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Chapter 2

Meeting Edward

I walked to gym thinking of Alice. Wow. I had only known her two hours and it was like we were good friends. Most of the other kids avoided me. I was the weird smart chick. I didn't mind that they didn't like me. Less people I had to explain my bruises and cuts too. I got dressed for gym. It went so slow, but after several falls, hits with the ball and some sharp pains from my ribs, it was over. I put my regular clothes on and made my way to lunch.

I had just enough money to buy a bottle of lemonade. When I turned, Alice was standing behind me with a Diet Coke and apple on her tray.

"Come on, I'll introduce you to my family." She pulled me to a table in the very back of the cafeteria. I noticed how much grace Alice had when she walked. It was almost like she danced instead of walked. I looked away from Alice and towards the table she was dragging me too. My mouth dropped as I looked at the people sitting there. I first noticed a burly, very muscled man with curly black hair and dimples. He looked like he was 25. I saw another handsome man who had golden hair, he looked like he could be in college. Then I saw a beautiful girl with long, blonde hair that loosely curled down her back. Finally, I saw the most beautiful of them all. He was leaner, more boyish then his brothers. He had messy bronze hair that fell over most of his forehead and part of his eye. They all had the same color eyes. Golden, like honey. My mouth closed, when I realized it was open. I noticed the bronze haired boy tense as I sat down next to him.

Alice then introduced me. "This is Bella Swan. Bella this is Jasper," she gestured towards the golden haired one, "That is Roselie," she pointed to the beautiful girl. Roselie smiled but some how managed to glared at me at the same time, "Emmett," she pointed towards her burly brother. He gave me a huge smile. I returned it with one of my own smiles, "and lastly this is Edward." He looked at me, smiled, and looked into my eyes.

"Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you." he said to me.

"It's nice to meet all of you." I said to all of them but Edward was still holding my gaze. I was finally able to look away when his attention was taking away by a cough from Roselie. As he glared at her, I put my book bag on the floor and took off my coat. My sleeved had gotten pulled up and all of my bruises on my left arm was exposed. I heard everyone at the table gasp, but it was Edward who asked.

"What happened to your arm?" he sounded very angry.

I pulled down my sleeve, "Oh. That? I am very clumsy." I half lied. I was clumsy but that's not where the bruises had come from. They all seemed to notice that I was lying. Alice pulled up my sleeve again. I tried to pull back my arm but she had a very firm grip on it.

"Please, let go of my arm." I said to Alice. But it was Edward who spoke.

"Bella, if these where from falling they would be in more rounded shapes. These look like fingers and hands." He sounded like he was trying not to yell. I looked up and saw Edward's eyes hard with anger.

I whispered. "Please. Please. Just let me go. It doesn't matter how I got them.

Please don't say anything it will only make it worst. Please." Alice let go of my arm. I grabbed my coat and book bag and left the table. I nearly ran out of the room. I was nearly to the door when I tripped. I prepared myself for the hit of the cold, hard, tiled floor but instead I felt the arms of someone cold and hard. I was placed upright, I turned to see Edward. He let go of my arms but held my hand and led me out of the cafeteria to the parking lot. He pulled me to the silver Volvo I had seen earlier. He opened the passenger door and put me in. He shut the door and ran around to the driver's side. He got in and drove away. His hands gripped the steering wheel.

After 5 minutes I asked, "Where are you taking me?"

"I am taking you to this place I like to go. We should be there in a minute." he replied.

He turned on to a side road and soon he was turning off the car. I got out and met him at the front of the car. He took my hand and led me to the forest that was in front of us. He looked at me and frowned.

"You are not dressed for hiking. Do you mind if I carry you?" he asked.

I was surprised by his question, "Umm, no I don't mind." With that said he picked me up, his eyes never leaving mine. Suddenly there was a very strong wind and my hair whipped around me. Edward seemed to tense slightly. After a minute he set me down and I looked around. We were standing in a beautiful meadow. It was still too early for flowers but, somehow, there were flowers all over the meadow. I turned to face Edward.

I asked, "So why did you bring me here?"

He took a deep breath. "Bella, when I saw your arms covered in those bruises, I nearly went crazy with rage. I wondered how someone could hurt you. I have just met you. I haven't even known you for an hour, but there is something that is just drawing me to you."

I was taken back by his words. No one was ever attracted to me. But this beautiful Greek god that I had just met couldn't stay away from me. I should of felt frightened but instead, I felt -I cant believe I am saying this- loved. I couldn't be in love with him. I didn't know anything about him. I thought about just walking away from him, but I couldn't imagine leaving him. It would hurt too much. Then it hit me. He knew someone was hurting me.

"How do you know that I am being hurt by someone?" I asked.

"I told you, the shapes of your bruises are consistent with hand and finger marks. Who is hurting you Bella?" he sounded hurt.

I couldn't stand hearing his soft, velvet voice like that, "Don't worry about it. It's not your problem."

That made him angry. "Anything that is causing you pain is my problem!"

"Edward, please. I want to tell but I don't have anywhere to go. The last time someone made a report he had threatened to kill me if I said something to the caseworker. I lied and I still ended up in the hospital for two days." I was on the verge of crying.

"Bella, I could protect you. You could come and live with my family. We would make sure nothing happened to you."

I whispered, "You can't protect me. No one can."

"If I tell you something will you promise to keep it a secret?"

"I don't have anyone to tell." I was being honest.

He nodded, walked towards me, and grabbed both of my small, weak hands into his large, strong ones, "Bella, do you believe in vampires?"

I thought he was joking, but his face was completely serious. "I don't know. It interesting to think that there is more then just humans."

By the look on his face I could tell that my answer puzzled him, "What if I told you, that I was a vampire?"

"Prove it."

He looked angry. "What?"

"Prove to me that you are a vampire."

"You don't care that I am a monster? Don't you care about my diet? You just want me to prove it to you?"

I was very confused, "Yes."

He dropped my hands and the next thing I knew he was on the other side of the clearing. Then he was back in front of me. I gestured for him to show me more. He frowned, but he walked over to a tree and ripped off a branch that was at least two feet thick. He held it up with one hand, then he threw it at another tree. The branch broke into many pieces. He was back in front of me in half a second. He stood there staring into my eyes, as if he was looking for something.

I broke our silence, "I believe you."

He looked puzzled again, "How are you so accepting of me?"

"From the first moment I saw you, I knew you were different. I have a question. Your family, are they vampires too?"

"Yes." he sighed. "They are. You aren't worried about what I eat?"

I thought for a moment, "That is something to think about. Are the myths true? Do you drink blood?"

He signed again, "Yes, the myths are true. But my family doesn't drink human blood. We only drink animal blood. Just because you are dealt a certain hand doesn't mean you have to play it."

"Well that's good." I said.

He looked at me like I was crazy, "Good? Just because I don't drink human blood doesn't mean that I am not dangerous to you. I am the most dangerous thing to you."

I shook my head, "No, your not the most dangerous. He is."

He realized I was talking about my abuser. "Who is it?"

I couldn't lie anymore, "My father. He has always been like that, ever since before I was born. One night he went to far and he ended up killing my mom. After she died, I went to live with Charlie's friend, Billy Black. He has three of his own children. I was safe for six months before Charlie came to take me back. I cried and pleaded with Billy to let me stay. He tried to talk to Charlie and persuade him, Charlie wouldn't hear of it. So the first night he gave me a black eye. The next night, I forgot to put away a cup. Charlie threw the cup at me I had to walk to the hospital to get 14 stitches." I pulled my sleeve and showed Edward the scar. It was hard to find because of all the bruises. Edward's fingers lingered over my skin. He pulled down my sleeve and wrapped his arms around me. The monition had taken me by surprise. I put my arms around him. We stayed like that for awhile.

He released me and said, "If I took you to the hospital, to my father, would you tell him about Charlie?"

I had to think, "I don't know."

He looked at me with sad eyes, "Please Bella. If you go home and you get hurt I might kill Charlie."

I took a deep breath. "Alright."

"Let's go." He put me on his back, like he was going to give me a piggy back ride and started running. A minute later we were at his car. He pulled me around so I was facing him.

"I wanted to try something." His eyes looked hungry.

He moved his face so it was only half an inch from mine. I smelled the scent coming off him. I made me dizzy with intoxication. He then closed the distance between us. His lips were hard and cold, but they were very gentle against mine. My fingers tangled in his hair and I crushed myself closer to him. He pulled back.

He said, "That was…amazing!"

I laughed, "You took the words out of my mouth."

He put me in the car and ran around to climb in the driver's side. He told me to buckle my seat belt, which I did, and he started the car. He started the drive to the hospital.

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