Making Things Right

(an extremely short) Prologue

The scene around him was one of chaos and destruction. It was the darkest of dark times, the coldest of cold winter nights. Not that it was winter; quite the contrary. It was currently the middle of summer, though you'd find it hard to believe with the dozens of Dementors swooping around, chilling Muggles and Magical-folk alike. There wasn't a single town in Great Britain that wasn't filled with screams of pain as people were forced to relive their darkest memories.

Ducking behind a pillar that was just barely standing tall, Harry paused for a moment to stare up at the sky. Gone was the clear, night sky full of twinkling stars and a bright, shining moon. You were lucky nowadays if the lower grounds weren't flooded, if Dementors didn't fill your vision every time you dared to look up. Harry looked back at the fight before him just in time to see Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody fall to the ground as a green light hit him, his wand falling uselessly to the ground. Harry simply stared at the man, the famous Auror who had taught him so much in the past five years, unable to feel bad. Too many holes had already been ripped into his heart, too many friends had been killed in front of him…

A sudden shout pulled Harry out of his thoughts, out of the darkness that was slowly taking over him, and he pulled himself back up (when had he fallen to his knees?) to run back out into the battle field. Voldemort was battling Minerva, Severus and Remus all at the same time with uncanny ease, and as Harry watched a green light shot out of Voldemort's wand, hiding Remus square on the chest. That's all the Marauders. Deep inside him, something stirred inside Harry. Remus had taken over the role of Harry's Godfather ever since Sirius died three years ago. Remus barely ever ventured outside; Harry practically forbade him too. 'I've lost too many, Moony,' Harry had said. 'I can't lose you too'. He couldn't keep Remus inside this time, though. This was it. The Last Battle. He was losing himself in his thoughts again; he wasn't used to being around thousands of Dementors at the one time. They were too powerful, they were forcing Harry to think of his long-gone friends, mentors and family. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Sirius, Dumbledore, Fred, Tonks, Bill, Fleur, Viktor, Cedric- a silver spell was heading towards Harry, and as he looked up he saw Severus standing with his wand aimed at Harry. But Severus is on my side!

The last thing Harry saw before the spell hit was a satisfied looking Minerva and Severus, and an extremely angry-looking Lord Voldemort. What have they done?

Okay. New story. It's an extremely cliched idea, I know, to have Harry be given a 'second chance' (ugh, how bad is my grammar there?) but I just had to do it... it looks/looked so fun.
That said, I don't know how far I'll take this. I've been starting and stopping this for awhile now because I'm not enjoying writing it as much as my other fic, HP Year 4. I'll give it a go, I think, though updates will be slow. You have been warned.

Just so you know, the next chapter will start off as soon as Harry returns from the graveyard after the Third task. Some (lots of) things will be based on canon, but edited to my liking.