Battle of the bands girls vs. boys

The divorced finalized

Nora and Dennis were not the happy married couple in fact they haven't been in a long time and Nora moved out of the house with her four kids Cade, Casey, Carlie, and Lizzie into a penthouse in New York where she resided so her kids could still see their father.

Cade was the sports fanatic he played every sport you could think of from basketball to baseball to soccer to football. He loved helping his sister's band he was like their manager and ward off the potential boyfriends. Casey was the preppy girl of the siblings with attitude and knew what she was good at and used it to her advantage from dance and cheerleading and being one of the fore front girls to their band. Carlie was the all around rock girl she also like to get in trouble for pulling pranks on the majority of the school she loved to sing lead songs with her best friend and sister. And the youngest to complete the McDonald kids was Elizabeth or Lizzie as she preferred to be called was the other sports fan in the house but unlike her brother she was only into soccer and focused on perfecting her skills at soccer and doing good in school to stay on the team. The kids all loved both their parent but they were closer to their dad than mo since he is home more to spend time with them.

Nora was working at a law firm that was opening a new branch in London Canada and she was offered vice president to that division. When she told Dennis and the kids they were happy for her but the kids didn't want to move from their father. Nora went to London for a opening party here she met a suave talking lawyer named George venturie and she and him started to date and would meet up every time she was in town now 4 months later she knew she couldn't keep commuting so she decided to move their permanently and all her kids wanted to stay with their father and her youngest must of saw how depressed she was because she offered to move with her so that is how the start of a chapter in their life started Lizzie moved with their mom while the other three stayed with their father they get an invitation to their moms wedding but had a gig with their band the same day that they told her they couldn't make it but sent her a video of them congratulating her and a wedding present. Back in London Lizzie was not adjusting to her mom's new family and wished she stayed with her father and siblings she often went up to her room and cried herself to sleep.

The next chapter is about the venturis and how they treat Lizzie