. In a second, about four doctors in white coats surrounded Amy and started to drag her back to the waiting truck. Amy struggled with whatever strength she had left within her and called "SONIC!" one last time before she broke down in tears.

"Melgildur…" Celicia turned to her stiff bodyguard. "Remember I must assign your punishment when we get back to Shia, so don't even think about trying any funny stuff..."

Sonic's ears buzzed and he barely knew what was going on. His stomach lurched when he heard Amy's heart-wrenching cry that echoed against the walls. It all seemed to happen in slow motion to him; Amy being dragged away, Celicia giving orders to her less-than-enthusiastic bodyguard, and his friends he thought he used to know, all giving him sad or dirty looks. All this tore at his heartstrings. His head pounded, and a wave of pain started to creep up his back, but he didn't care this time. All he saw and all he felt was Amy, being taken away from him…again.


The world seemed to slow down in that instant for everyone. Celicia let go of his arm quickly, as if she had been burnt. Sonic's chest heaved, the scars numbing his back and starting to reach his head. He gave a moan of pain and crumpled to the ground. On his hands and knees, fighting the sting, he tried to say something, but all that came out of his mouth were shuddering gasps and choking sounds he could barely even identify as his own voice. He sat up, a bit embarrassed, but clenching his teeth.

A heavy hand landed on his shoulder and almost knocked him off balance. Sonic lifted his eyes to see Mel looking down on him with a sad expression on his face. With a heave, he lifted Sonic up off the ground so easily; it was as if Sonic weighed next to nothing. Almost immediately, the pain was reduced at his touch. Despite Celicia's fervent protests, Mel held Sonic at arm's length and looked him in the eyes as a loving father or an older brother would do. It was a strange sensation to Sonic, considering he had never had either.

"I don't care what that old witch says," he whispered in a low voice. "Your parents never hated you. They didn't want you gone for life, no. Those are all lies…"

"MELGILDUR!" Celicia stomped her foot, and it made an echoing sound. "I told you what would happen to you if disobey your future queen…"

The older blue hedgehog turned towards the princess as slowly as if wondering what that annoying little buzzing sound was. He slowly pointed a finger in her face, glared, and said quietly in a mocking tone, "I am aware, your highness."

Whether it was from the anger or the shock, or even from a telepathy thing from Mel, no one quite knew. But Celicia's face glowed a cherry red as her hands clenched in fists. For some reason, her mouth was glued shut. Mel turned back to Sonic as if there were no disruption.

"…they are lies. I would be lying if I said they didn't love you. Your father was the one that sent you away to keep you safe from the war. Your mother went with you, but Bernadette was also killed in the fighting, leaving you stranded here."

At first, Sonic didn't know what to believe.

"But…" Sonic struggled to find the right words. "Why would you guys lie to me? Wouldn't it be easier just to tell me my parents died heroes and loved me? Then wouldn't that make me want to return even more?"

Whatever Mel had done to Celicia, it had worn off.

"Well," she gave a huff and folded her arms across her bust. "I don't see how that is any of your business. You have no right to know confidential information…"

"He has every right to know!" piped up Tails, who had stomped on over from the doorways, completely coming out of his shell. "They're his parents, it's his throne! Why not?"

"It is my throne!" each word of the princess' came out razor sharp as if cut from ice. "I have every right as being Sonic's betrothed to have the throne. I told him that little white lie about his parents only because if he knew the truth, don't you think he would spend less attention on me and more on trying to find out about his past? Would he need me then? Of course not!" Celicia seemed to have forgotten all about their flight, but it still never left the ground.

Melgildur look disgusted with her. "I have said it once, and I shall say it again; you are the most selfish person ever to walk this or any other planet!"

For the first time, Celicia looked like she might burst into tears at any moment. "But all I ever wanted was to rule! It was my dream! I grew up being told whom I was to marry and what I would do! I was told that I was to marry Sonic the Hedgehog! But then she…" Celicia pointed to Amy, who was still being held by the doctors and looked like she would fall apart any minute. "…was in the way! I only had to get rid of her because of my love for you, Sonic!" Celicia looked him in the eyes for the first time.

Sonic's mouth hung slightly ajar. "Celicia…" he glanced at her perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect makeup, and perfectly worried expression. "What you did…was unforgivable." Sonic stole a look in Amy's direction and went on. "I know how you feel about me, but if you really cared, you'd think of me and not yourself." Sonic never thought he had ever been good with words, but he tried his best to make them sound understandable. "You lied to me about my parents. You actually tried to kill someone I already loved. You never liked my friends and I don't even know if you did what you did for me…only for your own gain."

All eyes were on him, and all were brimming with hope.

"You have been selfish…but so have I. No matter what you were going to do to Amy or anyone else, I wouldn't have gone with you. The only thing keeping me moving towards Shia were my own wounds. You told me of the cure, and I knew I needed to go. I tried not to think about anyone else, because the pain was – and is – too great. But I know I don't deserve any excuse at all. So, really Celicia, we are very much alike, unless you were lying about the cure, too."

Celicia was silently fuming, but said through clenched teeth, "I told no lies about the cure."

Sonic looked from his friends, to Mel, and finally to Amy, with tears in her eyes, pleading with him not to go. But they were also telling him to choose himself; whatever he wanted to be happy.

"Celicia…" a jet of pain stabbed him in the back, but he ignored it. "I would much rather live scarred for life with my family to bear the burden with me, than be cured and living as a miserable king."

That seemed the only response anyone needed. A cheer rang up about the entire room and before Sonic could say "fluffernut", he was being crushed in huge, bear hugs by his friends…family. Knuckles ruffled his quills, Tails hugged him, and Rouge wouldn't stop saying "Told ya so!" Everyone else hugged Sonic until the breath was out of him and his sides hurt from laughing. He turned his grinning face over to Mel, who, despite himself, smiled broadly. Amy stood outside the crowd, still shivering, but undoubtedly happy. The doctors had stopped holding onto her and looked utterly confused. She made a move to get towards Sonic when a blue hedgehog with cascading curls stepped in front of her, so angry, there seemed to be steam rising from the top of her head. Celicia glared down at Amy Rose who just cocked her head to the side a little.

Celicia screamed, "You ruin everything!" and she slapped her.

A shrill gasp sounded throughout the room, everyone rooted to the spot, unable to believe what happened. There stood a beautiful, blue hedgehog – fuming – and a shorter pink one – ripped nearly to pieces, unrecognizable, and now a new burning red mark on her cheek. Amy didn't move her head from where it got slapped. Actually, she didn't move for so long that when she finally lifted her head, Celicia flinched and shut her eyes, expecting a blow in return. After all, she deserved it more than anyone else from what she did to Amy. But it wasn't a hand that touched her cheek, it was lips. Eyes still shut, she heard distinctively from a soft, sweet voice, "Celicia, I hope someday, we can look at each other and smile."

When Celicia opened her eyes, Amy was gone.

December 24

Dear Log,

And so, I am returning to Shia empty handed. Sonic has refused to marry me and decided to stay with his own planet. All I wanted was to marry him and live the life that I was told I would live. Instead, I am given direct orders by Sonic, himself that I may never rule. He has bestowed the crown on Melgildur, who he said was "meant to rule." I just don't see it.

I don't know what is wrong with that silly girl. Amy Rose…forgave me. After all that I meant to do to her, I tried to kill her (with good reason!), I took what was rightfully mine in the first place, and she forgives me. She was taken back to the hospital, and the doctors say she will be alright…I find it very strange, and yet, I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I have never experienced before in my life.

What will be left of me? Am I still considered a princess? What will Mel - mean, KING Melgildur have done to me?

Well, I guess I will just have to go my own way now. Merry Christmas indeed…