The Beast With No Name

A Supernatural Story by: Silvertayl 57

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Chapter 8

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Pioneer Memorial Hospital Prineville, Oregon

In the ER, Dr. Phillip Stanton was assessing Dean's new injuries and the aggravated older ones, while close by in an adjoining examination cubicle Dr. Sylvia Johnson was examining Sam. Both doctors ordered separate x-rays. Dr. Stanton on Dean's legs, ribs and chest and a CT scan on Dean's recently healed lung. Dr. Johnson ordered x-rays on Sam's ankle; although Sam's ankle was obviously broken they needed the x-rays to see how badly and what course of action to take to repair it.

Dean being Dean kept pestering Dr. Stanton to please go check on his brother. While waiting for Dean's test and x-ray results he did just that; narrowly avoiding colliding with Sylvia in the doorway between the two cubicles. "Sorry Sylvia Dean keeps asking, or should I say demanding to know about his brother."

Sylvia gave a small laugh and glanced back over her shoulder at Sam before turning back to Phillip. "Sam keeps asking me the same thing about Dean he's been driving me crazy."

"You can tell they're brothers alright." Phillip smiled.

"I think they're very close?"

"Yes they are."

A little while later after both brothers' concerns for each other had been alleviated; the test results were all in. As suspected Sam's ankle was broken a clean break and would require a cast that was to remain on for five weeks.

Dean had thankfully done no damage to his legs the plates and screws were still in place and no sign of any further breaks and his ribs were intact, the lung that had been punctured was bruised and just needed time to heal and the previously broken shoulder had some inflammation in the surrounding tissue but was otherwise okay. His throat however was in need of immediate surgery and internal stitches to repair the damage, so while Dean was in surgery Sam's leg was encased in a bright white cast.

The brothers were lucky to get a double room in Sister Anne Malone's ward.

"I thought I told you boys I didn't want to see you back here again?" Her soft lilting accent comforting but firm.

Although she was not happy that they were in need of another hospital stay after another soiree into the forest she was actually pleased to see them, having missed them after Dean had been discharged three weeks ago. The ward although nearly every room occupied with sick and ailing patients had seemed empty, quiet and a little sad.

Three days later the brothers were recovering well. Dean was allowed out of bed for short walks after he was reacquainted with his old friend the walker, which was quite a task considering his shoulder. Seeing him making a valiant effort to keep the back of his hospital gown firmly closed made Sam smile. That Dean managed to achieve this and still maintain some dignity was quite something. Even short walks left Dean breathless and exhausted because of the new damage to his lung. This meant to his chagrin he had to spend a lot of the time in the bed next to his brother.

Tarni had paid them a visit; she had taken their shotguns, duffle, flashlight, Dean's gun and his knife; everything they had left in the forest to her place. She had said it was the best place for their gear rather than the motel as the staff may have come across it when servicing the room.

Being diplomatic Dean had excused himself going for a stroll along the corridor. Sam suspected it was so that he and the dark-eyed, pretty ranger could have sometime to themselves. Sam had taken the keys to the Impala from the draw beside his bed pressing them into Tarni's hand asking her in whispered tones to please move it to a safer place, somewhere away from prying eyes. The reason for the hushed whisper was so Dean didn't know a female was behind the wheel of his Baby.

The authorities from Salem paid them another visit interviewing the brothers again. They had trekked into the forest, accompanied by Tarni and Doug Jones having found the pile of ashes, satisfied that it was the remains of the rogue grizzly bear, responsible for the disappearances and killing in the forest. They were convinced that there would be no more of either, although the last two hikers still had not been located they had left leaving Tarni, Doug, and the other rangers to continue the search and tie up all the loose ends.

It was during Tarni's second visit when she said. "Oh by the way Dean, the couple whose car you borrowed, want to know if you'll be paying for the damage to their vehicle. Seems you picked the lock and hot-wired it." Her dark eyes glowing with mischief.

"The Honda, I forgot about it, tell em I'll pay for the damage, okay?"

Dean could feel Sam's eyes on him from his bed across the room, Dean turned his head in his direction and sure enough Sam was staring at him his mouth agape. "Catching fly's Sammy?" Dean asked dryly.

Sam closed his mouth with an audible snap of his teeth, before saying. "Dean you didn't?" His tone incredulous.

"You're kiddin' right? Of course I did, how else was I gonna get to your dumb ass."

Until then Sam hadn't even thought about how Dean had gotten from the motel to the head of the forest trail. Sam opened his mouth to say something and then closed it again. How could he have forgotten Dean's MacGyver like nature? Improvise.

Tarni watched the exchange between the brothers with interest and growing amusement. She'd grown very fond of these two over the time they'd been in Prineville; she had an idea swimming around in her head of how to show her gratitude to them for what they had done here.

Three days after Tarni's second visit they were discharged Sam on crutches; he would get the cast removed in four weeks. Dean was using one crutch, mostly for support. Tarni had retrieved it from the motel for him, he would re-commence his rehab next week until the doctors were satisfied that he had fully recovered after his recent set-back. Before leaving the hospital, Dean had settled his account with the Honda owners, who were anxious to resume their honeymoon road trip.

This time there was no arguments when Sister Malone and nurse Pippa arrived with two wheelchairs. Tarni greeted them inside the front doors of the hospital. "Thought you guys might need a lift." She said smiling.

They said goodbye to Sister Malone each receiving another kiss on the cheek, Dean could have sworn he saw a tear in her eye as she turned away to go back into the hospital.

After Tarni brought the truck around to the patient pick-up area, it took a few minutes for them to maneuver themselves into the ranger's truck, Sam's cast, three crutches and Dean's tender, still painful legs, making what should have been a simple task very difficult, eventually they got settled and were on their way to the motel.

Tarni looked at the brothers in the rear-view mirror; a smile crossed her face as she listened to their bickering, and observed their pushing and shoving. "Move over, stop hogging my side of the seat." Followed closely by, "I'm hogging the seat? Dude you ever heard of personal space?" They sound like a couple of seven year old's.

"Now, now children, be nice." One set of green and one set hazel eyes met hers in the mirror.

It didn't take long to reach the motel, as she pulled the truck into the space outside their room she unveiled her plan. "I've got a spare bedroom, I'd really like you two to stay... until you're ready to leave."

The brothers glanced at each other Dean gave a small shrug as if to say "Why not?" So they agreed.

They collected the belongings they still had remaining at the motel and settled up their account. The motel owner said she was sorry to see them go and wished them the best. With all their stuff stowed in the bed of the truck and with more pushing and shoving as they got back in the truck they were back on the road to Tarni's place.

Dean had thought about his Baby often over the last week assuming she was still sitting lonely all by herself in the parking lot at the head of the trail, so it was a pleasant surprise to Dean when they pulled up outside Tarni's small but well-kept pleasant looking house, to see Baby parked in Tarni's driveway.

Dean scrambled as quickly as he could out of the truck, tangling his stiff legs with Sam's extra-long ones, Sam's cast and a multitude of crutches in his haste to get to his Baby.

It was all he could do stop himself from planting a kiss on her hood. He stood beside her running his hand along her sleek black curves, cooing to her, telling her how much he had missed her, until he was interrupted by Sam clearing his throat loudly and then saying. "If you two wanna get a room…?"

Dean looked up; Tarni was standing next to Sam a smile on her pretty face as they watched his reaction to seeing his Baby his pride and joy, a flush of embarrassment stained his throat, making the white bandage there look even more stark in contrast.

"Just checking her paint work, you know looking for stone chips." Dean said as he bent to look at the paintwork, his attempted cover up not very convincing.

Sam and Tarni Looked at each other and then started to laugh, at Dean's and his Baby's expense. "Don't listen to em Baby, they don't understand us." He said lovingly.


Prineville, Oregon

Over the next two weeks they settled in to Tarni's house, she kept a neat home was a good host and a terrific cook. The only drawback was the bunk beds they were forced to use for the duration of their stay. The beds were used by Tarni's nieces when they came to stay, and were kiddie sized and not meant for short men over 6'. The brothers spent the first hour arguing about who had to struggle up to the top bunk, in the end they settled it the old fashioned way with rock-paper-scissors, Sam of course winning as Dean went for his usual, predictable scissors. After struggling up the tiny wooden stairs, Dean spent the first night lying stiff as a board on the tiny top bunk afraid that if he moved around he would tumble out and end up on the floor. After very little sleep, the next day Dean felt lethargic and his back hurt, and he wished he was back in the hospital, almost. The only consolation for Dean was that Sam's legs protruded over the end of the bed and because of the cast Sam couldn't lie that way and had to lay half curved on his side with his knees poking out over the side of the bed.

It was at Easter Dean started to get restless to be on the road again, he had been doing his rehab like a good boy and his legs felt almost back to full strength, he had gotten the okay from the doctors at the hospital to drive and had been behind the wheel of Baby for a week now. He hadn't spent this much time in one place for years, not since... Lawrence when he was a kid, before his dad had started hunting and dragging him and Sam around the country seeking out the thing that had killed the love of his father's life and the boys precious mother. It was time to move on. He had been researching some leads on Sam's laptop, there was plenty going on, a possible black dog in Colorado, cattle mutilations in Arkansas, which in his experience meant Vampires a possession in Alabama and what sounded like a werewolf killing in San Francisco all of them needing their special evil hunting skills.

Sam had the cast removed today, which gave them the green light to move on, but Sam had settled in here and seemed to have built a strong fondness for Tarni. It was something like the normal that Dean knew Sam had craved, the search for normal that had sent him away to Stanford and away from Dean for four long years. Dean thought that perhaps Sam didn't want to move on and he had a horrible feeling deep down in his gut that he would be leaving Prineville alone, without his geek boy, research, library lovin' sidekick riding with him.

They were driving back to Tarni's after leaving the hospital; Dean glanced across at Sam and smiled his brother was making serious happy noises while scratching at his cast free somewhat pale ankle, after declaring he had been dying to have a good scratch for weeks, and now he was making up for all those itchy frustrating weeks.

Dean was debating how to bring up the subject of moving on, whether it be on his own or with Sam and had decided that it was best to come out with it and get it into the open. He had opened his mouth to say the words that he thought Sam didn't want to hear, when Sam beat him to it, ceasing his scratching he turned sideways in the seat towards Dean saying. "So… I don't know about you but I'm ready to move on."

Dean was shocked by this revelation, and closed his mouth swallowing the words he was going to say, instead he said. "You wanna move on, you don't wanna stay here?"

"Why would I wanna stay here? Now that I've got the damned cast off, it's time to hit the road."

Dean shot him a quick glance to make sure he was serious, then smiled,"Outstanding when do we leave?"

Dean was delighted with this sudden turn of events, and wondered how he could have been so wrong about Sam not wanting to ride and hunt with him anymore. He had a silly grin on his face all the way back to Tarni's.

Sam had thought he would enjoy being in one place for more than a couple of weeks, and at first he had, but the novelty had soon worn off, and although he really liked Tarni, he wasn't looking for a romantic relationship. He was ready to move on and more importantly he knew Dean was ready to move on and had been since he was able to get back behind the wheel of the Impala. A couple of nights ago Sam had caught Dean researching on his laptop, for Dean to be researching a hunt without being forced into it, sent an unspoken message to Sam that now Dean was almost healed he was getting antsy, Sam shared that feeling with his brother, he too was yearning for the open road and more evil to hunt and he wanted nothing more than to be beside Dean, they would do it together.

Sam looked at Dean's smiling profile; he saw the relief and joy that had swept Dean's features when Sam had said he was ready to hit the road. Did Dean really think Sam wanted to stay in Oregon? If Sam had wanted to stay he knew Dean would have been willing to leave here on his own, but there was no way Dean was going anywhere without him. Sam had left Dean for four years when he went to Stanford seeking a so-called normal apple pie life, as Dean had called it, and leaving Dean then was a huge mistake, the biggest mistake of Sam's life. In the nearly two years they had been back hunting evil together, Dean and he had built a bond stronger than it had been when Sam left for college and Sam would never jeopardize that again, and besides there was nowhere else he'd rather be than with Dean, he was his rock, guardian, provider, savior, protector, hero and so much more. The words Dr. Vasquez had said to Sam in the hospital, the words Sam would never forget were rolling around in his head. "There's a lot to be said for the power of love, and the special bond that brothers share."


They left Prineville the next day, Tarni saw them off. She gave them both a hug lingering a little with her arms around Sam giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek, trying to hide her tears as she told them for the fiftieth time, how grateful she was for what they done here and if they were ever back this way they were more than welcome at her place.

The car was silent after they left the pretty dark haired, dark eyed ranger each lost in their own thoughts. A few miles after leaving the city limits of Prineville Sam broke the silence when he asked. "So where we headin'?"

Dean stole a glance at Sam before answering. "SanFran."

Sam nodded. "City by the Bay, werewolf right?"

Dean looked again at Sam, surprised. "How'd you know about the werewolf?"

"I'm psychic, remember?"

"Very funny smart ass." Dean answered with no heat or anger in his tone.

Sam laughed at Dean's expression. "I saw you on the computer and to my shock you were doing research into a hunt."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Dean found himself on the defensive.

"Dean you never do research unless you're forced or bored, so I figured you're were bored."

Dean was suddenly serious. "Sam if you'd rather stay, I'll take you back."

Sam shook his head, The breeze coming in the open window causing his long bangs to blow around his forehead. "What makes you think I wanna go back?" Dean didn't answer right away, "Dean?" Sam prompted.

"I don't know, just a feelin'."

"You tryin' to get rid of me dude?"

"No of course not. I thought you liked Tarni... a lot."

"I do like Tarni."

"Enough to stay?"

"Maybe someday."

"But not now?"

"Dean you sure you're not tryin' to get rid of me?"

"No. I just want to make sure you're here for the long haul."

"Dean, man where's this coming from?"

Dean stared out the windshield for a few moments. Sam waited giving his brother the time he seemed to need.

"It's... just... I don't want be on my own again. Okay? Although... you're a pain in my ass I got used to... I like having my little brother around... okay?"

"Dean. There's nowhere else I'd rather be, so I'm gonna stick around and be a pain-in-the-ass if that's okay with you."

"Alright then, that's settled," without taking his eyes off the road Dean smiled, adding. "Bitch."

"Alright then...Jerk."


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