A/N: I needed to turn this into a two shot..somethnig compelled me to do so.

Riza trudged through the heavy snow to the train that would lead back to central. She tried to keep from crying, the tears stinging her cheeks from the cold windy contact. She stepped forward once more, her feet sinking deeper into the snow. She hated him, that was what he wanted, he would get that. She would give him anything to make him happy, even though she knew that never would make him happy. She had seen the look in his eyes all the days she had spent helping him on the slow path to recovery. He loved her, then again it was silly to think such things. He was her commanding officer, he would never let any feelings develop between them. She felt foolish and led on. She trudged forward ignoring the sound of the train departing. Then it hit her, the rain was leaving. She pressed forward, faster than before. Tears streaming like a waterfall. She had to get out, away from him, away from the pain. Though she knew that no distance would stop the ache. She fell forward into the snow. She looked up at the snowy sky and sighed. Was there really any reason left to press forward. She had lost Roy, she had lost the job of protecting him, she had lost what kept her going. Why bother? She let her eyes slide shut as the snow poured down on her. If she were lucky, maybe her heart would freeze too, then she and Roy wouldn't be so different. Though deep down she knew that a thin layer of ice had already begun to coat it.

Roy sat before the fire, a cup of tea in his hand. Why had he let her walk out the door? Why had he let her walk away from him? Why had he said such unfeeling word to the woman he loved? Love, what a word. It meant nothing to him. It meant nothing to Riza.A word like love was used too much these days and had become to mean so little. His feelings for Riza were beyond love. They were feelings of loyalty, respect, history, bonds that could not be broken. He could never love her. Love meant nothing. It was just four letter shoved together in order to properly voice the feelings. But it was still just a word. Roy proffered action, so did Riza. She had come all the way out there in her free time to see him, to beg him to come home. He had responded by trying to protect her, in the end only hurting her. He supposed the Riza was much better at love than he was. She felt too much, and he felt too little. He stood and placed the cup on the table. He could still catch Riza if he wanted. Maybe he could show her how much he loved her. He pulled on his coat and opened the door.

He felt like an ass.

He trudged through the snow to the station. The walk painful and the wind stinging. He had never felt so cold before in his life. He had never felt so stupid, so open, so angry. He wanted to take his gun and kill himself for being so heartless to the woman he had cared for so deeply. He arrive at the station just as the train pulled away. He ran after it, his heart beating frantically. He needed to stop her. He felt like a scene out of a romance novel, not that he read them. He ran and ran and ran. He couldn't let her go, he coudln't let her leave. He didn't want her to take his advice. He as a fool and an liar. The train pulled away leaving a breathless Mustang staring off it with regret.

"She'll never know." He panted. He threw a punch at the wall. "I'm stupid."

He felt a frozen tear slide down his face, as cold as ice, as cold as his heart. He didn't know why, but more tears followed. He wasn't sure what was happening to himself. He realized what a fool he had been in those moment, running after the train, after Riza. He had given up everything, his dreams, his aspirations, his job, ? Because he was scared. Because he hated who he had become. Because he knew that Riza would never want a defect like him. H wiped at the tears.

"I wish I could tell her." He whispered.

"Tell who, what?" A familiar voice whispered.

Roy turned around to see Riza sitting on a bench behind him, she was covered in snow as was her luggage.

He felt his heart leap out of his chest. "R-Riza?"

She stood up and walked over to him. "Roy, I missed the train on purpose."

"Oh." He stated, looking away.

"I fell in the snow." She stated. He decided then that snow was his worst enemy for hurting Riza but his best friend for making her miss her train. "As I just lied there in the snow I thought of just giving up." Roy felt a pang in his heart. "Just letting the snow cover me and letting me fade away like a memory. Then I saw you in my mind, how you would feel. The pain that you would feel. I care for you too much to die. I'd bring myself back from the dead just to keep you smiling."

"Riza, you know how I feel about Homonculi." He stated.

She smiled. "I'm not done Roy. I realized then that there was no point in catching that train, just like there was no point in listening to your orders. A. because I'm a higher ranking officer than you, and B. I love you too much to let you throw this away."

"Don't use that word, Riza." He stated, stepping forward."It doesn't say enough."

He tilted her chin up and saw tears streak violently down her cheeks. He leaned in and placed a kiss against her cold lips. He felt his heart on fire, melting away the pain and suffering. She was the only one who could make him feel that way. She kissed him back just as soft with just as much feeling. He pulled away.

"Riza," he stated. "I want you to get on the next rain, back to central."

She frowned. "Roy-"

He placed a finger against her lips. "I'll be back one day, I promise, and when that day comes, I'll never leave your side again."

"Promise?" She asked, her eyes filled with tears.

He nodded. "I'd give you the world Riza, but all I have his my word."

A train pulled forward moment later. He gave her one last small kiss before waving her off on the train. She smiled at him from the window and he watched te train depart well after it had left the station. He palced a hand over his heart. He felt an odd sensation, a sensation he hadn't felt in ages. He felt a slow steady thump. His heart had finally begun to beat again.